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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Madam accused of pimping 14-year-old girl for sex

Nicole Ferreria

21 year old " madam" accused of pimping out 14- year -old.

Set up to 50 " dates" for her in 30 days.

" Do you want to make money"?

Backpage.com is the place.

Police have gone after the strip clubs but now we learn of a female pimp setting up " sex dates" for a 14 -year -old girl. Teen girl.Police report the story of Nicole Ferreria ,21 of Pawtucket, accused of using the young teen for sex with paying clients from backpage.com. Police need to prosecute the " pimps" in a story like this as much as they go after the strip clubs for having teen dancers. Rhode Island is becoming more and more a wasteland for teens with no future. Teen had clients from Cranston, Providence and Pawtucket.  Follow DePetro.com for latest crime scandal.




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