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Sunday, September 23, 2018

John DePetro celebrates 20 years of Talk Radio in Rhode Island


In September of 1998, I was living In New York doing fill in on-air work on 77 WABC while I was also the National Sales manager for WABC and WPLJ. Bud Paras and Bill Hess who ran WHJJ in Providence gave me the opportunity to do a Saturday morning show on 920 WHJJ during the Fall of 1998. I would drive to Rhode Island on Friday nights and drive back to New York after my Saturday show on WHJJ. Some of my first guests on those Saturday shows on WHJJ were Sean Hannity, Matt Drudge, Bob Healey and Jim Bennett.  I then made the decision to leave New York and move back to Rhode Island to be a full time Talk show host. Since day one,  I have always tried to make my show entertaining and informative with a focus on the news of the day. On January 4, 1999, I did my first show on WHJJ from 9:a.m.-12:noon, and my first guests were Salty Brine, Tony Randall, my parents, and Mayor Buddy Cianci.

 During the time of September of 1998 to the present I have: 

-interviewed four United States Presidents (Clinton,Bush,Obama and Trump). 

John DePetro at the White House
John DePetro with President Clinton

John DePetro with President Trump
John DePetro with President Bush

- Only local talk host to attend a Presidential press briefing in the West Wing of the White House.

John DePetro at the White House September 2018

President Trump and Speaker Ryan (photo taken by John DePetro Sept 2018)

 -Only member of RI media to interview President George W. Bush,(click on audio below)

-Only RI radio person to skype into a White House press briefing with Sean Spicer. 

John DePetro and Sean Spicer March 2017

- I have won Associated Press awards for Best talk show along with Voted Best Talk show by the Readers of Rhode Island Monthly

John DePetro and Mayor Laffey

John DePetro wins award

John DePetro radio

- I have appeared on National TV many, many times including Fox News Channel, the Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS this morning, ABC evening news, NBC nightly news, CBS evening news,  CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, HLN,  ESPN and every local television station in New England. 

John DePetro on Fox News

John DePetro on Fox news
John DePetro on CNN

-  I have appeared on the cover of the NY Post, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, New York Times, Washington Post and Providence Journal.

John DePetro front page above the fold Boston Globe

 -I was the first local host to have my own  website, www.depetro.com. 

John DePetro bio on depetro.com

John DePetro with Tom Brady

-I was the first local radio host to have a daily live TV simulcast.  

John DePetro and the Plunder Dome trial
John DePetro and Imus

Some of the most memorable shows I have been part of were the Plunder Dome trial coverage from the trailer outside the courthouse, the aftermath of September 11, the Great White fire, the smoke shop raid, and breaking the story of Speaker John Harwood and Wendy Collins. (click on link below of me on with Imus). I appeared on Imus in the Morning over sixteen times including live on MSNBC. Imus was my first time I was heard by a national audience, and Imus truly appreciated the humor that I use on my show. It is one thing to do a local show, but it is another level when you are on a nationally syndicated program heard by millions around the country.

 Other incredible shows involved Chafee and the Holiday tree, the Woonsocket Cross, my Curt Schilling exclusive, my interview with John Foreman, the yoga pants man controversy, and the Zaki murder interviews. I did a live broadcast from Israel for 10 days in 2002,  attended 4 Super Bowls, 3 World Series, and covered both Republican and Democrat national conventions. I have also broken many stories and interviewed all kinds of news makers. There are too many local stories to mention plus storm coverage and political debates.

john DePetro and Olivia Culpo

John DePetro and the Woonsocket Cross

 I have also for many years filled in for Dr Michael Savage on the Savage Nation which is heard by over ten million listeners, and most recently last month hosted the nationally syndicated Chris Plante show.

John DePetro on the Savage Nation

Other highlights of my twenty years have included being the emcee of the Trump rally in April of 2016 carried live on Fox and CNN.

john DePetro CNN

 Some of the saddest stories I covered involved the death of Cornel Young, Jim Pagano, Jennifer Riveria and personally knowing 5 people who died in the Great White Fire. The best part of being a talk host is the opportunity to speak with so many wonderful people who call in to my show to discuss the news of the day.

John DePetro at a rally
John DePetro on Fox with the holiday tree


John DePetro at WPRO in studio with Senators Reed and Whitehouse

Thank you to all the listeners and sponsors who have been so tremendous to me the past 20 years. Although I did go to Boston for 3 years, I still stayed in touch with Rhode Island stories and had Rhode Island listeners. I am also not counting my days on college radio stations like WRIC, WDOM, WJMF and WXIN.

John Cafferty with John DePetro

John DePetro with Black Flag


Thank you to Barbara Haynes and Paul Giammarco who hired me at WPRO where I spent 10 incredible years and it changed my life raising money each year for the kids at Hasbro.

at Hasbro

John DePetro at Hasbro

 I feel very fortunate to have a career in something I have wanted to do since age 10. I will be on the radio for the next 30 years, so although I am not even half-way through my career, I wanted to recognize this important milestone and say thank you. By the way, you can still hear me weekdays from 11:a.m.-2:p.m. on AM 1380 and 99.9 FM WNRI.

