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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The new progressive teen heartthrob

Many progressive callers to the John DePetro show said they would not have called the police if they found him in the boat. They would have provided him food and water because they " felt so bad" for him. DePetro said he felt bad " he did not bleed to death in the boat".

Progressive / liberal teen heartthrob

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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Good Wife

Feds want to know if she tipped off hubby bomber

 Was Katherine Russell Tsarnaev an accomplice? FBI looking into if she made any purchases regarding the bombs and did she call her husband to tell him he was a wanted man?
So far, the attorneys for the wife of the bomber claim she is cooperating, yet there is no confirmation of that from the FBI. One member of law enforcement told John DePetro that they feel there is much she can share with investigators.

What did she know?

Picture of media outside home . Must credit John DePetro

Projo: police had lockdown in Providence

FBI spoke with family of missing Brown student

John DePetro is only media member with pictures of campus apartment of the missing Brown student   April 19, when manhunt was active in Boston. Picture seems to be that of Brown police.

Corner of Brook and Angel street. Must credit DePetro.com.

Projo: Missing Brown student " had become a suspect"

Area around his apartment was on lockdown

John DePetro was only media person with pictures of the lockdown at corner of Angel and Brook street in Providence. Several officers were on the scene, and car seems to be from Brown University police. Pictures were taken April 19, at 5:am.

FBI interviewed family.

Must credit DePetro.com

Bombing suspect put in prison

Marathon victims demanded he be moved

The suspect in the Marathon bombings has already been moved to prison. Plenty of Rhode Islanders have spent time at FT.  Devens and John DePetro of WPRO once interviewed a Plunder Dome prisoner there. 

His new home

Prison patient

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bomber mother

Mother of the year

Will John Edward make contact with bombing victims?

Your chance to speak with him Live on Wednesday morning at 10:am

 John Edward will appear Wednesday morning May 1, from 10:am to 10:30 on the John DePetro radio show, heard weekdays from 9:am till noon on 630am and 99.7 FM WPRO. You can listen on-line at 630WPRO.com and call in tool free 1.800.321.9776.  He will be taking calls if you want to make contact with a loved one who has passed on. Learn more about him here...

He will be in Boston July 18, 2013 

In Providence July 21,2013 

Coulter attacks bomber wife from North Kingstown

Ann Coulter went after Katherine Russell of North Kingstown last night on Fox News channel. Still no word if Russell has actually spoken to the FBI regarding the bombing.Watch Ann Coulter here go after Katherine Tsaarnaev...

Was the mother of the bombers involved?

Claims boys were framed

 The mother of the terrorist lashed out today saying it was " paint " and not blood at scene of bombing.  Should she be brought back to answer questions? 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Should the FBI charge the bombers widow?

What did she know? What did she see? Is she in danger?  The FBI is still silent when it comes to bombing widow Katherine Russell and whether she is helping them on investigation.  Mrs. Tsarnaev  could have information on the possibility of a terror cell and whether her husband was involved in a triple murder on the ten year anniversary of 9/11. It remains unknown if she ever contacted the FBI once her husbands photo was released.  It also remains unknown when was the last time she spoke to Tamerlan. She remains living with her parents in North Kingstown Rhode Island.

Wife of Bomber arrested for shoplifting

All in the family, arrested like bombers mother

According to the Daily Mail, the women of the bombers are not fond of paying retail, or at all.Welfare and shoplifting for the cause

Name of the boat was the Slipaway II

Suspect # 2 was hiding in the Slipaway II

According to the Boston Globe, name of the boat was the Slipaway II, but there would be no Slipaway for Dzhokhor Tsarnaev ,suspect 2 in the white hat.

Islamic extremist threaten boycott of DePetro.com

As you will read, the Muslim extremist are attempting to shut down this site.

Please make your donation today. Information is displayed on the side of this page. The truth must come out about the bombings. Do not let them win. 

Is Rhode Island boring?

Rhode Island gets ranked most boring state

Where is Misha?

Is the leader of terror cell free?

Where is the man known as Misha? Is the leader of terror cell still out there?

Bomber bum. Did we pay for the bombs?

Terrorist fraud bomber was on welfare

Weekend retreat home

Should the bombing suspect be tortured for information?

Is it time to bring in the dream team?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Who was better protecting America?

Who did you feel safer under?

Terrorist family insist they were framed

Old terror hag claims they are " good boys"

Birds of a Chechen feather, bomb together. The family of the bombing brothers Tsarnaev claim they are innocent boys set up by the FBI.
Aunt of Bombers

"My brother made me do it"

Dzhokhar claims he was forced to kill

The suspect being held in the Boston Marathon bombings claimed his terrorist brother made him do it.  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has told investigators he was just along for the ride as the brothers bombed and killed. He could face the death penalty.

Should the bombing widow get immunity?

Depends on who you talk to. Is Katherine Tsarnaev of North Kingstown assisting the FBI or holding out for immunity? Conflicting reports as her attorney says she is assisting, but has not spoken?
Sign language?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Should he get death?

No death penalty in Massachusetts 

 Will the Boston bomber get the death penalty? The debate begins...http://www.cnn.com/2013/04/22/us/boston-legal-case/

Media circus outside home of bomber's widow

 "Islama Mama lawyers up

Found out by watching TV


The media has arrived in North Kingstown, as Katherine Russell hides out at her parents home with her daughter Zahara.  The lawyer for Mrs. Tsarnaev told reporters she found out her husband was a suspect by watching the news.


Wife of terrorist bomber

Did she know? Did she suspect anything? Will she talk?

Warning: graphic photos of dead bomber

Was he planning more attacks? Did his brother run him over?

FBI want to speak with wife of bomber

Feds want to speak with wife of dead bomber in North Kingstown

 Heavy activity in North Kingston last night as the FBI continues attempts to speak with Katherine Russell , the widow of the dead Boston bombing terrorist. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013