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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Flashback : Taricani gave up Joe Bev as source by " accident"

Chance encounter? In Rhode Island?

As much as the local media ignore it, it took a Boston paper to point out the truth .It was just Dennis and Jim.

"Happen to run " into FBI agent

The smudge

Rhode Island TV news

How low can you go?

Rock throwing to bear tips

Flashback : " Love in the Rectory and turkey bones in acid"

What has happened to local TV news? How did a CH 6 story end up at the lead on CH 10?

Is Julie Tremmel the new Wave?

The final nail in the coffin

The rock thrower

Ch 12 and the turkey leg

No longer on I-Team

Tariconi points finger at CH 10

Tariconi " bears" down on CH 10

Station " bears" responsibility 

Tariconi claims Trammel bear stunt planned

Controversy at " Team you Trust"

WJAR reporter Jim Tariconi lashed out at reporter Julie Tremmel and CH 10 management on Face book saying the reporter did the " bear " story with intent to gain attention . Tariconi states Julie Tremmel " told people in the newsroom" of her intent on the report.
The report has been mocked and gone virile. The video. John DePetro was first to talk about the report. Follow the latest on DePetro.com.

" what she told people"
Team you trust

Shhh..it was planned
Shark tips should be good

Ch 10 Bears it all

Today show mocks NBC 10 over Bear story

Reporter does story as mime..it takes off

New ch 10 reporter
Team you trust
Where is girl in white pants?

One way to get national press coverage. Nice job Lanni.

The night team

Friday, July 12, 2013

SharkNado hits Bryant

Machtley screams extortion of Bryant

Unions sharks want their " piece of the pie"

Chafee continues revenge on GOP

Look out Ron

Union HQ
 Bryant University has grown tremendously under President Ron Machtley and now the unions want in on the action. Make no mistake this is a first class " shakedown" by the powerful unions who control Smith hill and have their pawns doing the dirty work. Machtley has grown Bryant and has tried to stay out of the political scene. The unions see more building going forward at Bryant and are using the town officials to shake him down. Chafee uses the opportunity to score points with the unions, and stick it to yet another former republican . Time to pay. Listen to John DePetro and follow DePetro.com.

Need more protection

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Murder mystery: who shot and killed Aynis?

Murder of 12 year old girl

Still no arrest?

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Still no arrest in the murder of a 12 year old girl. Who killed her?Who would kill a young girl?


Are children safe in Providence?

Somebody knows who did it.

City on edge...

Hernandez high times with the Patriots

Cops reveal more info on the thug

" NFL " star and gangsta

53 guys on the Patriots but Aaron Hernandez hung out with his crew of thugs from Conneticut . His new " friend" in Boston was a known drug dealer( according to Hernandez girl).  A secret " flophouse", rental cars, drug scales,guns and hitting the clubs with known dirtbags. Hernandez liked to be the " man" where he was the leader of his crew , who he could order " get up here" and they jumped. Carlos Ortiz was a homeless, dirtbag, petty thief who would do anything to belong. Wallace was a known " feared" guy who had done time and could handle a gun. It was not enough to be " the man" in the club. Hernandez liked feeling of being most " feared " guy in the club. Guns and drugs.
Strip clubs in Providence


Why all the rentals?


Boston bomber groupies mob courthouse

Free the lion is the chant

The new terrorist heart throb

Crowd cheers for bomber

In a disgusting display outside the Boston court house, females wore special t-shirts and cheered on the Boston Bomber suspect. " Oh my God, there he is" shouted one teen as the car went by with the terrorist inside. One girl said she wished she could haven" found him in the boat" and would have kept him safe from the police. Girls cheered and squealed every time it seemed they may get a glimpse of him. Follow DePetro.com for the latest. John DePetro will have several of the " bomber fans" on his radio show .

Boston bomber

Supporters of the terrorist

Omg..he is so terrorist hot...

Free the lion

Terrorist love boat

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Aaron Hernandez world of guns and drugs

Hernandez loved guns

Traveled with heavy fire power

More damaging evidence released in the investigation surrounding the murder of Olin Lloyd involving Aaron Hernandez.  The " Bristol bloods" were always out ready for action And keep police busy.

Slammed door on cops

He had one of these?

.45 glock used to kill Lloyd

Always be careful when they stop the car

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Friends of Aaron Hernandez

Seen with gun Friday night June 14 at Rmor

I was " duped"

23 year old NFL star hangs out with dirt

Never hung with team members

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Angry Bo

All aboard as Rhode Island becomes the "Toll" state

Gump has no worries as people forced to pay

How unfriendly to business can it get?


Add the tolls

Liberal progressives on Smith Hill