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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Deal or no deal? What does Mattiello demand in exchange for tolls?

Deal or no deal?

Governor Gina Raimondo wants a " toll bill" to be able to fund the crumbling infrastructure known as the Rhode Island bridges. Not only does the state roads desperately need fixing, but Raimondo also needs to make good on her campaign promises to organized labor. If Raimondo can get her " rhode works " program active, it will provide millions to the unions and " pave the way" to her second term as governor. So who is standing in the way of her " toll bill?" You guessed it, Speaker Nick Mattiello and his "5 wishes," which so far the governor has rejected as " too greedy." We have spoken to over (ten )different elected officials on Smith Hill, and the following is the " 5 wishes" all ten confirmed as demands by Mattiello.

In exchange for a " toll bill," the Speaker wants: 

1) a former rep.( friend of Murphy)  named a judge.

2) family member of a current rep. named a judge. 

3)Wants Raimondo to promise " no veto" when legislation reappears on firefighter platoon system.                                       

4)The Speaker picks who gets the contract on the "gantry "to be placed on bridges. 

5) the Speaker gets his baseball stadium in Providence.

Will Raimondo cave to these demands? Stay tuned and follow DePetro.com.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

State Police questioned Fung over possible extortion

The actions of Cranston Mayor Allan Fung were so puzzling to members of the Rhode Island state police investigating the  ticket blitz ordered by Captain Stephen Antonucci, that troopers asked Fung if he was a victim of extortion by Antonucci ,according to sources close to the investigation. " We asked Mayor Fung point blank," is he blackmailing you? Is he extorting you? We will bring charges against Antonucci if he is," said a RISP source. Fung denied to the state police that he was a victim of extortion, yet his actions raised eyebrows amount investigators.  Fung requested troopers investigate his police force, yet allegedly  proceeded to block them at every turn. State police fingered Captain Antonucci as the person who ordered the ticket blitz and recommended he be fired. Antonucci lost three consecutive challenges in court, and the city was on the path to successfully have him fired. Yet Mayor Fung tried to secretly bring Antonucci back to the force and has butted heads with officials trying to have him removed. Fung recently agreed to pay Antonucci $250,000 to stay home, and grant him a pension worth close to $3,000,000, allowing him to resign instead. Antonucci and his family long supported Fung and have donated to his campaign for years. State police sources say there seems to be more than just loyalty involved with Mayor Fung and his crooked Captain. One source said," there is something there, but it is known only to Fung and Antonucci." If this were true, it would not be the first time Fung was blackmailed. Fung was  secretly involved in a fatal car accident when he was in college, a secret ( sources claim) that  Cranston police used to manipulate him for years. The details of the accident were made public after Fung announced he was running for governor, and he was forced to answer question regarding it. Sources also say when the full  investigation report is released, it will portray Mayor Fung in a very poor light.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Welcome to Rhode ISIS-Land

Terror Island. From the state that gave you Katherine Russell, (the  North Kingston bride of the Boston bomber), comes new word that the latest terrorist plot was planned on a " Rhode Island beach." No word if the ISIS members drank Del's or had to pay the out of state rate for beach parking. Perhaps our 3RD world roads make terrorist feel like they are on the back in Islamabad or outside of Bagdad planting a roadside IED. If the FBI stayed any longer in Warwick they would be part of Gaspee days. Good thing Governor Gina wants to hand out drivers licenses to " visitors from foreign lands," which translates to illegal aliens. Maybe the convention center should pitch ISIS on having their next gathering in Providence complete with a full water fire? Court documents show ISIS members discussed the plan to behead a police officer during their Rhody terrorist summit. No word if Raimondo plans to set up a toll for Boston terrorist coming through Rhode ISIS-land. Tune to 99.7 FM and the John DePetro show for the latest.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Will Raimondee become the " Toll Troll?"

