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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The liberal experiment on RIPBS

Hosted by the liberal manikin Cicilline ice queen

No better example than the liberal bias in the Rhode Island media than the " liberal experiment" on ch 36. A complete waste of tax dollars spent on defending Chafee, Cicilline, Obama and their ilk.

The manikin


Myrth York in drag?

Scott "All you can eat buffet" MacKay
Mayor " Mc-chin" of NPR

Rhode Island liberal media bias?

Unbiased debate moderator

Is the TV news political coverage fair? Is it balanced?

Unbiased Bill


Rhode Island liberal media

The Providence plagiarist 

 Proud member of the local biased media that works for a paper filled with phone sex ads and strip clubs.

Looking good Rudy..healthy living..

Teeth from Roger Williams ,our founder

Comrade Kerr

The face of the liberal media

Bob Kerr providence journal

Friday, May 24, 2013

DePetro is the local franchise

The words of the liberal press on John DePetro
John DePetro with Claudia Jordan

John DePetro of WPRO

John DePetro on Fox
John DePetro radio

The Ocean State standard

Comrade Kerr said it best

The John DePetro show is simply the best talk  show around. Period. Even the liberal press agrees with that. Still the original and still the best.

John DePetro with miss Universe

John DePetro on Fox

John DePetro and Viola Davis 

Comrade Kerr attacks DePetro over illegals and terrorists...

" he is the local franchise"

" he is the Ocean state standard"

Comrade Bob Kerr from the Projo is attacking John DePetro for comments made about the Boston bomber and an illegal alien who killed a six year old boy.

Defends terrorist and illegals 

Driver of car was illegal

John DePetro

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Exclusive: Rally to support Gist being planned

Will teachers be afraid to attend due to union thugs?

Listen to John DePetro for all the details....

Education moving forward=success

Education going backwards=fail

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sheldon blames GOP for twister...

Senator Whitehouse becomes national disgrace

Radio talk show host John DePetro wasted no time and alerting his listeners that Rhode Island had suffered yet another black eye. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse became a national embarrassment with his crazed rant blaming the republicans for the death and destruction. Sheldon became Patrick Kennedy of the senate...

The GOP killed those people

John DePetro speaks out 

Owner of Superman building blames DePetro for delay

Owner wants $75 million and blames Talk radio

The thin skinned owners of the " superman building " have now said the public has been soured on the project by "talk radio". John DePetro has been the most vocal in opposition to a project that has the Gordon Fox campaign team collecting thousands and running the scam.

" vilified"

Money pit

Place your bet Mr. speaker

John DePetro

Does Chafee support Gist?

Does Gov Gump really want Gist to stay?

We know Eva Mancuso want Education Commissioner Gist to stay, but where is the vocal support from Chafee? John DePetro questions why he is not more vocal.

Who would Gov Chafee want as Education Commish?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Liberal media continue attacks on DePetro

How do you define" not to far"?

Bomber should have been buried at landfill 

Politifact bias against DePetro exposed

Politifact slammed for Bias...

Liberal media exposed...

Senate President Paiva Weed denies rumors

Projo picks up on rumor she is leaving for the bench

 Rumors were flying last week and depetro.com was first to report that Senate President Paiva Weed is ready to leave Smith street, wait one year, then jump on the bench as a judge.  John DePetro said " I have yet to see a situation where they come out and say yes it is all true".

The rumor that will not go away