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Friday, October 11, 2019

BREAKING NEWS: feds building a RICO case against House Speaker Nick Mattiello


Here they come. Friday October 11, 2019 brought word that the Rhode Island U.S. Attorney's office has issued a subpoena to the state seeking records regarding Victor Pedro a Cranston chiropractor. A federal grand jury is looking into Pedro receiving over $1.4 million in state Medicaid money over recent years. If it is state money, why would there be a federal grand jury? Legal sources tell DePetro.com the feds are building a possible RICO case against House Speaker Nick Mattiello. 

Reportedly the Feds are looking into the actions of Mattiello (E1) and a top aide (E2). Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations ACT is a federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization, which sounds like the Mattiello crime family. This story is developing...

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The $200 grand Providence book scam

 A sucker is born every minute, except for Providence where it is more like every :30 seconds. Congrats to the Boston Globe for at least opening the door on a story that won't go away. We are suppose to believe that somehow a group in the Providence school department found a book they wanted all high school and middle school students to read. Was it a best seller? A well known author? A highly recommended book? No. It was an unknown book by an unknown author who self-published a collection of basketball quotes and quotes about God. The "author" was peddling his book on Amazon for $14 per copy but was willing to drop the price by a whopping $3 since the Providence schools agreed to buy close to 17,000 copies.

 Experts in publishing have said the price should have been closer to $4 a copy since it was self-published and was being bought by non-profit public schools. The "author" charged Providence schools for shipping and handling, even though one author said she would have driven the books to Providence overnight at the prospect of selling close to $200,000 worth. The "author" also had to incorporate his new found business after he received the giant book offer. The "author" would not respond to media requests or even offers by other school districts who wanted to buy his book. A self-published author who claims to be a motivational speaker who refuses to respond to the media or do interviews? That is a first. The author comes to Providence and is hidden as he sneaks into public schools to meet students and refuses to grant one media interview, even as he is supposedly trying to sell more books and get hired as a motivational speaker. Of course none of this makes any sense and an audit will show that this scam has been used in the past.


Many times in government a lease on a building is secured by individuals who inflate the price and then "kickback" part of the overpaid lease to the corrupt person who gave them the contract. The kickback is frequently used in corrupt situations of contracts with little to no oversight. $187,000 for a bunch of books worth about $50,000 from an unknown author who hides from the media and makes no attempt to sell more books to other schools. If this were a real situation, the author would hold a press conference and answer every question about his book. He would meet with other schools and try to get more schools to buy his book and he would explain why it is appropriate reading for students. A real author would cut the price in half and try to get a real publisher to pick up his book and try to get every school to buy his book. What author and motivational speaker hides from the press and refuses to do interviews? Why does the author not respond to other school districts who have inquired about his book? Where is the $187,000? Cianci would be proud. 

To find out what is really happening in Rhode Island listen to the John DePetro Radio show. 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

If the election were held today, would Governor Raimondo be reelected?

 Can we vote again? Governor Raimondo is less than a full year into her second term and the wheels are coming off fast. The bad news is weekly for "the Guv" with no end in sight. So far in 2019 the state is ranked 50th for worst state to do business. The education scores released show the state is getting crushed when compared to Massachusetts. The Governor is now the subject of an Ethics Commission investigation into a no-bid $1 billion dollar contract. Twin River is dying due to new competition coming from Encore in Ma. UHIP received a $2 million dollar fine by the Feds and IGT and Twin River are publicly fighting in a messy dispute. 

Raimondo has an approval rating of 38% making her the second least popular Governor in the country.  Would Raimondo receive 4 more years if the election was this November? 

Sunday, August 11, 2019

CH 10 live newscast interrupted by Providence thug with graphic language


The team you trust got ambushed by a Providence thug on live television Friday evening. While reporter Sam Read was live with an update on a police officer shot, a street punk grabbed the CH10 mic with obscene language for all to hear. Caution: graphic language in video below.

