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Friday, December 27, 2013

People are smart and get it

Thank you for all your kind words and support.

Voters are smarter than politicians think they are.

Projo letter

Projo poll

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thank you for all the support...sometimes the truth hurts.

" one person does not follow norm of  political correctness".

Chafee, Gordon Fox, Cicilline demand " happy talk".

Letter to projo 

The people vote

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Local woman starts petition to defend DePetro

" Stop unions and politicians who want to silence their harshest critic."

Peggy Price

Petition begins. Don't let unions and politicians silence people.

Peggy Price jumps forward for liberty.

A local woman, Peggy Price, has stepped forward and started a petition to defend radio host John DePetro.  Click here to sign." We have to stop the unions and politicians who want to silence their harshest critic", said Price. " I think we are in dangerous territory when labor teams up with politicians to remove a member of the media, simply because they do not like his criticism. That is what this is about. Period. The rest of it is just noise." Price said she is a faithful listener to his talk show and is fed up with the lack of leadership in the state. " Rhode Island has the second highest unemployment in the country, the politicians do nothing, the unions run the state house, and their solution is to remove John DePetro? Give me a break". Price said she does not like MSNBC " so I do not watch it". I do not get it. They seem obsessed with John DePetro because he speaks the truth about the issues in the state. " This is like a sports team in last place, who bans a reporter from the locker room for criticizing the team." Price said she enjoys the show and loves the humor. " John DePetro is entertaining and informative and that is why he is popular." 


Truth wins

When politicians and labor team up to silence a critic

Thank you for all your support battling this paid union campaign. Click here to helpClick here to stop politicians from removing a member of the media.

Thank you to the 70% and Merry Christmas. 8200 votes.

Thank to those who have written letters , voted in the projo poll, and signed the petition.

Click and sign

The people have spoken.

Projo letter

Politicians try to silence a critic but...

Thank you for all your prayers and support

Sign the petition.Click here to sign and stop politicians and unions silence a critic.

Projo letter

Projo poll

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me, with all your thoughts and prayers .

God Bless her

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I am safe

Thank you to everyone for all your prayers and support.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Can Rhode Island be saved ?

Den of thieves

As we wind down 2013, Rhode Island does not have a lot to cheer about. Unemployment remains the biggest problem, with the highest in New England and second highest in the country.  Where is the leadership? There is no urgency to fix the problem  as leaders seem more focused  on " social issues" as opposed to a plan of true economic development.  Corruption, an uneducated work force, and high taxes remain the dominant image of the state to the outside. The state has become a magnet for outsiders in need of government assistance, and the demand on state services increasing. In 2014, Rhode Island is in desperate need of leadership that will truly be friendly to business. Government leaders must realize the solution is not to give out more state jobs and promote a " phony" business climate. 2014 must be a year of reform and change. Follow DePetro.com.

Where have you gone?


Monday, November 25, 2013

2013 the year of the reformers

 As 2013 winds down, it has been a year of significant progress by two leading reformers in our state. General Treasurer Gina Raimondo has continued to demonstrate tremendous leadership, by moving the state forward towards pension reform. Raimondo has faced a barrage of criticism from special interest groups, but continues to plunge ahead with the citizens behind her. 

 Education Commissioner Deborah Gist faced vicious attacks and unrelenting obstacles in her quest to raise the standards of education performance in our state, but the positive results speak for themselves.  Let's hope in 2014 both of these leaders will gain more support and respect for their tremendous accomplishments. Follow the races of 2014 here on DePetro.com.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Support DePetro.com in the battle over illegals

Independent man under attack from illegals.

Make a donation over the next 24 hours .

Support freedom and reformers.

Do not let the special interest win.

Look for the PayPal or PO box on this page.

Our leader

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Will Raimondo hit $3 million by end of year?

Gina in the lead

Brown Poll has Raimondo in the lead. Where is Pell?

What happened with Taveras poll?

 Block  is a challenge  to Fung.

Very interesting Brown poll released shows General Treasurer Gina Raimondo with a commanding lead over Mayor Angel Taveras in the race for Governor. Will Gina run as an independent? No need. She " owns" the independents and would beat Angel in a  Democrat primary. Many questions now raised over poll released in September by Taveras people that showed Angel with the lead. Good showing by Mayor Alan Fung which sets up a  Ken Block /Fung in a GOP primary . Brown poll.

Follow DePetro.com and listen to John DePetro on WPRO.

Rising star
Ken Block

Neighbors of Thrill killer on edge in Providence

He is in Providence

Living in Providence.

Hood on alert.

Does he want the " thrill" again?

People in the neighborhood of Providence where the " thrill killer" has settled in seem on edge. After serving only 13 years of a 35 year sentence, there is tremendous public outrage. Will he strike again?

We are watching him.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Where is the Thrill Killer?

Where is he?

Serves 13 years of 35-year sentence.

Living in Providence?

Will he kill again?

The man known as the " Thrill killer" has been released and is now living in Providence. Killer on the loose. Should the public know where he is? Follow DePetro.com for the latest.

Home no more

Living in Providence

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas tree controversy in Rhode Island 2013

Sorry, no room for Christmas.

The battle for Christmas 2013.

How will Governor Gump bungle it this year?

Chafee has two more years to deny Christmas.

Is there a Cranston controversy?

Chafee tries to lure veterans to call it " hero" tree.

It the most wonderful time of the year, unless you are "Scrooge" Chafee. Governor Chafee is set to go down as the worst governor in the history of Rhode Island and his legacy will be the " Holiday Tree". Not gay marriage, and not improving the economy. The one thing people will remember about Governor Gump, (with the exceptions of liberal media losers like Scott MacKay), was his insistence on calling a Christmas Tree a " holiday " tree. What will the Gumpster call it this year?  In 2011, John DePetro led a group of 500 carolers who sang " O' Christmas Tree" at the tree lighting ceremony. In 2012, Gump quickly lit the tree with little warning while DePetro was on the radio.One veteran claims the governor is already tying to get around it by calling it a " hero" tree. A flyer went out in Cranston for a " tree lighting" ceremony, but Mayor  Fung claims it was an error and it is a Christmas tree. Follow DePetro.com for the latest on the controversy.

John DePetro on Fox


Gov Gump

John DePetro on Fox

Update: 91-year-old veteran who had hat stolen

Update: he has received his hat back, and medals .

Frank Poli and John DePetro 

Listeners around state follow story of stolen hat.

Frank Poli of Providence.

Served Navy PT 349 in Pacific from 1942-1945.

On Veterans Day , a family member of Frank Poli called John DePetro on a WPRO to tell of her 91 -year-old uncle getting his hat stolen with his medals. Listeners offered to donate to a reward and phone lines lite up at WPRO.  John DePetro promised to get involved to find the hat or have it replaced. Frank Poli had his hat stolen which carried his medals from WWII . Although it does not seem we will get his hat back, we are working to have the hat and medals replaced. Stay tuned for a public ceremony to honor this great man. Follow DePetro.com and listen to a John DePetro on WPRO.