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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Winners and Losers Part II

A weekly feature on DePetro.com

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Winner: strip clubs in Providence: business up due to Hernandez publicity

Loser: Gordon Fox and his joke budget

Winner: her thug BF remains locked up

Loser: any more gang members getting drafted?

Winners and Losers of the week

Weekly feature on DePetro.com

Winner :Justin Bieber: this is his  new gf

Loser : Rep Tanzi and the budget

Loser: star witness unable to read at Zimmerman trial

Winner: arresting thug Hernandez 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Aaron Hernandez and his gang colors

Guess what color the " Bristol Bloods" always display?

At home
In court

At the club

Shorts getting arrested

Even the baby

Right hand tat

3 fingers for the crown of the king

College days 

Seems to be .....red?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thug life

Cops knew Hernandez was connected to Latin Kings

The question John DePetro asked is how did the Patriots not know #81 was a gang thug who loved guns and weed? 

Lock him up

19 in this college pix

Notice the gang signal 

Rhode Island the crime Capitol

RI registration

Car rentals are up.. Among killers.

Weekend retreat for Boston bombers.

Rhode Island has become a special place, for those looking to commit crime. Who knew the state was the number one choice for gang members looking to rent cars to commit murder. 

Liked RI for cars and clubs

Weekends in NK

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hernandez loved the strip club scene

No clubs for now

Patriots troubled tight end Aaron Hernandez  was well known to frequent some of the various strip clubs in the Providence area. It was first reported here that police were trying to obtain video from the clubs to determine who Hernandez was with while he was at the clubs. Several dancers have said he was unpleasant and rude to many  of the girls working in the clubs.

15 mins from Home

Dancers love the patriots

No locker room for him

Governor Gump and his band of chumps

No urgency as clock ticks down on state

Chafee left out of all talks on budget

Fox goes for gold on Superman scam

He is serving bs to all
Rhode Island still leads New England in unemployment, yet nothing is done.
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Den of thieves

The rules remain that everything is a deal,.

Fox the Most selfish crook in the state

We will now own this money pit dump.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Is this the Patriot way?

Hernandez liked clubs in Providence

The clubs were unsure of his posse

23 and livin large

Who is this?

Are things really OK?

What do they know?

Is this the face of a killer?

Aaron Hernandez 

Thug or NFL star?

Where is the gun?

Thug 1 and thug 2

Who were 2 friends in driveway?

It has been a week since the murder of Odin Lloyd and team  Hernandez remain silent as to who killed him and left his body less than a mile from the Hernandez crib. Who killed him? Why? Where is the gun? Were there drugs involved?

Running will not help you

Shopping spree of evidence