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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Raimondo and Elorza turn Providence into a sanctuary city for child molesters and child rapist


The sanctuary city of Providence for illegal aliens becomes the sanctuary city for child rapist. Neighbors in the Washington Park section of Providence were stunned to find that not only is convicted child rapist Richard Gardner now living in their family neighborhood but that Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza will provide Gardner with two (24/7) taxpayer funded Providence police bodyguards.

Richard Gardner 

 Gardner spent 30 years behind bars and has chosen Providence as his new home due to the lawlessness created by Raimondo and Elorza. 

Raimondo has an extreme progressive liberal agenda which limits police ability to enforce the law, and has endorsed Mayor Elorza.  Elorza runs a sanctuary city, wants to abolish ICE, allows panhandling and has proceeded to run Providence into the ground. Would Gina Raimondo have this sick monster living near her on the East Side? Raimondo has not improved public education and is responsible for the deaths of 19 children under her care in DCYF over the past two years. 

Elorza has watched schools crumble and the city just finished a two week bus strike which resulted in children unable to get to school and 8 school buses torched by disgruntled union members.  Now a convicted child rapist moves into a neighborhood and is supplied with two police bodyguards. Follow the John DePetro radio show for the latest. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Trillo tornado takes over the 2018 election

 If Independent candidate for Governor Joe Trillo was looking to make his mark in Rhode Island politics he has succeeded. When Trillo announced he was running for Governor he claimed running as an Independent would "unchain him" from party politics and that has proven to be the understatement of the decade. Never has a candidate polling so low(7% in a poll by WPRI) made such headlines with issues completely unrelated to policy and discussion  surrounding the election. First it was the yacht crashing, then the Narragansett sign, then the  Morgan endorsement and now the "Caulk gun" police report. 

With four weeks to go, the question remained whether Trillo was running to win or running to just prevent Mayor Fung from winning? With three weeks to go, Trillo apparently answered that question when he told the Projo he would "take 2%" if it meant stopping Fung. That is not exactly a path to victory. Trillo and Patricia Morgan have come under vicious attack on social media from voters who are already pointing the finger at them if Raimondo wins. 

Gina has spent $6 million dollars yet Fung remains within striking distance of victory. Raimondo was warned by political consultants last fall she would lose in a one on one against Fung, and now the Raimondo campaign is panicked that is exactly how the race is shaping up. The more Trillo receives negative headlines, the better it is for Fung and worse it becomes for Raimondo. Fung has aggressively been touting a" vote for Trillo is a vote for Gina" and it seems to be taking hold. 

The path to victory for Raimondo is contingent on Trillo remaining a viable candidate and receiving 7-10% of the vote. After reading the Cranston police report, that 10% seems in doubt if not impossible. If Fung bumps up just 5%, the difference with Gina becomes the margin of error in the polls. 

11% remain undecided, but 80% of undecideds traditionally break for the challenger. In the next two weeks if Trillo drops below 5%, the race could be a virtual tie between Fung and Raimondo. Raimondo has invested tremendous resources on GOTV but the voter feeling of "Anyone but Gina" could be hard to overcome. On November 6, will voters really want to give Gina Raimondo another four years as Governor? 

Gina prays Trillo can get 10%

The Trillo circus has been a welcomed distraction for Governor Raimondo  from the horrendous incompetent job she has done as Governor, making her one of the least popular governors in the country. Trillo has distracted from the empty Superman building, loss of the Pawsox, broken campaign promises, non-stop traveling for fundraising,her Progressive agenda and insider deals. On November 6, the voters will decide if they want four more long years of Raimondo. To find out what is really happening, listen to the John DePetro Radio show.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Senator Sheldon "Chardonnay" Whitehouse campaign in panic mode

or a Beer with Bob

The campaign of Rhode Island Senator Sheldon "Chardonnay" Whitehouse is suddenly in panic mode after what has been viewed as a disastrous three weeks. Whitehouse is still reeling from becoming a national punchline after his questioning of Brett Kavanaugh during the Senate Judiciary hearings. Whitehouse has been mocked on Saturday Night Live and now South Park. 

