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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Raimondo campaign sinking


The month of June is off to a roaring start as the Governor  Raimondo campaign is plunging faster then the 195 sinkhole. In a matter of 7 days, the 7th least popular Governor in the nation as been dealing with crisis of gigantic proportions. June was suppose to be the official kick-off of her reelection campaign but it has turned into a nightmare scenario for team Gina. Raimondo and her staff have made terrible sloppy mistakes which can not happen if you promise to run an efficient operation. If you don't have charisma in politics then you need to run as the candidate that "dot all the i's and cross all the t's."Right now, Raimondo has neither. Her defenders say," in person she is very likable" which is a code for poor approval numbers. Unless the Governor plans to meet with every voter in person, she seems better suited to run a condo board. The Titanic was called the "Queen of the Ocean" and right now the campaign of the  "Queen of Ocean State" is going under. Voters are tired of the endless self promotion and non-stop fundraising trips out of state. Certain members of the press note that Raimondo is "well thought of outside the state," but that is like the relatives who see a problem nephew or niece at the holidays and say the "kid seems great" while the parents are at the end of their rope.

Last week a sinkhole developed on 195 during the afternoon commute which became a commuter nightmare as DOT had to close the highway. Raimondo announced her dream for a 2nd term and unveiled a slick produced TV spot designed to pretend "Queena" has turned the state around. Friday began with Raimondo expressing her support for the new Pawsox stadium, admitting there was "risk to the state" which contradicted what the Speaker had said. News hit over the weekend of a massive screw-up at DHS resulting in a possible $24 million dollar email mistake. The Governor hid from the media all day Monday as the crisis worsened by the hour, finally to turn up at 6:20 Monday night  during the evening news. Where was the missing Raimondo all day? Campaigning at a senior center in North Providence. 

News continues to develop that apparently being hired by the state as "senior legal counsel" does not require one to actually be able to practice law in Rhode Island. Raimondo has no public events scheduled for the week but instead plans to head to NYC to collect even more campaign cash. The Projo reported "the Gov"has been out of state for 90 days campaigning around the country in the past 17 months, instead of fixing problems in Rhode Island. DHS has become a weekly reminder of incompetence from the administration going on 2 years. Handing out free tuition at CCRI, banning bump-stocks and being " a mom" is falling on deaf ears for anyone paying attention. Where is Brett Smiley? What is going on at DHS? Where is the bottom? Why are people hired as lawyers who cannot practice law? Who wants 4 more years of this? And now, here come the tolls! To find out what is really going on, tune into the John DePetro Radio show now at a new time and place on the dial.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The true missing Linc

 Linc Chafee made it official that he is not running for office and is he officially lost. It is hard to believe Chafee was actually the Governor of the state just 4 years ago when now he seems nothing more than Chris Young with a trust fund. The latest Chafee humiliation was deciding that although he was "95% there" in running for Senate, that he would skip the Senate  race. This was after Linc said he was "90%" looking at jumping into a Democrat primary against Governor Raimondo. 

The man who ran for President on the "metric system" is now officially dead in politics. It is an incredible fall from grace of someone who served in the Senate and then became Governor in 2010. Now Chafee is reduced to a bumbling fool who holds up the line at the deli because he can't decide what type of soup he wants for lunch. He has no party, no base support and no agenda or theme. The man who was polling at 1% of the Democrat vote running for President has become a walking punch line in the political world. Chafee has never recovered from his "Holiday tree" fiasco and never will. Linc treated making a decision on running for Governor or the U.S. Senate like it is was a casual decision that changed by the day. Chafee has also become nasty towards anyone currently holding office, revising history to make himself seem like an individual who always delivered.

 The Linc surrounded himself with lightweights who could never make changes or improvements. Now he floats around like a tourist lost in a strange land. Listen to the John DePetro Radio show now at a new time and place on the dial.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Will Matt Brown tear Raimondo down?

 Game on. Progressive Matt Brown has Governor Gina Raimondo rattled with his challenge to her in the Democrat primary for Governor. This could be a rematch of "Bernie vs. Hillary" and we know how that turned out in Rhode Island with Sanders crushing Clinton and the party faithful back in April of 2016. Matt Brown is smart, likable and not involved with Smith Hill corruption like Raimondo. Sources say team Raimondo has 30 PAID staffers already in the field canvassing  for new voters with more than 6 months to go before the election. 

