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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Illegal aliens continue to invade Rhode Island in record numbers


The invasion continues. Sources in both law-enforcement and human services report the number of illegal aliens arriving in Rhode Island continues at a record pace with larger numbers expected in the spring and summer. 

School officials in Providence and Central Falls report children arriving daily at schools from other countries unable to speak English and without vaccinations. One immigration source estimated the number of illegals entering Rhode Island is now over 1,000 a month with the states generous welfare program enticing illegals to come and stay. Illegal immigration is down in other states as talk of the border wall and stricter immigration laws are being enforced. In Rhode Island, Governor Gina Raimondo and Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza continue to actively promise a safe haven for illegals to live in Rhode Island. The new state budget is expected to be over $10 billion dollars with a large portion going to welfare benefits and less money spent to help the elderly. 

welcome to Rhode Island

Governor Raimondo plans to continue to raise taxes, increase gambling and promises to legalize cannabis to pay for all the spending. Crime is expected to rise with the increase in drugs and illegals. By the end of 2019, you could fill the Dunk with the number of illegals entering the state in one year alone. To find out what is really happening in Rhode Island listen to the John DePetro Radio show.

Monday, January 14, 2019

From "Hope" to "Dope" :Raimondo pushes Rhode Island to pot


old Rhode Island

The Rhode Island state motto becomes "Dope." After failing to lure any companies or jobs to Rhode Island, Governor Gina Raimondo puts up the white flag of surrender by announcing her plans to fill massive deficit budget holes by legalizing marijuana in Rhode Island. That ought to improve the test scores. Bring back Senate President Paiva Weed!

Raimondo has failed to land any large companies during her time in office and now falls for the easy fix of gambling and drugs. Can legalizing prostitution be far behind? When you have a ten billion dollar state budget, high taxes and a ridiculously high number on the state work force, legal pot becomes the option. Raimondo has run out of tax tricks and would rather focus on raising her national profile than deal with a state on the verge of collapse. 

The contest of Governor for the Day contest could become Dealer for the day. The Governor who promised "cranes in the sky" has decided to get the state high. What an absolute embarrassing disgrace of a leader Raimondo has turned out to be. The Governor of gambling, drugs, empty building and a broken education system. Will she be remembered as the Tolls on the road or Tokes on the Rhode Governor? What a tremendous example she sets for young women(who want to live in Las Vegas). Welcome to Rhode Island the "Wasted state."Listen to the John DePetro radio to find out more. 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Exclusive: Does the State Police scandal lead to Speaker Mattiello's office?

 Warning: video below contains vulgar language and violence. Intended for mature audiences only. 

In the video above, Demers in reportedly in the black shirt. Unknown if this was considered  "training" for the academy. 

The  CH 10 I-Team broke a blockbuster story of allegations from a veteran trooper who refused to cooperate when asked to revise the background report he conducted on a potential new recruit to the Rhode Island State Police. http://turnto10.com/i-team/nbc-10-i-team-risp-lieutenant-says-boss-pressured-him-to-change-recruit-background-report

 The CH 10 story mentions a former trooper trying to get his son on the state police even though the son has had "twenty encounters  with the law" including one incident when he was arrested and he failed to mention it to state police during his interview.  The Trooper in the CH 10 story, LT. Mike Casey, claims he was pressured by State Police brass to alter the scathing background report he conducted on the son of the former trooper attempting to join the state police. 

Garrett Demers

The state police internal report identified the potential young recruit as Garrett Demers, son of former trooper James Demers. James Demers, who works security at the Dunk,  is reportedly good friends with House Speaker Nick Mattiello and Garrett Demers works at the Rhode Island State House for Speaker Mattiello. Hmmm?

 Sources claim pressure came from the Speakers office to the State Police to get Trooper Casey to alter his scathing report on Garrett Demers. One state police source claims Casey "misunderstood" and that state police were not trying to get Demers on the state police force but rather just have Trooper Casey " tone down" his scathing background check on Garrett Demers which includes twenty run-ins with law enforcement, arrest and vulgar language towards police.   

Speaker of the House

The state police will not send background checks they conduct to other police forces however other police forces do have access to read them at state police headquarters. State Police Colonel Ann Assumpico, 62 years old,  suddenly announced her retirement after only two years on the job shortly before this story broke. Sources claim Governor Raimondo initiated the Assumpico retirement shortly after learning of the state police scandal. State Police deny the claims by Trooper Casey. Assumpico became the first female Colonel of the Rhode Island State Police after an extensive diversity search. Governor Raimondo has named a replacement for Assumpico but this time around has skipped the diversity search. 

This story is developing...Listen to the John DePetro Show to find out more. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Is Providence Mayor Elorza the worst mayor ever?

Mayor Elorza and key staff

Providence Mayor Elorza has not been indicted for any real crime but seems he should be charged with being the worst mayor in the history of the state.  Elorza has embraced homeless and panhandlers, installed more parking meters and is unfriendly to business. Providence has one of the worst public school systems in the country along with some of the highest taxes. 

mayor who?

While Boston is booming, Providence has the empty Superman building and no new jobs. Elorza has encouraged illegals to move to Providence and proudly describes the city as a "sanctuary city." The Providence pension system is the titanic and the main priority of Mayor Elorza is a "kinder city." Elorza allows nightclub shootings and stabbings yet pulls the license and shuts down the Foxy Lady. Elorza has no plan over the next four years to improve the business climate, education system or lower taxes. Under Elorza, there was a school bus strike resulting in the drivers setting six buses on fire while they blamed an "electrical problem" for causing the fire on six separate buses in the pouring rain. Could any person do worse?

welcome to Silver Lake

 Governor Raimondo seems to want to distance herself from the pathetic excuse for a mayor. The city payroll is bloated with workers who are politically connected and no danger of ever losing their jobs regardless of the condition of the city. State leaders want to remove the city power over the 195 land due to the mayor being labeled "an idiot" by the Projo. What will be his next blunder? Listen to the John DePetro radio show for the latest.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas bombshell: Did Raimondo fire the Colonel of the Rhode Island State Police?


