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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Is Gina Raimondo the worst Governor in the history of Rhode Island?

God save the Queena. Although she has raised close to $2.7 million, Governor Gina " Queena" Raimondo remains hated in the state of Rhode Island as she prepares to run for a second term in 2018. Once touted as a smart, aggressive, talented, rising star, Raimondo seems to be unable to achieve more than a 45% approval rating among the people of the state. 

ready to serve

Raimondo talked a big game upon being elected the first female governor with just 40% of the vote in 2014, but she  has struggled to reach out and gain the trust and support of Independent voters. Team Raimondo seem to be all about photo-ops and catch phrases. Queena even changed her twitter handle to "Gov", as if that might appeal to the middle class. She held a quick press conference during the budget show-down, then sat on the sidelines like a spectator at a U6 soccer game.

do you see....

 At her core, Raimondo has failed to convince people that publicity for her is somehow good for them. Even her strongest supporters admit there are "no cranes in the sky", and Massachusetts Governor Baker is the rising star governor in New England. Governor Chafee was a fool who quickly became a joke around the country, but Raimondo was suppose to be different. Gina was suppose to take charge and get it done. 

There is little doubt Queena needs a three-way race to have a shot in November 2018, otherwise she get crushed in a two person race. Listen to the John DePetro Show weekdays from 1:00-5:00 PM on AM 1540. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

State Police move in on key member of Mattiello crime family

Get ready for plenty of nights at Newport Creamery. CH 12 drops a bomb and reveals the state police are now investigating Frank Montanaro and the possible fraud involving URI and Rhode Island College. Sources say this is an investigation that could involve the FBI and extend beyond Montanaro. CH 12 exposed that Montanaro grabbed $50,000 of free tuition while grabbing another $160,000 for a part-time job working for the Speaker. 

mister " no story"

The key shoe to drop is those involved at Rhode Island College and who instructed them to commit fraud. What does Frank have on the Speaker? Is there a mole in the Mattiello camp? Frank worked full-time on the Mattiello campaign and he knows about early voting, mail ballots, and plenty more. 

inmate in federal prison

The folks at Rhode Island College are extremely nervous about the files involved in the alleged scam and how many people were aware of it. The FBI could get involved with potential mail fraud and federal funds that flow to colleges and universities. This could be a scandal that could explode inside the dome on Smith Hill. Sources say the I.R.S. are interested in the arrangement of receiving the " free " benefit. 

inmate Gordon Fox

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Who will win the state house showdown?

the Godfather

All eyes on Smith hill as the power struggles continues between Speaker Nick Mattiello and the Senate President Ruggerio. Governor " Queena" Raimondo sits on the sidelines praying the " Godfather" Dom the Prez of the senate will get the " Nick-tator" to backdown.  A modern day " Crimetown" plays out during July with all three sides having plenty on the line. It was one thing last year when the Speaker made Paiva-Weed cry, but the " Godfather" is not the crying type. Plenty of deals to be made over the 195 land, and why make things tougher for everyone. The dispute is about the " paid-leave act ", which is about as business friendly as the giant inflatable rat outside Twin River. Queena loathes the Speaker, and wants to see him knocked out politically in the worst way.

handshakes and hugs

 The new Senate President is not accustomed to public disputes, and wants to move forward on the Pawsox stadium deal. Did the Speaker over play his hand? Is there a way out for everyone to save face? Have we seen the end of " handshakes and hugs?" Listen to the John DePetro Show weekdays from 1:00-5:PM on AM 1540 WADK to learn more.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Raimondo booed at Bristol parade

The loudest noise coming out of the Bristol parade was not cheers, but boos for Governor "Queena" Raimondo. The failed governor received almost a " Chris Christy" reception from the crowd as she trudged along the route. 

 Raimondo is seeking a second term next year but continues to suffer low approval ratings and an angry voter base. Can Queena survive? Follow the John DePetro Show for all the details.


Monday, June 12, 2017

Will Raimondo be one and done?

If there are supporters of Queena Raimondo, they are very silent about it. The obsessed fund raiser in-chief continues to have low approval ratings and a dismal record of getting things done. It is hard to find anyone who feels Raimondo has put the state on the right path and instead she already seems focused on her next move. Raimondo got off to a shaky start and has never found her footing with one mishap after another. Lurking in the wings seems to be Gump, with his own agenda to try and prevent her receiving 4 more years. The state has not seen "cranes in the sky" under the watch of Queena. Follow the John DePetro Radio show for the latest.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Is Rhode Island a giant crimetown?

