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Saturday, June 15, 2013

DePetro gets industry press in NYC

Top broadcasting publication refers to him as "Talk Star"

John DePetro had quite a week after forcing the resignation of a top union official and then gets press from Talkers magazine. Follow DePetro.com for the latest on political scandals.

John DePetro talkers magazine Miss Universe
John DePetro WPRO radio
John DePetro Talk star

John DePetro radio

Is Providence safe?

City becomes " Wild West "with shootings

Illegals run amuck   on the roads

Drugs, guns, and illegals oh my

John DePetro lead a discussion this week on how more and more people are afraid to go out at night in the city of Providence. Follow more here on DePetro.com.

Downtown Providence

Illegals out of control 
Where is Superman?

Exclusive: illegal who killed little boy deported , no charges

Will there ever be justice for Derrick Johnson?

Illegal stayed in the " sanctuary state" of Rhode Island

No comment from Chafee

6 yr old Derrick Johnson

Illegal who hit Derrick

Gov Gump wants them to get drivers lincense 

RIP little  Angel

Winners and Losers of the week

Loser: Bob Walsh of NEARI

Winner : John DePetro who forced goon to resign

Loser: the goon who resigned from NEARI

Winner: Gina Raimondo who is going after pension fraud
Loser: (rare photo without shades) the liberal media

Loser: he represented teachers. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Will this man replace Lou Rainone at teachers union?

Do teachers dues pay for booze filled union meetings?

Source: teachers union waited until DePetro finished radio show before announcing Rainone resigning

What teachers union leaders witnessed Friday fight?

Does the teachers union have an image problem?

Do they pay for drinks with " union bucks"?
Notice words " mobs".

Walsh under fire at teachers union

Teachers demand answers on how union dues are spent

Protest was a waste as Gist stays

Teachers upset over " thug" image of Lou Rainone arrest

Bob Walsh the executive director of Teachers union

Would Miss Beadle want to be a member of this thug group?

Hey, ho, Lou the thug had to go... Hey ho...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Teachers Union brawl happened at Union "meeting"?

Are teachers dues used for booze?

How much was spent at union " meeting"?

DePetro radio show forces union thug to resign

Union meeting at a bar at 2:30pm?

Flashback : Lou the enforcer

Should Walsh resign?

The liberal media war on Gist

Will they continue media attacks to support the union?

Gov Gump is their leader

Why are these " men" afraid of Gist and Raimondo?

Chafee favorite NPR progressive

Is there room for him in new Projo?

Providence plagiarist 

Worked for Myrth York 

Lou " the goon" Rainone resigns from NEARI

DePetro pummels "the goon" on radio until he resigns

Are Walsh and Crowley next?

Lou Rainone resigns from NEARI

Is Bob Walsh next to go?

Mugshot of Lou the goon

Mugshot and police report on teachers union official

Lou " the goon" Rainone arrested

Mugshot of NEARI secretary

Union calls Gist " a bully"

Mugshot NEARI official

Police report

Bob Walsh needs to resign at NEARI

Time for teachers to speak up

It is time for Bob Walsh to resign as Executive Director at NEARI. He is a divisive leader who has caused chaos in the schools with a plan of failed leadership. His actions at the board meeting last week and his insults at Deborah Gist are a disgrace. Once again ,one of his goons are in trouble with the law, involved with more thug behavior. Gist is staying. Walsh is the one who needs to leave. Listen to John DePetro and follow DePetro.com as the teachers will be given a voice in removing Bob Walsh. The teachers deserve much better than Bob Walsh.

Time for Bob Walsh to resign from NEARI

This is leadership? 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Teachers Union secretary arrested in bar brawl

NEARI  says he was " not on the clock"at 2:pm on Friday in a bar

How is Lou Rainone secretary of the teachers union?

Punches thrown day after Gist vote but not at 7 Moons against a cop

Is this what Walsh meant by " fight" and " not backdown"?

Breaking " knee caps" or Necaps

Teachers union Lou  Rainone holding his sign like a chimp

Will the liberal media protect the union thugs?

Teachers union goon arrested for assault

Can Walsh save his favorite thug Lou?

The secretary of  the teachers union ,NEARI Lou Rainone, was arrested after police say he assaulted a man at a bar in East Greenwich. John DePetro has said Bob Walsh must remove this goon who acts as an enforcer for the union. This is the face of the man who represents teachers?

Lou Rainone:Does he represent the face of teachers in Rhode Island?

Bob Walsh NEARI 

NEARI features Rainone on the website

Is this the Rhode Island democrat party 2013?

Gump is the new leader...

Dump Gov Gump

Why is the state losing population?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dyana Koelsch and the " liberal experiment"

Who are clients of Dyana Koelsch? Is there a conflict?

Dyana Koelsch, the progressive liberal democrat host of RIPBS " Lively Experiment" has her own company, DK communications. So who are the clients, and how much do they pay her? In August 2010, Koelsch was forced to leave the Cicilline campaign after John DePetro exposed she was trying to host the TV show and collect money from Cicilline. RIPBS receives millions in both state and federal funds. Is it a conflict if Koelsch is receiving money for her company that is either state money or federal money? What does WGBH think of this? Should she disclose on TV if she is discussing a client her firm receives money from? Follow DePetro.com for more.


Who are DK clients?

You pay for this propaganda