Paging Dave Darlington. Governor Gina Raimondo has decided to " grow our way out" of the current economic mess( while taking another shot towards private business) by setting up tolls on truckers. The state with the worst bridges and roads in the free world has decided to make private business pay for all the mistakes of the past and begin bridge tolling on the Ocean state roads. Raimondo, (who is starting to believe the political hype around her), is off to a shaky start as governor to say the least. There is no argument the bridges on the rt 6- rt 10 connector are being held together by string, but the thought of another tax/toll  on local companies is out of the Chafee playbook. Democrats have run the state into the ground and now the latest liberal democrat does not seem to know how to get the state out of the proverbial " quicksand." Raimondo has poor approval ratings( rumored to be below 40%), and her team continues to misread public reaction to her announcements. Between the  Pawsox deal, the Taylor Swift tax, the war on Catholic education, and now the truck tolls, Governor Gina is having a rough first 6 months in office. Raimondo and her team are described by one rep on Smith hill as " arrogant, condescending, rookies who always think they are the smartest in the room." Listen weekdays from 9-noon to 99.7 FM for the latest.

Friday, April 10, 2015

President Chafee? #GUMP2016

President Gump?

How can we miss him if he won't go away? Proving once and for all he is completely delusional, Lincoln Chafee announces he is exploring a Presidential run for 2016. Our beloved "Gump" will hit the national stage and challenge Hillary for the Democratic nomination to run for President of the United States. Chafee , who has become the state punchline , had the impressive approval rating of a whopping 25% when he decided to not seek a second term as Governor. Chafee basically ran the state into the ground and now he promises to do the same for the entire country. The Chafee years were painful with high unemployment, no direction, no leadership, and a war on Christmas.  Chafee ought to be a big  hit in Iowa when he announces his first order of business will be taking down the White House Christmas tree.  Will Chafee draw huge crowds in New Hampshire when they catch wind of his failed tax plans? Yes, huge crowds of voters running away from him. It is beyond comical that Gump actually thinks he is qualified to run for President when he was clearly over his head as governor. Chafee was not bad as governor he was a disaster as governor. How do you run for president when 75% of the voters in your home state are against you? Chafee is a horrendous public speaker, horrible at retail politics, he has zero charisma and has no personality or likeability. Politics in Iowa and New Hampshire are up close and personal and that is where Chafee is  the weakest Linc. If he wins, does Mollis get to live in the White House? 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Rhode Island a finalist to host " Illegal Alien" Summer Olympic Games

What  some state officials hope will be a boost to the struggling state economy, officials confirm Rhode Island has emerged as the front runner to host the  2016 "Illegal Alien " Summer Olympic Games. " We put together a very competitive bid and feel very strongly about our chances", said one official with the new formed group, RI-IAgames2016. " We are obviously very excited at the prospect of thousands of illegals from around the country, traveling to Rhode Island to compete. To be honest, our biggest worry,  is whether or not they would leave after the games," said one official. Although the planning involves staging events throughout the  entire state, Providence would be the focal point and the  center of the  "Illegal  Alien Olympic " village.  A top official said one sticking point is the amount of state money that would be needed to not only host such an event but also fly all the athletes to Rhode Island. One planning committee member said, "  granted the taxpayers would be on the hook for a up to $10 million dollars to pull this effort together,  but just think of the exposure it would give us as a state for tourism. "  Our group, RI-IAgames2016, will need the people of Rhode Island to step up and cover the cost, because remember, these athletes and their extended families are not use to paying for anything." Officials refuse to confirm if the cost of translators would be over one million dollars. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pension settlement shocker: money stops at age 90

Sorry Grandma 

State officials were celebrating a potential pension settlement deal, but not everyone is happy with the final results. Hidden in the settlement is a clause that "stops all payments" once a person reaches the age of 90 years old. When confronted with the new clause, a person close to the settlement said," we had to cut it somewhere and 90 years old seemed like a fair age." Officials recommended those in their late eighties, who plan to live longer, should prepare by buying clothes, shoes, magazines, medicine and anything else they may need until they die. " A top  official said," the state is not stopping anyone from living over the age of 90, they can live to 150 years old for all we care, but we are just not going to be paying for it."An aid to Governor Raimondo did not think  the Governor was made aware of the new provision  but felt it was an opportunity for families to remain "close to Grandma" since seniors would have no source of income once they hit that milestone. Many seniors were irate at the new provision , designed to leave the state more revenue. " I am 92, in good health, and my only daughter lives in Ohio," said Arlene Reilly of Warwick. " I enjoy my home, still drive, and I depend on my pension. I feel they are pushing me into my grave."State officials said the saved revenue could be put in hedge funds for future state investments. " These people need to realize they are not going to live forever, and the senior gravy train is coming to a halt," said a pension officer.