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Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Rhode Island connection

What does  Senator Whitehouse know about scandals?

In for a penny, in for a pound...

What did he know?

The Rhode Island connections to team Obama are well known and documented.  President Obama and Eric Holder consider Governor Chafee and Senator Sheldon as comrades and allies. As John DePetro points out, all men share a deep hatred of the Tea Party and act like they are above the law.
Sheldon has made it very clear to President Obama he expects to be appointed to the Supreme Court, and Gov Gump has offered up Rhode Island to Obama has a testing ground for their progressive agenda. 
No rules

Sheldon and his war on the Tea party

Birds of a feather 

Sheldon's war on Americans ...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Whitehouse attacks the Tea Party

Sheldon comes out swinging. As JohnDePetro reported, while most condemned the actions of the IRS, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse attacked the conservatives.

Knocks the Tea Party

The senator makes an amazing statement...Still hoping for Obama favor,

John DePetro speaking at Tea Party rally

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cranston atheists gets ready to party at Playboy mansion

Ohhhh God..sounds like a big night ahead for Cranston girl

A banner night awaits


$5 k from Hef

DePetro gets more great press from Odeum shows

John DePetro 
Reviews are in and it was a big night for WPRO radio host John DePetro. DePetro continues to receive great press from his first of 3 nights at the Greenwich Odeum in East Greenwich.

Greenwich Odeum 

Hail to the thief

Joey Mont. tries to grab a judgeship

" I want $175k" a year..

 Former Senate President Joseph Montalbano comes back to collect on some old favors by going for his promised Judgeship. John DePetro says,"Montalbano is everything wrong with " insider" dealings in Rhode Island and had to pay $ 12 grand to get rid of a shakedown he was involved with ( casino) He felt an obligation to grab every dime in sight.. Montalbano was knocked out of office by Senator Ed O' Neil , because Joey was a transparent crook.  As Senate President, Montalbano would put the heat on each city and town to use his law firm for a title search.  Montalbano was the ultimate conflict of interest and him getting a judgeship would be everything wrong with the state .

Next judge at $175k?

The right address 

Mayor " white shoes" Sal
Den of thieves