The Raimondo campaign plan to spend huge money on an organized ground game in a manner that Rhode Island has never seen. They are not waiting for the polls to open on election day but instead plan to secure ballots in the weeks leading up to the election. Sources say Raimondo is a "nervous wreck" behind the scenes and snaps at any staffer who delivers bad news. Polls show that close to 65% of the state want "anybody but Gina" and the arrogant Raimondo is tired of trying to sell herself to the voters. 

Raimondo won in 2014 with just 40% of the vote but cannot get above 38% in current polls. President Trump continues to see his approval ratings climb and the first female governor watches as her ratings go down. Raimondo has high negatives and a primary against Matt Brown will only cause her negatives to rise. 

Matt Brown will watch his numbers climb as Raimondo will watch her numbers decline. Follow campaign 2018 on the John DePetro Radio show, new time and new place on the dial.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Can Speaker Mattiello survive?

 Smith Hill is buzzing with rumors of a major scandal involving Speaker Nick Mattiello that is set to explode and it is one that could cause him to resign. Mattiello has been plagued with allegations of corruption among his leadership team but this time sources say it falls right at his feet. The Speaker is desperately clinging to hold onto his seat as the next wave of scandal could be the death knell of his leadership. 

 The Board of Elections is set to move forward on the team that ran his campaign and stole the election in November of 2016 with Mattiello claiming no knowledge of the fraud. Now, sources say one member of his team is set to "play ball" and finger the speaker as the mastermind. 

The other big news involves a the ex-spouse of a former rep. who is set to expose what has really been going on behind the scenes at the State House. To find out what is really going on in politics, listen to the John DePetro Radio show, now at a new time and new place on the dial.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Raimondo takes over Warwick

The new mayor of Warwick

When was the last time a sitting mayor left during their term to take a bus job? Political rumors are flying that Governor Gina Raimondo made Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian an offer he could not refuse in order to stage a "coup" of the city of Warwick. With the mayor gone, team Raimondo will take over Warwick in an attempt to gain traction on Cranston Mayor Fung. In Rhode Island, Warwick is the key city to win and recent polling numbers had Raimondo getting crushed by Fung with Independent voters. Raimondo has been hiring reporters who were digging into UHIP and buying national press coverage. Why not buy a city? Mayor Avedisian is a good man and who is well liked and respected, but the timing cannot be ignored. Mayor Cianci was known for hiring rivals but taking over an entire city is another level. 

Cranston first couple

A team of Avedisian/Fung campaigning in Warwick and Cranston could be too much for Gina to overcome. A democrat source claims it was a campaign consultant that came up with the idea of finding a way to remove Mayor Avedisian. Another political source claims the RIPTA job is a reward to Avedisian for keeping Chafee from running for Governor in a democrat primary against Raimondo. When you control city hall in a city, you control the power of the city and now the democrats are in control of Warwick. The RIPTA job has been open for over a year so why now? Why not wait 6 more months? A slew of Gina signs are headed to Warwick and the Raimondo staff will work to identify every possible Warwick voter with control over the office of the mayor. The Warwick city council will follow orders and do as they are told with the promise of state jobs. One of the conditions of the RIPTA job was to wait until May so there would be no time for a special election.

 Remember in politics there are no coincidences, and timing is everything. To find out what is really happening in campaign 2018, listen to the John DePetro Radio show.

Will it be Senator Chafee and Governor Brown?

Chafee for Senate 2018

Chafee 2018

What a day in the Rhode Island political world. First, the return of Lincoln " Gump" Chafee who smells blood with Senator Sheldon "save the planet" Whitehouse and demands a rematch of their 2006 senate race. Chafee claims he can hear Bernie Sanders in his head telling him to "challenge Sheldon" in a Democrat primary. "Make Metric Great Again" as the 1 percent Democrat Presidential candidate is ready to rumble for bragging rights at Bailey's beach club. Chafee is like a man unhinged ready to jump into any race to either get him out of the house or stay in the headlines. The Sheldon camp is not ready to press the panic button yet, but the ultra-progressive Chafee will push Sheldon very far left and loose crucial Independent voters.

