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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Winners and losers of the past week

Loser: total greed in the budget
Winner: all those selling fireworks in RI

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Loser: the 6 reps on the East Bay

Friday, July 5, 2013

East bay reps outfoxed by the Fox

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They are still laughing about it

Reps told people tolls were gone

Speaker laughs as tolls are passed.

38 Studios?

PT Barnum was right

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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The list of trolls who voted for the tolls

Shameful night on Smith Hill

Fox puts "knife in back" on East Bay residents

Who would pay .10 cent toll?

East bay residents at the tolls
The 40 trolls for the tolls

Message from gov Chafee

I keep my word...sometimes..

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Whoa...Welfare lap dances in Rhode Island strip clubs?

Why are EBT cards accepted at strip clubs?

Foodstamps accepted at strip club buffets?

As DePetro.com as reported, Rhode Island continues to allow the welfare crowd to use there EBT cards at strip clubs, gun shops and casino's. What is the point? Liberal,poverty enablers argue the people have no right to tell them how to spend the money whether it be on food or vacation. Cell phones? Why not. John DePetro is only media member to speak out against this abuse.

Should welfare money be used at clubs?
Welfare money?

Party first of the month

Good job if you can get it

Rhode Island liberal biased media

No local coverage on abuse of EBT cards

DePetro.com alone in coverage of welfare abuse

Local media gives illegals a pass

There should be restrictions on casino's,gun shops, wine,beer,cruise ships, and vacations. What other places allow this? Las Vegas? Boston? New York? Should they be used for golf or tennis? Broadway shows? Gyms and coffee shops? EBT cards for online dating sites? Movies? Sporting events? Where does it end? The local media allows it and ignores it.

Used in strip clubs?

Attacks from the Projo
The most biased media NPR Chafee lover

Local reps yawn over the abuse

Monday, July 1, 2013

Aaron Hernandez partied on Thayer st. near Brown University

Always plenty of weed on East side

High times in New England 

Ivy League  and the thug 
Women love the bad boy 
Not a farm but a party crib

Aaron Hernandez was living a thug life

The gangsta tight end

Dancer in red

Hate me now

Rolling like a pimp

Street cred
Ready for action

Kraft dizzle

The homie team

Most powerful man in the state and the money grab

Fox rules:

Everything is a deal, no deal too small.

Never speak when you can nod.

Never nod when you can wink.

Stuff your pockets

Time to earn

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Christmas in July as first of month arrives

Party time from Westerly to Woonsocket 

Should fireworks be bought with EBT  cards?

Welfare residents stock up on booze for July 4

Should EBT cards be accepted in strip clubs?

Time to celebrate

EBT at strip clubs?

This is wrong.

Ready, set, go

How did Patriots not know?

Many "red" flags 

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The questions are many as to when the Patriots got information regarding the activity of Aaron Hernandez . It seems like it was the worst kept secret in Foxboro that he was still just a street thug gang member. Critics will have a field day with questions over how much they knew. The story will get worse Did they know he was a gang member? Last July it is possible Aaron Hernandez was involved with a double murder, yet he was rewarded in August  andKraft even mentions the tats.

He has that killer instinct 

Is that a gang signal?

He must have loved the throwback Red Jersey

Winners and Losers Part III

Weekly feature on DePetro.com

Loser: should have stayed at PC
Winner: RI car rental business. Who knew?
Loser: nice budget?

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Winner is Joe Trillo: true leader for the people

Loser: make yourself at home