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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Exclusive :The E-B-T Lottery! Overpayments at Rhode Island DHS

Exclusive: media must credit DePetro.com.

Statement obtained 

The Raimondo administration and their $364 million dollar computer system continues to create havoc around the state. Some people complain of late payment checks, while others are getting a "lottery" type surprise. Take the case of Kathleen Melberg, who confirmed her basic information to DePetro.com.( Melberg was not the source of the above statement provided to DePetro.com).  Kathleen is suppose to receive $252.00 in cash assistance twice a month($504 monthly total). Instead,(as the document above shows) Melberg received 3 electronic payments of $504.00 on October 4, 2016, for a total of $1,512.  "I was shocked when I saw my EBT receipt at the grocery store, and it said a balance of $1200 left" said Melberg. "I am honest, and reported it immediately." Melberg , a mother of two, sometimes has to spend a full day at the DHS office trying to rectify the mistakes. One DHS worker who did not want to be identified, said they are trying to catch mistakes but wonder how many overpayments are slipping thru the cracks." The computer system is a nightmare and the director is incompetent,"said one DHS worker. DHS Director Melba Depena Affigne has come under fire for massive problems since she was named by Governor Gina Raimondo. DHS workers tell stories of being assaulted and threatened with acts of violence since the new system came in. 

( Editors Note: The above statement was obtained by an inside computer source, and not obtained from Melberg. Melberg merely confirmed her payment amounts.) Listen weekdays to John DePetro on WPRO.

DHS Melba "De-clueless" Affigne

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The 7th least popular governor in the USA

How did it end so quickly? Rhode Island Governor Gina "Queena" Raimondo received the horrifying news that her approval ratings continue to plunge down and her disapproval ratings climb higher. https://morningconsult.com/governor-approval-rankings-september-2016/. 2016 is proving to be a year of complete disaster for the first Democrat Governor the state has seen since Bruce Sundlun. Bernie beat Hillary in the state primary, the debacle of the Rhode Works rollout," Cooler and Warmer", the 38 Studio hidden documents, and now the tolls. Even the staff shake-up seems to have done little to stop the political bleeding. The leader who was touted as one of the "TOP 38 Leaders in the World," is not even one of the top governors in the country. Voters had such high hopes for the Raimondo agenda, only to see more cronies get jobs and more staff get high paying jobs, with no results.  The roads and bridges remain the worst, the 195-land is vacant, no jobs, corruption, and empty buildings. The city of Providence is like  "3rd World land" consisting of panhandlers, parking meters and poor neighborhoods. Is this the change Gina spoke of? Hi Neighbor? Or High neighbor? Listen to the John DePetro show weekdays on WPRO.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Is it the end of days for Speaker Mattiello?

Is the  "death watch" on in Cranston where Speaker Nick Mattiello is clinging to his political life by a weak thread?  2016 is the year of the "angry voter" and the Speaker is at the top of the Rhode Island hit-list. Insiders concede there is little to nothing Mattiello can do to stop the wave of discontent that is crashing down all around him. He has watched his leadership team go down in flames and now he is cornered like a rat on a sinking ship. " I almost feel bad for him," said one Democrat rep. " He seems to know it is over and he is now just going through the motions." Some voters claim stories of "gleefully" slamming the door on anyone connected to the Mattiello campaign. Tough to brag about accomplishments when you pushed the tolls and have an FBI investigation taking place on your top people. The Speaker even failed to "properly interfere" with the GOP primary, by not getting enough friends to cross-over and vote.  He has money and a top political team ( Doyle and Britt), but will it be enough to save him? Follow all the campaign 2016 action on the John DePetro radio show. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Are the Homeless running Providence?

The creative capitol has become the " Panhandlers of Providence." Can anything be done to stem the tide? Empty buildings, potholes,panhandlers and parking tickets are not business friendly or tourist friendly. The panhandlers claim to be homeless, the homeless claim to be misunderstood. Listen to John DePetro weekdays on WPRO.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Nation at war

President Obama continues to be the war time President, but the war is at home . Our nation is in the middle of a race war with no end in sight. Listen to John DePetro weekdays for the latest on WPRO.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

State House season of crime

And the hits keep coming. Speaker Mattiello has become the biggest crime boss the state has seen since Raymond "ran the Hill " out of Coin-O-Matic. The Spring 2016 session will be remembered more for the police log than any bills passed on Smith hill. Each week we watch another member of the House "go down in flames" over unethical behavior or questionable grants. Mattiello went to war with the Projo, Williams went after Channel 12 and now Carnevale is covering his face like a criminal , while unable to answer where he lives. Gallison remains under an FBI probe and other reps can't explain where grant money ended up. What is next? Listen to John DePetro weekdays on WPRO for the latest. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Was Gallison wearing a wire for the FBI ?

den of thieves

Rumors are spreading like wildfire over the reason why former Rep. Ray Gallison was quiet after his home was raided by law enforcement in March: did Gallison began wearing a wire for the Feds? Investigators have confirmed a raid took place inside the Gallison Bristol home in March, yet Gallison never said a word to anyone up on Smith hill about the raid.  How paranoid was Speaker Mattiello over his former Finance chairman? Mattiello used his chief of staff to communicate with Gallison, and when he  did meet with Ray Gallison, the Speaker made sure it was at a noisy public place( Newport Creamery). State house sources say members of the General Assembly are in a panic over private conversations they have had with Gallison since March, with many of them taking place in his office. One law enforcement official said the Mattiello/Gallison Sunday meeting at Garden City Newport Creamery brought things out into the open, with officials afraid the Speaker could claim entrapment if Gallison lied about the situation. Mattiello admits he was very cautious at the meeting, and was not interested in any long discussions about why Gallison was " in trouble." Gallison may have shut off the mic of Rep. Morgan , but he may have been turning on a mic for the FBI. Listen to John DePetro on WPRO for news on the latest scandal.