Save the planet and Sheldon

  Meanwhile, Matt Brown makes it official he will challenge Governor Gina Raimondo in a Democrat primary. The Raimondo camp were completely blindsided by  Matt Brown and are in a panic over a progressive primary. Queena has terrible approval ratings and a primary is an absolute nightmare for her campaign. Matt Brown is a "Bernie Sanders" type progressive while Raimondo is the state version of Hillary. How bad are things with the Raimondo campaign? CH 10 was reporting her chief of staff Brett Smiley wanted to grab the RIPTA CEO job but was told no by the Governor. Smiley knows when the ship "be sinking" and the SS Gina is going down fast. The Raimondo campaign has been trying to offer up negative info on Matt Brown but so far the only taker is a fraud online website. Raimondo will watch her numbers sink even lower and will be below 30% by the next poll.

full panic

 Matt Brown is the worst challenger Gina could ask for since he is a true progressive and is not part of the party machine. Brown is a smart, outgoing, engaging individual who can stand toe to toe with Raimondo on stage. Brown will build momentum over the summer and will give Raimondo a very tough race.  Chafee will be a problem for Senator Whitehouse and cause Sheldon to defend himself and spend money. The Whitehouse camp plan to try and ignore Chafee, but there is bad blood there and Chafee has nothing to lose by bashing Sheldon. For the latest on campaign 2018, listen to the John DePetro Radio show.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

CH 10 under fire....the team you cannot trust?

 What would Art Lake think? Chris Clarke? Doug White? The WJAR debacle continues as social media and the Projo continue to rip the once great TV station to shreds. Sources at WJAR say moral has not been this low since they hired News Director Chris Lanni. CH 10 has been shred in in the past few weeks since the national spotlight has been turned up on the owner Sinclair. One staffer said, " I have not seen people so depressed since they forced Gary Ley off the air.

"The Morning Sunrise" program has become a shell of itself with a rotating crew of young inexperienced reporters who look like they should be drawing Rhode Island lottery balls on CH 12. WPRI CH 12 continues to gain momentum by breaking news and going far more in-depth on stories. Former WJAR staffers had a field day up on Smith Hill telling horror stories of the new owners and their "news mandates." For all the complaining, the WJAR anchors are still strong, the I-Team puts out solid work and sports and weather seem fine. 

Will any Progressive/ Democrat candidates refuse to go on the local Sinclair station? Time will tell. To find out what is really going on in the state, listen to the John DePetro Radio show.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Rough week for Rhode Island media wars


The Rhode Island local media usually is a rather cordial "club" with competitors usually being supportive and giving credit where credit is due. However the gloves came off this week as both WJAR CH 10 and Golocal Prov both found themselves under fire in stories covered by the Providence Journal. The fireworks began with a Golocal Prov story involving the hiring of the new URI basketball coach. While schools usually ignore rumors of various candidates being mentioned in the press, URI broke their silence and issued a statement from URI President David Dooley calling the Golocal Prov story a "false story," and requested it be removed regarding Rick Pitino.

 The Journal followed with a story on the controversy adding more fuel to the war of words between the university and Golocal Prov. Sources say the incident infuriated URI with what they called a completely "false, made up story meant to disrupt their hiring process." Golocal continues to defend their story. 

Meanwhile, Frank "coffee cup salute" Coletta found himself along with sidekick Alison Bolonga the butt of jokes and the subject of a front-page story in the Providence Journal regarding their owners and the subject of "fake news." The "team you trust" suddenly was being mocked on a national level for lowering the bar of TV news. The Projo reached out to both morning anchors who refused comment on why they were repeating a pro-Trump message during their news. Where have you gone Doug White? Will Governor Raimondo continue her weekly segment on CH 10 after this Trump controversy? Progressives were all over twitter and Facebook demanding all progressives boycott CH 10 over the "fake news" issue. What would Matt Brown do? 

There is a history of bad blood between WJAR CH 10 and Golocal Prov after Golo posted video of CH 10 Bill Rapleye caught on an open mic discussing which local political leaders he thought  were secretly gay. Back in the fall, CH 10 Bill Rapleye did a news story regarding Hasbro moving, without giving credit to Golo, but instead referred to them as an  "local online website."In the past, Golocal Prov has had to deal with media outlets stealing their work without giving proper credit which is plagiarism. 

 On a positive note, congrats to talkradio  WHJJ which can now be heard on 104.7 FM. Hannity and Rush have never sounded better than on FM. 

To find out the latest on everything local, listen to the John DePetro show weekdays from 11:AM-2:PM.

