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Monday, November 20, 2017

Raimondo chief of staff out of country while UHIP crashes

Chief of Staff

 Have you seen Brett Smiley? The chief of staff for Governor Queena Raimondo has been away while "the Gov" has been dealing with the state police shooting and continuing UHIP disaster. As the Projo reports, Smiley was "in Israel all last week." The chief of staff (to the failed governor) felt it was more important to go on a free boondoggle to Israel then deal with a deadly state police shooting, stolen state police cruiser and while UHIP continues to meltdown. Rhode Island is facing record deficits, high unemployment, loss of jobs, and a crisis with Human Services. Where the hell is Smiley?

long  lines

 Smiley is known for the crude text about President Trump and encouraging the Governor to skip the Trump inauguration. Smiley is a progressive partisan who ran a failed run for Mayor, jumped into Providence City Hall and then bailed out to run team Raimondo. Even loyal political insiders question the judgment of Queena for having an incompetent Colonel of the State Police and an embarrassing chief of staff. Smiley was the person who suggested Providence residents go "hang in the suburbs" after Elorza failed to properly plow city streets. 

 The long lines of the poor fill the streets as the UHIP computer continues to be a complete unmitigated disaster for the state with no end in sight. How can Raimondo serve four more years? Can you imagine four more years of this?

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The return of the Providence Police

The Chief

 What a huge week for the Providence Police force who demonstrated how to handle a difficult situation under heavy pressure. Chief Hugh Clements and Commish Pare became the new law-enforcement "dream team" as they made their case defending their officers and the actions taken during the Providence shooting. This was a long way off from the days of Peter Gilbert skydiving and having hookers brought to his cell. The Providence Police have never been better run and gone are the memories of the shooting at Fidas, and a chief that killed himself on the floor of his office. The public saw a police leadership team that was not giving out test answers, or having a corrupt tow list. The Providence police truly are in a league of their own in the city of Providence.

" I found the blow"


Hard to imagine Cianci and Barney explaining "body-cams" instead of presenting the "missing cocaine"on the floor at City Hall. Chief Hugh Clements is the opposite of Dean Esserman , who could never have handled the media on a national story of this magnitude.  


 Amazing how Mayor Elorza has been absent this past week as his police force has become his greatest accomplishment as mayor. Meanwhile, "Queena" Raimondo invents a story attempting to make Col. Assumpico a hero, instead of the brave troopers who put their lives at risk. 

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Exclusive: Trooper who had cruiser stolen earned over $53,000 working for Governor Raimondo

Trooper Michael Doherty (photo from Reporter Today)


 Multiple police sources confirm to DePetro.com the Rhode Island state trooper who was driving Donald Morgan (and left him unattended when his cruiser was stolen) was trooper Michael Doherty. The Providence Journal reports Col. Ann Assumpico has stated she considers it a "personnel issue," and will not release his name. If Doherty was "following protocol," why would Assumpico not release his name? So far there is no reason to believe the four state police troopers involved in the shooting did anything wrong. What seems puzzling is the lack of transparency with Assumpico refusing to release the names of all involved. Doherty has a 17-year career as a police officer and has a good reputation. If Doherty was following proper protocol and is not under investigation, why would state police not have him address the media and explain exactly what happened?


 Is political interference from Governor Raimondo one of the reasons for no discipline, no investigation, and refusing to reveal Doherty's name? There is a pattern with the Raimondo administration of attempting to manipulate the flow of information to the media, with a lack of transparency. According to a Golocalprov story on paid detail for the Governor, state police trooper Michael Doherty earned over $53,000 for his work( http://www.golocalprov.com/news/governor-raimondo-security-detail-tops-more-than-1.2-million) for Governor Raimondo.

not in uniform at noon addressing the media is against regulations.


 According to Assumpico, each trooper decides how to handcuff a suspect safely. Morgan was handcuffed with his hands in front of his body and left unattended with the engine running, even though Morgan had been arrested for car theft. While unattended, Mogan jumped into the front seat of the cruiser and sped away. Assumpico has also refused to release the names of the four troopers involved with the fatal shooting of Joe Santos or the number of bullets fired. On Friday, Providence police released the names of all the Providence  officers involved in the shooting, number of rounds fired, and presented a detailed press briefing on the shooting complete with video.

the Gov

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

State Police Assumpico refuses to reveal details surrounding Providence deadly shooting

"yes Gov"

 Rhode Island State Police Colonel Ann Assumpico still refuses to reveal key details regarding the stolen state police cruiser and the troopers involved in the deadly shooting that occurred Thursday in Providence. While Providence police released the names of the officers involved and provide a complete narrative of their actions, Assumpico refused even the most basic details citing an " ongoing investigation." Providence police held a Friday press conference answering extensive questions from the media, while state police chose a Saturday morning briefing that tried to focus on the capture of the fugitive. 

Law enforcement sources claim Governor Raimondo advised Colonel Assumpico not to hold any presser until fugitive  Donald Morgan was caught. Morgan was captured last night in Cumberland, two days after he sped off in a state police cruiser setting off a massive manhunt. Sources in Providence City hall claim Raimondo was furious Mayor Elorza allowed his police to hold the late Friday press briefing but it was to no avail. Elorza did not attend the police briefing on the shooting but instead went to Comic Con. 

the Mayor of Comic con

Many questions remain that Col. Assumpico refused to answer at her Saturday briefing. Who was the trooper driving the cruiser when it was stolen? Who were the troopers involved with the shooting? What time did she find out the incident happened? Why did she not attend Providence police presser? Why was she not in uniform Thursday at noon at the initial press briefing? Why did she wait until after they captured the fugitive to contact the media? What does it say about her management style that this happened under her watch for the first time in the history of the state police? Does she still feel "diversity" is the single most important aspect of the state police over training and safety? Why don't cruisers have cages like other police vehicles? Was it a mistake to handcuff his hands in the front?

wrong white truck

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Is this the final year of the Raimondo "Reign of Error?"

Reign of error

Could this be the end of "Queena" Raimondo? November 6, 2018 is election day and it could be the end of the Raimondo "Reign of error."Rhode Island has not witnessed such  unprecedented incompetence since Mayor Cianci during the blizzard of 1978.  The smartest woman in the state has turned  Rhode Island into a giant computer glitch. The Raimondo team is so asleep at the switch they failed to hold one press conference from EMA while more than half the state had no power. That was a real emergency, yet "the Gov" was nowhere to be seen.

birds of a feather

 The Governor has low-approval ratings and a staff that rivals the Washington Generals. Cooler and Warmer, tolls, UHIP,the DMV, no power with National "Greed,"no Pawsox stadium, no cranes in the sky, and accusations of  "sex for legislation." The real Raimondo achievement seems to be $3 million in campaign donations. What a record to run on. Four more years? Can we survive four more months? Listen to the John DePetro Radio show and follow DePetro.com.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

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