 John DePetro



Johnny D 

The Independent Man

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Poll Question: Should Joe Trillo drop out of the race for Governor?


 WPRI has come out with a poll and it would be a tie, if not for Independent Candidate Joe Trillo. Governor Raimondo has 43%, Mayor Allan Fung has 36% and Trillo has 7%, with 9% still undecided. Trillo left the Republican party and is taking votes directly from Fung. Should Trillo leave the race? 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Does Rhode Island want Raimondo for 4 more years?


Will the Queen remain in power? The Raimondo campaign machine was in full gear on primary day with Governor Gina Raimondo rolling over Matt Brown to move on to the general election with Cranston Mayor Allen Fung. Raimondo was forced to spend $4.7 million to defeat Matt Brown who spent $300,00, announced in April, and lived outside the state for 5 years. Brown pulled within single digits of Gina, but he was unable to respond when Raimondo blasted him with attack ads on TV and with mailers. 

bridge problems?

Despite low approval ratings and a long list of mistakes, the Raimondo campaign delivered with the most expensive ground game the state has ever seen and turned a tight race into a blowout. Raimondo paid staffers even had a slew of mail ballots ready just in case Brown got close. Raimondo refused to debate Brown and instead set her sights on the November election and a rematch with Mayor Fung. Despite her critics, the Gov is 4-0 with elections and continues to raise money at a record setting pace while getting around 66,000 total votes. 

Will the voters give her four more years? Listen to the John DePetro radio show for election 2018.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Primary shocker : Brown moves within margin of error of Raimondo in poll

The campaign of Governor Raimondo has reached the panic level with news of a poll showing challenger Matt Brown has pulled within the margin of error against Gina. Brown has made a last minute surge that has Raimondo scrambling to try and stop the Brown momentum.

 Raimondo has focused extensively on her GOTV( get out the vote) and the ground game have already cast over 4,000 votes in early voting(emergency voting where no ID is required), with more early voting expected on Tuesday. Raimondo has spent over $4 million to fend off a challenge from Brown who emerged in April and had not lived in the state for 5 years. A Democrat source claims out of town donors of Raimondo are in disbelief as she is in the fight of her life in a primary against someone who vanished from the political scene in 2006 and has no money. A huge fear inside the Raimondo campaign remains the unknown of the "ABG vote" known as Anyone but Gina. Team Raimondo is in a panic over Independent voters who plan to vote in the Democrat primary in order to vote against Gina. How many ABG voters are there and how do you poll them? The Raimondo camp convinced Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea to push the primary back to September 12, in an effort to narrow the window of the general election. Instead, the late primary has turned into a nightmare giving Matt Brown more time to campaign and close the gap. 

Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls 

The Raimondo campaign expects to have a cushion of 8,000 no excuse emergency votes( early voting with no ID) before the polls open Wednesday morning at 7:a.m. Will low turnout benefit Gina or Brown? Will Gina steal the primary with early voting? Where is Nellie? For complete election coverage, listen to the John DePetro show.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Could Spencer Dickinson help Gina win the Democrat Primary?



Matt Brown is closing in on Governor Gina Raimondo with the possibility of beating her in the Democrat primary September 12. Brown now seems to have one obstacle in the race and it is Spencer Dickinson. Raimondo has watched as her polling numbers have collapsed and all momentum is breaking towards Matt Brown. The biggest problem for Matt Brown is Spencer Dickinson remains in the race with his 5% of the vote.

Dickerson has no chance of winning the primary and is polling around 5%, but that 5% could be the difference for Matt Brown. Can't Brown get Dickerson to leave the race and throw his support to Brown? Democrat sources say Dickinson feels this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to him in his life and is caught up in the novelty of being interviewed and being on TV. Another Democrat source said," if Brown cannot convince Spencer to leave the race than Matt does not deserve to beat Gina." 

Team Raimondo is in a panic as Brown as now moved within the margin of error in polling. Another factor is the number of Independent voters who want to vote in the Democrat primary to vote against Gina and that is a tough number to poll. Can Matt Brown beat Gina in the primary? Will Dickerson pulled out of the race and throw support behind Brown? Listen to the John DePetro Show weekdays on AM 1380.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Today : The Rhode Island Republican Gubernatorial Debate Friday August 31, 2018 at Noon

Tune in this Friday August 31, 2018 for the Rhode Island Republican Gubernatorial Debate, featuring all three candidates, broadcast Live at 12:Noon on the John DePetro Radio Show. Mayor Allan Fung, Rep. Patricia Morgan and businessman Giovanni Feroce will debate commercial free from 12:noon to 1:p.m. on AM 1380 and 99.9 FM WNRI. The John DePetro show is heard weekdays from 11:a.m.-2:p.m. on WNRI and streamed live on www.depetro.com or www.WNRI.com.

 All media is welcome to come watch and cover this only debate featuring the three Republican  candidates. The debate can also be seen on both Facebook Live and Youtube Live. The twitter hashtag will be #RIGOP or #depetrodebate. Media with any questions should email the show at John@depetro.com.