 Bah humbug. Rumors are flying that  Governor " Scrooge" Raimondo fired Colonel Ann Assumpico of the Rhode Island State Police late Friday afternoon. Was Assumpico pushed? Or did Assumpico jump? Was she fired or did she resign? Rumors started to circulate Friday afternoon on Twitter and have ramped up over the weekend. State Police sources speaking on the condition of anonymity claim they were shocked at the timing, but not surprised. One source claims there has been increased friction with Governor Raimondo  regarding finances and the state police. Could this be tied to the " no bid contract" given to a Chicago political operative? Raimondo chose Assumpico to lead the state police to  " make history"by choosing the first female Colonel. 

Assumpico was a respected member of the command staff, but leapfrogged  over six individuals in-line to the top spot when chosen by the state's first female Governor. Assumpico has been viewed by many as nothing more than a "puppet" to Raimondo who views the state police as another area to experiment with diversity and use as a tool for fundraising. Assumpico has kept a very low profile as Colonel, often not seen for months by the public. Governor Raimondo has kept Assumpico in the dark and instead has relied on spokesperson Laura Kirk to release statements written by and approved by the Raimondo office. Assumpico received poor reviews for her mishandling of a state police cruiser that was stolen, followed by state police shooting and killing the wrong suspect. Assumpico took three days to brief the media and proceeded to provided inaccurate and conflicting statements.

 State police sources say moral is at an all time low with the Raimondo staff basically running the department. Rumors also point to former trooper Jim Manni as the next chosen Colonel. Manni was a respected trooper and most recently the Town manager of Narragansett. Manni most recently made news when he forced Joe Trillo to take down a large Trillo sign that violated a town ordinance due to size.  This story is developing..

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Twas the night before Rhode Island Christmas 2018

Twas the night before Christmas in the Ocean state,

 but no food for the poor with UHIP still late.

 Although Santa was known as a jolly old soul,

 he hated the thought of the Rhode Island sleigh tolls. 

 Santa seemed off  and a little hazy, 

the elfs shocked they closed the Foxy Lady.

The state house was busy this Christmas Eve, 

 "sex for legislation" is still their pet peeve.

The Governor still making fundraising calls,

  dreaming of $20 million as her campaign cash haul;

The governor thanked  Santa for a victory this year,

 she avoided a loss which was her fear.

The speaker was worried as he checked his list twice, 

" NO Hasbro campus unless they pay me my price!" 

Mattiello mused, " I hope Santa don't think I am a thug,

 and I'll make sure of that with a handshake and hug." 

The state senate was crowded still busy down the hall, 

dreaming of "no show" jobs for their families and all. 

For Santa, Smith Hill was nothing but fun,

 like Trillo on his yacht with a corking gun.


  Christmas Eve on Smith hill where the parties run late,

  with money to be made in the "I know a guy" state;

where power is seen in a low numbered plate,

and pensions are granted if you slide thru the gate.

Gorbea was excited and seem to be gloating, 

she asked Santa for mail ballots and early voting;

Nellie was ready, to deck the halls,

  "last minute voting"  in Pawtucket and Central Falls.

The progressives hated Christmas they hated it all, 

they hated Santa and trump and his talk of his wall.

 State police were apologetic and filled with dread,

 they shot a reindeer thought to be stealing a sled.


" sorry, no room."

Linc Chafee was angry for all to see,

 yelling "it's still not Christmas, it's a holiday tree!" 

 It was Christmas in Providence with plenty of need,

 so they robbed the giving meters to buy monkey weed;

Olneyville was ready for a big Christmas ball,

 dreaming of green cards, EBT cards, licenses for all; 

 Mayor Elorza was worried about old saint Nick, 

charging "time and a half" with North Pole union tricks;

 Kennedy plaza was packed on Christmas Eve day, 

with panhandlers and junkies causing delay;

The homeless were ready for holiday cheer, at the

 "Superman" building they pissed and drank beer.



May this joyous season bring you peace,

 knowing Gordon Fox is still on work release.

And when you hear those Christmas bells,

 just smile thinking of Gallison in his prison cell.

What will happen in 2019 we just don't know, 

Merry Christmas to all from the John DePetro show.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Will Rhode Island be better with four more years of Raimondo?


The election is over yet the shock of what has happened is still sinking in: four more years of Queena. The Rhode Island nightmare continues. Stores and restaurants are closing and the big excitement is not jobs but legal pot in Massachusetts. The big  announcement in Rhode Island was sports betting, which bring no jobs but just takes more cash out of the economy. 

The tallest building in the state remains vacant and the city waits to see if Mayor Elorza will continue to shake down the one developer willing to spend his own money. More drugs and more gambling in a state run like a third world country. Raimondo somehow captured 53% of the vote even though her approval ratings for four years were below 40%. All eyes remain on "nervous" Nellie Gorbea to see if she will keep her mouth shut or explain who ordered the "Code Red" with the voting rolls data. Providence is getting ready to welcome their new arrivals to the city if they can sneak past the border patrol and make their way up north. The state remains in shock that Raimondo won and will keep her job as the worst Governor in the country for four more long years. More gambling, more drugs and more illegals. What will Rhode Island look like in 2023? 

Will the state have anyone left who is not on drugs, a degenerate gambler or who speaks English? What year will Providence go bankrupt? Who are the people who voted for Raimondo and Elorza? What planet are they from? For more depressing news listen to the John DePetro Radio show.