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Saturday, June 1, 2013

All quiet at home of bombers widow in North Kingstown

Media is gone and so is FBI

A very quiet Saturday in North Kingstown at the home of Katherine Russell, wife of Boston Terrorist bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev . As the pictures below tell the story, the media as left as well as the FBI agents who had been stationed outside the home. Does this mean she is working with the Feds?
This pictures were taken June 1,2013 by DePetro.com.

No media on the street(DePetro.com)

Front of house(DePetro.com)

FBI always parked here.. Now gone .(DePetro.com)
The widow Of the bomber
The bomber brothers

DePetro live series a success

Live at the Odeum continues to be a success ...

Final spring show coming June 5

John DePetro

John DePetro Live at the Odeum

John DePetro of WPRO

Democrat Governor of the welfare state

No matter what party, with Gump it is a welfare party

John DePetro has talked about the governor with low approval ratings in the media still in love with him. Rhode Island still has the highest unemployment in New England and one of the highest in the nation. When the first of the month arrives, it is party time in the Ocean state.
King of the welfare state

Welcome to Rhode Island

Chafee voters

First of the month arrives in Rhode Island

Crowds gather before midnight

As John DePetro predicted, large crowds turned out to " cash in" their government assistance.

Let the party begin

June 1, arrives

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gump in bed with dems

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 The governor who likes to vacation in Maine and brought same-sex marriage to Rhode Island is the New Democrat Governor Chafee. Will he gain support from restaurant owners,gyms,hair salon owners,pet owners, and everyone else he has tried to tax? Will he have support from Massachusetts, Connecticut,  Maine ,Vermont , and other governors? 


I am in charge

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gump becomes a democrat

Former GOP Senator becomes Independent Governor now a democrat

Governor Gump makes the final transformation and announces he is a liberal democrat at heart. The Chafee move is not a bad one and is being celebrated by his hero The comrade and chief....
What does all this mean? Somehow, John DePetro thinks Deb Gist is now staying. Gist has friends in high places in D.C., and Gump knows that. The unions and labor will be irate, but what are they to do? Chafee likes his chances in a 3-way primary between Raimondo and Mayor Taveras. If Chafee remained Independent, labor would go to Taveras since they hate Gina so much. Now if Chafee wins the primary, he gets the unions despite Gist staying. The primary cost just went up with Chafee and Raimondo prepared to spend whatever it takes. Raimondo felt she could destroy Angel and outspend him, but Gov. Chafee is not to be taken lightly, since he is the first Democrat Governor since Bruce in 1994. Announcing now gives Chafee a full year to get the party comfortable with him, and put pressure Gina and Angel to drop out. Angel will be hurt the most by Chafee in terms of fundraising and there will be pressure for Angel to remain in city hall. Gump is smart to have a friend like Obama in his corner, who will help rally support among the democrat party. Team Chafee likes his chances in a race against Fung and Block. We could be in for four more years of Governor Gump.

Birds of a feather

Give me a license and I vote Chafee

Get ready for first of the month in Woonsocket

Black Friday becomes super Saturday 

First of the month

Something wrong with this picture

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flashback : Comrade Kerr defended teen drinking

Kerr first wrote teen drinking was not a big story

Kerr switched and admitted teen drinking was a big deal

Comrade Bob Kerr of the Providence Journal wrote a column last summer where he defended the underage drinking party held by the son of Governor Gump. To Kerr it was " silly" for people to be concerned a young girl passed out and was tossed from the Chafee property like used " trash". John DePetro blasted Kerr on the radio for such an irresponsible attitude involving teen drinking and driving. Kerr than turned on a dime when the son of  Senator Whitehouse was hit with a DUI, claiming " their luck" had run out. Luck? Kerr has a pattern of mocking anyone who listens to talk radio and disagree's with his view point. Much like his hero John Kerry, he flip flops on all topics.

celeb Gump defended by the comrade

Kerr defends teen drinking 
Kerr defends underage drinking

Kerr switches back condemning teen drinking

comrade Kerr  switches to " teen drinking is a problem"

Union cancels mock Gist funeral

Gist had surgery for brain tumor in September ...

The apology

The pawns 

The heart and soul of education reform 
A planned effort to hold a " mock funeral " for Education Commish Deb Gist has been cancelled after a talk radio explosion on the John DePetro show. DePetro blasted the union and students for two hours after receiving word they had planned a mock funeral and candlelight vigil to celebrate " the death" of Deb Gist. DePetro reminded listeners Gist was diagnosed with a brain tumor last July and had the tumor removed in September.  Student organizers quickly backed down and issued an apology within 2 hours of DePetro show. The battle goes on.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

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