Corruption continues to be the story of the day in the smallest state. Who will be getting indicted this week? The Governor continues her quest to raise money at record levels while the city of Providence is going under. Now they want a new ball park. It never ends. Listen to the John DePetro show now on both AM 1540 , AM 1380 and 95.1 FM for the latest.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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Monday, May 1, 2017

John DePetro Show adds second station in Northern Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Starting Monday May 1, 2017, the John DePetro Show will also be heard on WNRI, 1380 AM and 95.1 FM, covering Northern Rhode Island. From Westerly to Woonsocket, listeners can now enjoy listening to the John DePetro Show. The show is currently heard weekdays from 1:00-5:00 PM on AM 1540 WADK. From 1:PM-2:00PM, the show will now be heard on AM 1540, AM 1380 and 95.1 FM. Each weeknight from 7:00-10:00 PM, WNRI will air the John DePetro Show on AM 1380 and 95.1 FM. Call in to the show at 401-846-1028. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Stop signs in Newport vandalized to read "Stop Trump"

A busy weekend in Newport Rhode Island as dozens of Stop signs were vandalized by spray painting the name "Trump" on the "Stop" signs. Sources tell John DePetro the bulk of stop signs were vandalized near Salve Regina College and suspect it was students. " How the hell could nobody notice kids doing this?" asked one resident. No word on when the signs will be corrected or if there are any suspects.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

John DePetro first New England radio host ever skyped into a White House press briefing

John DePetro and Sean Spicer

New England radio history was made March 22, 2017 as John DePetro became the first New England radio host ever skyped into a White House press briefing. 

John DePetro on White House skype

As the video shows, Trump White House spokesperson Sean Spicer called on DePetro and answered a question concerning the Supreme Court hearing process. The historic moment was carried live on Fox, CNN, and MSNBC. Talkers Magazine ( the leading talk radio publication), also featured a piece on the DePetro segment.

Talkers Magazine

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Does Rhode Island want the Raimondo plan?

Governor Gina Raimondo seems to do a splendid  job of convincing donors and liberal media outlets that she is a national player on the Democrat scene, but do the voters of Rhode Island really want 4 more years of " Queena?" Raimondo was ready to move to D.C. back in November, thinking Hillary was a lock to be the next President. The Governor was invisible on the state campaign trail deciding instead to travel out of state to help Hillary campaign and raise money. Raimondo ignored the UHIP crisis, thinking she would be long gone before the "blank" hit the fan. She now finds herself struggling to find her footing and fighting for her political life with a possible primary just 17 months away. The local media ignored one of the most embarrassing moments in recent memory when the crowd at the Dunk loudly booed Raimondo when she walked out on stage with Patriot owner Bob Kraft. Raimondo family and staff seemed shocked the negative reaction from the crowd of Patriot fans who refused to play along and cheer her on. 

 The Raimondo staff seem desperate to try and dictate the narrative of her success, but they seem out of their league trying to control the Speaker. Raimondo seems ready to cut any deal to get her " free tuition" plan passed and if it is defeated, the sharks will begin to circle. Can Governor Raimondo win over the people of the state?

will Clay run solo?

 Raimondo won with just 40% of the vote and there is no reliable polling data that says the numbers have moved up anywhere near 50%. Who will she face in a primary? Could Clay run against her solo? Listen to the John DePetro Show weekdays from 1:00-5:00 PM on AM 1540.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Exclusive: Providence Mayor Elorza refuses to have American flag behind him on MSNBC

no American flag?

In a disgracefully appearance on MSNBC on Sunday April 2, 2017, Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza refused to have the American flag behind him while proudly announcing Providence a " sanctuary city" for illegal aliens. As the photos prove ( plus the video,) Elorza (or his staff) had the American flag removed behind him from the studio used near Hope high school in Providence. Elorza did wear the ridiculous orange "P" pin which looks like a symbol for " parking."

John DePetro with both flags

Radio talk show host John DePetro has used the same studio numerous times while appearing on FOX, CNN, and MSNBC,  and has had both the American flag and Rhode Island flag behind him in the background. " There is no way with Elorza that is an accident," said DePetro. " I know for a fact that when a politician is booked for the studio, they automatically place the American flag in the background. Mayor Elorza must have requested the flag be removed for whatever reason," said DePetro.

no flags

 Elorza was asked to appear on MSNBC because he continues to defy federal law proclaiming Providence a sanctuary city that welcomes illegal aliens. Mayor Elorza has incredibly low approval ratings while Providence continues a slide towards bankruptcy. Elorza continues to welcome panhandlers and illegals into the city of Providence.

John DePetro on CNN

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Thousands pack Rhode Island State House for Rhode Island Trump Rally

John DePetro delivers the keynote speech

huge crowd

The largest rally the state has ever seen came together Saturday as President Trump supporters gathered to show support for President Trump. American flags were on rare display in the "sanctuary  city" of Providence where the mayor encourages illegal aliens to gather commit crime. Patriotic citizens marched and cheered on Trump speakers who spoke of support for the Trump agenda.

 While the rally was in progress, sleazy human trash anti-Trump anarchist crashed the Make America Great Again RI march and rally. Encouraged and organized by sleazy progressives operatives, the filthy anti-American anarchist were held back by police. The anarchist booed the singing of the National Anthem, tried to incite violence aimed at veterans, and mocked members of the military. The stench and odor from the anti-trump demonstrators could be smelled from over 50 yards away.

 In a pathetic display of Saul Alinsky tactics, anti-Trump trash attempted to silence the Trump rally by playing loud musical instruments. The progressives idea of freedom of speech only applies to their ability to speak, and everyone else must be silent.  For more details, listen to the new John DePetro show now heard on AM1540 each day from 1:00-5:00

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Make America Great again Trump Rally and march today in Rhode Island

Be there at 11:00 AM at Providence city hall, we will  march to the  Rhode Island state house for noon rally. Keynote speaker : John DePetro from AM 1540.