 What is equally appalling was the silence by city officials at the disgraceful behavior by a street punk moments after a police officer was shot. If the punk who grabbed the mic was white wearing a MAGA hat and the reporter was black, Elorza and Raimondo would have held a press conference denouncing the disgraceful act. 

The city of Providence was on full display for the state to see how far it ha fallen, yet crickets from the mayor and the governor. The reporter handled the incident with class and grace. 

For the latest on media in RI, listen to the John DePetro Radio Show. 

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Should Channel 6 hire Frank Coletta for the morning show?

Frank Coletta

 It would be the ultimate game changer boss move if ABC 6 decided to hire Frank Coletta, who just retired from NBC 10. Coletta is 67 and is way to young in this day and age to retire. If Channel 6 hired Coletta it would completely change the dynamic of local TV news and it would be a loud statement by the new owners of ABC6. Coletta and Art Lake signed " Morning Sunrise" on the air at NBC 10 and at times had some of the biggest ratings for an NBC affiliate in the country. Sunrise had a 70 share in the 90's which is unheard of in TV news. 

70 share

The morning dynamic has changed in 2019 with Today, GMA, Fox and Friends and Morning Joe, but local TV from 6:am-7:am is still a big money maker for the locals and Frank Coletta made NBC 10 plenty of money. The new owners of ABC6 should offer Coletta whatever he wants for a 5-year deal for 5:am-7:am on CH 6 as the lead-in to GMA. Coletta would more than triple whatever ratings CH6 has in the morning plus tremendously increase revenue(sponsors love Coletta). 

last place

 People are very habitual about their morning routine from what time they get up, shower, eat, and leave for work. Viewers tend to be very habitual and loyal with morning television as opposed to other times in the day or night when they may flip around. Frank Coletta could pull his loyal viewers to ABC6 with as much as 35% of the NBC10 morning audience. Should he sign onto ABC6, it would be huge if done in time for November sweeps. WPRI Ch12 has a solid morning program and would probably not make a move towards Coletta, although they could benefit as well. There are few opportunities in media to completely move the needle with one change but ABC6 signing Frank Coletta as their morning anchor is one of those times. Ratings, revenue and big lead-in for GMA.

 Listen to the John DePetro Show for the latest on RI media. 

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Raimondo blows off Bristol: first Governor in history of Rhode Island to skip parade


God save the Queena. Governor Raimondo made a loud statement by becoming the first Rhode Island Governor to blow off the Bristol July 4, Parade. Sources say the state congressional delegation were shocked Raimondo chose to skip the country's longest running parade because "she is tired of getting booed" in Bristol along the parade route.

Seth, Sheldon, Jack, Jim, David. Who is missing?

 Parade organizers usually have to police the number of politicians that want to be part of the parade, and were upset Raimondo skipped it.  Raimondo marched last year along with her son while gearing up for her November reelection.  One parade source mentioned that even Gov. Linc Chafee always marched in Bristol despite his low poll numbers.

the Queena

 Raimondo skipping Bristol comes on the heels of her controversy to not light the State House dome red,white, and blue during the week leading up to July 4. Raimondo sources have indicated Governor Raimondo considers the American flag "divisive" and understands the position of Nike. Raimondo is said to be tired of the "whole Rhode Island thing" and hopes to get an appointment in a new Democrat White House administration. 

Listen to the John DePetro Radio show for the latest.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Update: Raimondo caves to public pressure and lights Rhode Island State House in red,white and blue!

state house July 4, after public pressure

No red, white and blue July 3,


The Colin Kapernick effect has hit Rhode Island. In order to avoid "a racist controversy" Governor Gina Raimondo had refused to have the State House lit up for July 4, for fear it would "look racist." The State House has been lit up in various colors all year to celebrate Black Pride, Gay Pride, Abortion rights, and National immigrant day, but Raimondo had refused to have the Red, White , and Blue around the dome. One source said Raimondo caved to public pressure about the lighting. 

The Governor feels the American Flag makes many people "uncomfortable" and feels the flag is "divisive." The Governor has also refused to march in the 2019 Bristol July 4, parade.  

 To find out what is really going on in the state, listen to the John DePetro Show.