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Saturday, May 11, 2013

New mug shot of illegal ...

Gov.  Chafee announces more minority hiring

John DePetro announced on Friday, Governor Gump plans to begin hiring more Latino workers to his staff to get ready for 2014. The governor promised Illegal aliens drivers licenses in exchange for their votes. How do they vote?

Illegal alien 

John DePetro

Sanctuary state

Friday, May 10, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The atheist girls next door

Will Cranston atheist do playboy spread?


 Room for more
Jessica Ahlquist of Cranston continues on her money making non-believer tour and gets set to grab $5 grand from Hef on the west coast. Will Hef convince her to do a photo spread for Playboy? John DePetro came under fire for saying the child atheist would make money with the help of the ACLU.

A banner day in Cranston

Evil little thing

Cranston Atheist : "Cranston bigots "

Plans to change national Motto

Money talks

Change National motto?

Banner =$

Ahlquist court documents" I don't like Catholics"

Cranston Atheists ready to party at Playboy mansion

Ahlquist " Catholics are selfish"

The Cranston teen Atheist Jessica Ahlquist is getting ready for her big trip to collect $5,000 from Hugh Hefner. Her court documents and tweets paint an interesting picture. Bring on the cash and the playmates..
Fun awaits 

Fun on twitter

Ready for Playboy
Court documents 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Governor Gump defends the illegal who killed 6 yr old boy

Gov Chafee " I don't know any details but there is no connection".

Stay here and drive ...

6 yr old Derrick Johnson

Illegal aliens kills 6 year old boy in Providence

Translator needed to explain his rights

Governor Gump needs to hold off on giving illegals drivers licenses.  A young American life is taken by an invader. John DePetro has protested Governor Chafee for cutting a deal to get votes in exchange for giving an illegal a drivers license . The illegals threaten they will not vote for Chafee unless they are given a Rhode Island drivers license. What is wrong with this picture? How are they voting? Read and weep...Why was he driving? Why is he here?

6 yr old Derrick Johnson

We love Rhode Island

Family of boy killed by illegal: " we blame Chafee"

Family claims illegal ran over 6 year old Derrick Jackson 

The Family of 6 year old Derrick Johnson claim the illegal alien who ran over Derrick Sunday night ran him over twice and then kept going. His aunt tells DePetro.com " I blame Governor Chafee for allowing these people in our country with no drivers license. Where is the city? Why did he have a license? He was supposed to be deported.." Listen Wednesday morning as they go in studio with John DePetro and describe what happened.

Killed by an illegal alien 
We are all Americans

Ordered deported 2010

Gov Gump promising Drivers licenses to illegals

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Exclusive: mugshot of illegal who killed 6 yr old boy

How did illegal alien Andreas Morales get a RI Drivers License?

Death in the sanctuary city

Why was he not deported in 2010?

The family of 6 year old Derrick Johnson tell John DePetro they have not heard from anyone at Providence City Hall or from Governor Chafee's office. The family will be in studio with John DePetro Wednesday morning on WPRO. Governor Chafee still defends his position of granting a drivers license.

Why was he here?

Oh God...Cranston Atheist headed to Playboy Mansion

Naked little thing..child atheist to get $5000 from Hef...

It pays not to believe. As John DePetro predicted, Jessica Ahlquist, the Cranston teen who has continued to rake in the cash by saying she was " offended" by the Cranston West prayer banner , is heading to the Playboy mansion to collect a check for $5 grand. Nude is ok. God is not. Story here...
What about a nude prayer?

In Hef we trust..

Money talks

Monday, May 6, 2013

Projo writes about Odeum show

Call the box office 885.4000


This Wednesday night May 8, at 7:pm

John DePetro will be your host.
After party is  8:30 at Besos

Sunday, May 5, 2013