Around the country and around Rhode Island, Sheldon as become an embarrassment asking Kavanaugh about  yearbooks and farting. Momentum has shifted as Republican Bob Flanders has been gaining traction and receiving donations from around the country as Sheldon as now seen on shaky ground. 

Rhode Island royalty

 Whitehouse has watched his lead in the campaign plummet with Independent voters and especially among male voters. Flanders has seen tremendous growth across the spectrum but has rocketed  among Independent male voters. Will Sheldon apologize to Judge Kavanaugh and his family for the filthy smear campaign they unleashed on him? Will Sheldon reveal who was the reporter he was trying to leak fake accusations too? 

John DePetro and Sheldon Whitehouse

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Flanders gaining on Sheldon Whitehouse as Rhode Island U.S. Senate seat is up for grabs

Bob Flanders

Here comes Bob Flanders. The Rhode Island U.S. Senate race has heated up as Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has watched his poll numbers collapse in the aftermath of his embarrassing performance questioning Brett Kavanaugh. 

The Flanders campaign has gone into full gear as the race has moved into a single digit lead for Whitehouse. A poll last month by WPRI had Sheldon at 54% and Flanders at 35%, however the numbers have changed. Democrat sources say new internal numbers show Sheldon Whitehouse at 47% and Flanders at 40%, with 13% undecided. Whitehouse has watched his numbers with Independent voters collapse and his numbers with men have fallen significantly. (Check out the new Flanders TV spot below.)

 Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has became a punchline in Rhode Island and across the nation after his questioning of Judge Brett Kavanaugh over his high school yearbook. Voters are awake and suddenly Sheldon is in trouble. In 1998 Sheldon Whitehouse was elected Attorney General of Rhode Island. In 2002, Whitehouse lost in a Democrat primary for Governor. Senator Whitehouse won his Senate seat by beating Linc Chafee in the 2006 Democrat wave 53% to 47%. In 2012, Whitehouse beat the unknown Barry Hinkley.

Bob Flanders can work with everyone

 Senator Whitehouse is an extreme Progressive liberal who is out of step with Independent voters and average people. He has lived a life of privileged and it has been reported he is a member of an all-white beach club in Newport. Whitehouse still refuses to answer questions about a fake Kavanaugh accuser and why he instructed the man to call a reporter with his fake story. Sheldon still refuses to name the reporter or explain why he wanted a fake rape story about Brett Kavanaugh to reach the media.

hold on

 Sheldon is not a great debater and will have his hands full with Bob Flanders. Flanders is more of the moderate voice Rhode Island needs in Washington as opposed to the Progressive liberal Sheldon. Bring on the debates. For the last on this Senate race, listen to the John DePetro Radio Show.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse blames Dr. Ford for leaking information on Kavanaugh



Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse took to the airwaves of  MSNBC and blamed witness Dr. Ford for leaking information regarding her accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. Whitehouse, who is fighting for his political life for reelection against Bob Flanders, told MSNBC he is convinced it was Dr.  Ford and "her family and beach friends in California." 

The Senate Judiciary believes it was Senator Diane Feinstein that seemingly leaked the information but Sheldon decided to "circle the wagons" and blame the victim, Dr. Ford. Ford came forward only after she was promised she could remain anonymous, but her identify was then leaked to the Washington Post. Whitehouse now blames Dr. Ford and her family and friends in California, as opposed to the Democrats in Washington D.C., who are walking distance to the Washington Post. Senator Whitehouse remains under fire for directing a constituent to contact a reporter with a false rape allegation in Newport involving Brett Kavanaugh. The Newport allegation was proven completely false and the man who made it has recanted the fake allegation.

 Meanwhile, Senator Whitehouse refuses answer questions regarding the name of the reporter or why he instructed the man to call with the false allegation. For all the latest, listen to the John DePetro Radio Show.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Breaking: Sheldon demands apology for man who made up Kavanaugh Newport rape story!

