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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Owner of Superman building only wants $75 million

Speaker Fox pretends to be against it.

P. T. Barnum was right and the suckers are those backing the deal involving 111 Westminster . We could pump $150 million into a 100 year old building worth $15 million, or John DePetro said" we could just burn the money at Water Fire. " Read and weep.They love to play with tax payer money.

Owner of  Superman building

$150 million into this?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Terrorist mentor found living in West Warwick

Misha is found in West Warwick

 The FBI has made Rhode Island ground zero for terrorist activity in the United States. Feds now believe the lead bomber was involved with other killings.  John DePetro reports the FBI have been seen investigating "Misha" in West Warwick.

Female DNA found on bombs..

Did Katherine help carry out the attack?

Trouble brewing in North Kingstown as the FBI grab items out of Russell house. John DePetro reported the FBI have many questions for the wife of the bomber.

Was she involved?

Rhode Island becomes the Terrorist State

Tourism is up among FBI agents and Terrorist

Rhode Island tourism has rolled out their spring campaign: Terrorism. Look at the nice headline in the LA Times. John DePetro said " Governor Chafee wanted to roll out the red carpet to everyone and it looks like it is working. Terrorist and illegals are flocking to Rhode Island."

Misha must run the" Knowledge District"

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is the terrorist mastermind living in Rhode Island?

FBI find " Misha" living in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has become the hotbed of activity for the terrorist surrounding the Boston bombing. The wife lives in North Kingstown and now it looks like the mentor lives in the 401. Good thing Governor Gump is not asleep at the switch. John DePetro said " most people are leaving the state but it seems illegals and terrorist seem to like it here under Governor Gump". 
Rhode Island has become the state of bombs,single moms and morons.

Passed terrorist necaps


Atheists take over roads in Cranston

No churches allowed on atheist road ?

They have struck again. First attacking John DePetro, now taking over roads.

Attacking John DePetro for defending Christmas

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How to build a bomb in the kitchen with your terrorist mom

New details emerges on the recipe for terror.
Must be an old family recipe

Bombers mother

Dinner for Wally,Ward and the Beaver

As one caller said on the John DePetro show, the bombers mother is a far cry from "June Cleaver".

America 2013

Will Caprio be the comeback kid?

Frank Caprio floats the idea of returning to Smith Hill

Former General Treasurer Frank Caprio floats the idea of jumping back into the game after a tough loss for governor in 2010. Is it a smart move? All top leaders have lost once, (Bush,Clinton,Gore,Sundlun,Reagan), and the feeling is it makes them stronger the next time. Caprio has a chance to swing right back into the scene and put the Obama incident behind him.

Ready to hit the ground

Frank Caprio with the other " Comeback kid"