Friday, March 23, 2018

The Raimondo snow job


How desperate is Governor Raimondo? Desperate enough to create a fake snow emergency in an effort to try to save her failing political career. The Raimondo decision to close state offices for Wednesday(at 6:PM on Tuesday night) was the greatest abuse of power since the Diprete days. Sources say it was Chief of Staff Brett Smiley who convinced Raimondo on Tuesday to close state offices for a storm expected to hit 4:PM on Wednesday. Sources also say Michael DiBiase, Director of Administration, was against the move but overruled by Smiley. 

Smiley ran Providence into the ground

 Keep in mind Massachusetts and Connecticut BOTH kept state offices OPEN on Wednesday. Smiley argued it was a chance for the Governor to be in "emergency command" and gain possible political traction. As a result of the Raimondo decision, schools all over the state cancelled school for a fake emergency with no snow. The weather forecast consistently predicted the storm to start late Wednesday afternoon and it never developed. Raimondo had an 8:AM and 12:noon press briefing at EMA headquarters on Wednesday where she played the part of the "concerned mom." Although Raimondo referenced the "December debacle" of 2007, that was a much different storm with snow falling at 3 inches an hour and it arrived 5 hours early. At no time was 3 inches per hour the prediction for this storm. The decision to close the state was a political decision, not an emergency decision. Smiley is now running the state police and DOT.

dream on

This is the "Matt Brown effect" with a frantic Governor willing to lie and create fake emergencies for political gain. At 3:PM Wednesday when most children would be home from school, the weather was dry with no snow. Raimondo even encouraged small business owners to send workers home after lunch to avoid the oncoming massive storm. State workers received a day off with pay and some received overtime for working. The Governor blamed the weather forecasters, and the media never asked about other states. One school district will be in school until June 25. Bring on the election of 2018. For the real story of what is going on tune into the John DePetro Radio show.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Raimondo goes all out on guns


What do you do when you have low approval ratings, no success story, and you want four more years as Governor? You run against guns. Governor Gina Raimondo finds guns will be  her issue with 8 months before the election and it is an issue she will ride until November. Raimondo has grabbed the "enough is enough" line and will scream it until the polls close. Voters will hear about "keeping kids safe" and "I had to do something." The election is now not "Gina vs. Fung/Morgan" but "Gina takes on the NRA."

 A school shooting controversy is the issue Raimondo has been searching for to connect with Independent female voters. The gun issue will make the GOP primary even harder with Morgan pulling Fung to the right. Rebuilding schools and school safety will become dominant issues for campaign 2018. Listen to the John DePetro Show now heard on 99.9 FM.

Listen to the John DePetro Radio Show weekdays from 11:AM-2:PM on AM 1380 and 99.9 FM

Listen to the John DePetro Radio Show weekdays from 11:AM-2:PM on AM 1380 and 99.9 FM WNRI. Call in to the show at 401-766-1380. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Will Chafee run for Governor?


Speculation continues to swirl if former Governor Linc Chafee will challenge Governor Gina Raimondo in a Democrat primary in September 2018. Sources close to Chafee say he has not shut the door and is getting some encouragement from within the Democrat party. Chafee has the money and would have no problem setting in motion a campaign team. He has confided to several people he does not want to be embarrassed the way he now acknowledges he was when he ran for President in 2016.

 One Democrat source claims that Speaker Mattiello is encouraging Chafee to run. Another source claims that if Chafee runs,  Lt. Governor McKee might jump into a three way primary against Raimondo and Chafee. Let the fun begin. Raimondo is beyond vulnerable and is going to need every penny of her $4 million campaign chest. Raimondo won with 40% and seems to be unable to climb any higher. Queena will spend big money on mail ballots, emergency ballots and trying to register every walking illegal to vote. It will all come down to Providence.

 The clock is ticking on team Gina to get her campaign ready to run on all cylinders. Will Gump run? Listen to the John DePetro Radio show weekdays from 11:AM-2:PM.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Terror at the Providence Place Mall


The message of Dr. King was absent Monday at Providence Place Mall as a late day shooting turned the mall into complete panic. Hospital sources confirm that 19 yr-old Leonard Loriano of Cranston was being treated for a gunshot wound he received in the parking garage at the mall on Monday.  Loriano then was bleeding and struggled into Nordstrom where shoppers screamed and fled. 

The shooting began word of an active shooter with shoppers running from the mall but unable to get to their cars in the garage. Sources claim Loriano is not speaking to police about the incident. For more details listen to the John DePetro Radio show.