Senator smug

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island has raised suspicion among members of the  Senate Judiciary and the FBI by demanding an apology for the Tiverton man who allegedly fabricated a rape story involving Judge Brett Kavanaugh. What? You are reading this correctly. Sheldon reportedly encouraged and coerced the man to embellish a story regarding an alleged incident in 1985 in Newport and has admitted he instructed him to contact a specific reporter. Who was the reporter and why did he do that?

 Sheldon feels  a " regular guy" is to be commended for fabricating a story involving rape and a Trump Supreme Court nominee. Meanwhile, Senator Whitehouse refuses to name the reporter he instructed the "regular guy" to call to flame up a fake rape story on Kavanaugh. Who was the reporter? Do they work for the Washington Post? New York Times? The New Yorker? Why did Sheldon Whitehouse instruct a Rhode Island man to contact a specific reporter about a fake rape story involving Kavanaugh?  Kavanaugh was asked by Senate Judiciary if he was involved in any incident in 1985 in Newport Rhode Island aboard a boat. Kavanaugh denied any knowledge of the incident and the man who made the claim quickly recanted the story. 

Why is Sheldon defending the man from Tiverton who is now under FBI investigation? This false rape claim on the eve of the Dr. Ford hearing was the equivalent of "yelling fire" in a crowd theater. The person who is owned an apology is Brett Kavanaugh and the apology should come from Sheldon Whitehouse for allegedly planting a fake story about a rape in Newport in 1985 involving Brett Kavanaugh. The man in question has disputed Sheldon's claim that he requested contact information for a reporter, rather he allegedly claims Senator Sheldon Whitehouse instructed him to contact a specific reporter.


 It appears Sheldon has been caught trying to orchestrate a fake rape story to smear Judge Kavanaugh.  Senator Sheldon Whitehouse needs to identify the reporter, should be removed from the Senate Judiciary for his conduct, and be replaced in the Senate by Bob Flanders in the November election. Listen to the John DePetro Radio Show for the latest.


Sunday, September 30, 2018

FBI catches Sheldon Whitehouse encouraging fake Kavanaugh accuser over Newport boat rape


Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has been snagged by the FBI for encouraging a Judge Brett Kavanaugh accuser to exploit and embellish a fake story rape story to the media. Documents show Whitehouse has admitted to the FBI he told a Rhode Island man to tell a reporter Kavanaugh was involved with a brutal rape aboard a boat in Newport Rhode Island in 1985. 

" a reporter who might investigate the allegation"

The man who made the false claim is facing Federal charges but is cooperating with authorities. The man told the FBI he contacted Senator Sheldon Whitehouse about a possible  story involving Brett  Kavanaugh  raping a woman, along with Mark Judge, in Newport in 1985. The unidentified man now has apologized but told authorities Whitehouse encouraged him to "make noise" to the media, instructed him to  contact a certain liberal reporter and "drop a bomb"on Kavanaugh the night before the hearing involving Dr. Ford. 

why would he " referred the accuser to a reporter"

The man has told authorities he was not exactly certain about the details but that Senator Whitehouse encouraged him to run with the story anyway.  Senator Whitehouse embarrassed himself on the national stage by grilling Judge Kavanaugh about farting and high school drinking games. Saturday Night Live even did a parody mocking Senator Whitehouse about asking about high school jokes. 

Yes or no, did you fart in high school?

Senator Whitehouse sits on the Senate Judiciary and could face ramifications from the FBI. Senator Whitehouse refuses to comment on the strategy to encourage fake accusations in an attempt to block Judge Kavanaugh and refuses to identify the reporter he referred. Whitehouse announced in August he would vote no on Kavanaugh before any hearings were held and he would "block every Judge Trump send to me no matter what the cost." We now know it even means making up fake rape stories in Newport. Listen to the John DePetro Radio Show for the latest.