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Monday, May 2, 2016

Will there be no "Joy" in Raimondo-land?

Joy Fox with Queena

Is Fox on the run? Rumors continue to swirl that Governor Gina Raimondo is set to lower the boom on her controversial, embattled communications director Joy Fox. The Governor is plagued by low approval ratings and mounting frustrations that her message is just not getting out properly to voters. Fox, who is paid over $126,000 a year, seems clearly  in over her head and unable to muster any support from the  Raimondo faithful. Insiders describe Fox as limited in her ability and unable to manage the communication office.  The latest attempt is sending "Queena"  on a "listening tour" of Rhode Island , less than 18 months into taking office. "There is a feeling that somebody is getting fired and it has come down to the chief of staff, or Joy Fox," said one Democrat insider. Stay tuned to the John DePetro show for all the details. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Gina we hardly knew ye


Was it an explosion or implosion? No reason to believe Governor Gina Raimondo had an inkling her political life was going to end in April of 2016, or maybe she would have grabbed money from URI and taken a trip out of town. The month of April will be remembered as the month Queena went from a struggling Governor to a lame duck defeated one. Now, she is forced to finish out the rest of her term as a walking/talking  Rhode Island failure, almost a " human 38 studios." A combination of arrogance and incompetence has sealed her fate as the " new Chafee." Voters will be laughing all Summer over the botched " cooler and warmer," while waiting for the next Raimondo gaffe. The Governor has now announced a new " state listening tour,"acknowledging she is out of touch with people,  but all she is hearing is more complaining and laughing. The Brown poll released was quickly dismissed as having about as much credibility as a 2nd grade science project, and even that poll had the Raimondo approval rating around 30%. The problem for Queena, is her inner circle knows her approval rating is closer to 20%, but not a clue what to do about it.  The biggest defeat fell on primary night with Raimondo failing to deliver Rhode Island for Hillary, a national humiliation that will never be forgotten. Rhode Islanders may disagree and argue over various things, but the general dislike over Governor " Tollmondo" has actually brought people together. The media is waiting for a major staff shakeup which could include her communication director, but nothing is certain. Do you see cranes in the sky? I don't .

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Here they come for the Rhode Island primary

April 26 is looming large for both campaigns. Follow DePetro.com for the latest and listen to John DePetro on WPRO radio.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Can Providence be saved?


Storm clouds continue to circle above Providence while the finances of the city seem to be going from horrible to terrible. Panhandlers have been given the "green light" by Mayor Elorza to beg for more "$ green," while the number of empty buildings continues to grow with each passing day. The biggest news of the week in Providence was not a building be built, but a mob grave on Branch avenue being dug up. No " cranes in the sky" in Providence but plenty of FBI backhoes in the ground. If Mayor Elorza ever gets tired of being mayor, it seems his incompetent manner makes him a perfect candidate for a high paying job with the Raimondo administration. Sources tell me high level executives with Citizens bank did a polite walk-through on the potential of renting the " Superman  building," and while under-whelmed by the building they were overwhelmed by the smell of urine surrounding the building. One executive said," We weren't holding our noses at the price, but literally holding our noses over the foul stench." How bad is it? Citizens bank  would rather deal with the stench from the landfill in Johnston than deal with the mess of Providence. With the homeless treating the downtown area as a giant urinal, Kennedy plaza has developed an odor similar to the odor on I-95 when you pass the Warwick sewage treatment plant near the prison.  The city of Providence should be put into a bankruptcy/ restructuring, yet there are still no planned layoffs or any major cuts in spending. So what is the mayors latest plan now that trolley cars are not happening ? The " Olneyville tunnel" which he promises will  connect the illegals from the west side to the downtown area. When you recruit illegals from third world nations to come live in your city, they bring their third world habits with them.  Just what the city needs: a mile-long homeless shelter underground. Hard to believe the 195-land sits empty as a giant mud pit of vacant land. Providence is the home of high taxes, empty buildings, aggressive panhandlers, drug addicts, junkies, derelicts and illegal aliens. And that is just in the " knowledge" district. GE must be kicking themselves for choosing Boston over Providence, or perhaps maybe not. Listen to the John DePetro show weekdays on WPRO radio.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Is Raimondo destroying Rhode Island?

Donald Trump has presented his agenda as protecting the border, improving American trade, and re-building the military. The agenda of Governor Queena Raimondo seems to be placing tolls on the road, legalizing drugs, and encouraging illegal immigrants to come to Rhode Island. The state was declining after the disaster of the Chafee years and voters were will to gamble on a controversial General Treasurer who promised to bring back jobs and put cranes in the sky. Can we vote again? What happened? So much for " Hi Neighbor, have a Gansett." Raimondo is a progressive liberal who has yet to make the state business friendly and seems more focused on getting raises for her top staff then helping improve the quality of life for the average citizen. General Electric took a pass on the 195 land and Citizens bank chose to move to Johnston as opposed to setting up shop in Providence. Is that really a win? Ask the embattled mayor of Providence ( if you can find him). Queena elected with only 40% of the vote, and her staff seems to recognize her approval rating is now closer to 30% ( maybe lower). The new Republican governor of Massachusetts is roaring with an approval rating over 75% and the state is rising to new heights with a focused direction. Rhode Islanders who travel to Celtics or Bruins  games must feel like they have entered a foreign country with the building and expansion taking place in Boston. Governor Raimondo is more interested in " optics" as opposed to proven results. The only thing that seems to matter to team Raimondo is the " presentation of the idea," as opposed to the true execution of the idea. All (pot) smoke and mirrors. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Time to grade her majesty........ the Governor


 Governor Gina Raimondo, (aka " Queena Toll-mondo") has now been in office over one year and it is time for her loyal peasants (the voters) to grade her performance. Never have we witnessed such an arrogant, egotistical, elitist  who acts more like royalty than someone with an office on Smith street. Do you see  cranes in the sky? The Governor likes to hand out high paying jobs to friends and insiders and grab money from colleges to pay for her trips and pet projects.  The Queen cut deals for a rigged vote on tolls to throw billions to the unions in exchange for campaign donations.  Last year was her failed effort to move the Pawsox to Providence and failure to fix the roads.  It is going to be a long two years until the next election for governor in 2018. So what grade to you give " Queena" and do you think she will be a one-term governor? 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Ocean state job killer

The Rhode Island GOP came up with the line about  Governor Gina Raimondo that best sums up the toll debate. As much as the governor thinks her toll bill will be good for business, Ocean State Job Lot proclaimed loud and clear that the tolls will hurt business. The toll bill is all about creating a separate revenue source for unions to pave the roads and fix the bridges forever. The money from the tolls will go directly to the unions for a  road construction job that will never end. The unions will then turn around and donate to the campaign of " Queena" Raimondo. The toll bill has nothing to with making the state " business friendly," and everything to do with providing the unions their own source of money. What will the speaker get in return for the toll bill?  There is big money to  be made off the legal fees surrounding the tolls and the local cities and towns. The toll bill is a pivotal moment for Raimondo. Listen to John DePetro on WPRO radio weekdays from 9-12noon.