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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Will there be a rematch of 2010?

Can Gump be knocked down?

25% approval rating.

Can Gump survive?

Team Obama wants 4 more Chafee years.
Gov Robitalle 2014?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Welcome to Providence

Residents complain things are getting worse.

No response from City Hall.

Is this a success story?

Not all residents live on the East Side and get to enjoy dining out and buying new furniture . Some of the furniture is dumped next door. 
Parking is still a problem and the city has a crime and rat problem.

Felix ave.

Welcome to the hood

Is it time for Mayor Chris Young?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fightclub: Can Gump beat Gina and Angel?

Countdown is on to decide...

The vacation is over. Put away the sail boat. Do hedge funds matter? Who knows more about business and jobs? Is it time for a woman in the top seat?
Money machine

Will he run? Can he win?

Who would win a 3-way race?
Gov Gump

Here comes Johnny

Robi lost by 2 points to Gump..rematch?

GOP primary could be Fung, Robitaille and Block?

Here comes John Robitaille to shake up the race for 2014. " Robi" needed one more week in 2010 and he could have been governor. Will he jump into the race? Story here...
This will be about money and jobs. Who knows more about education,business and moving forward. Can Rhode Island compete with Massachusetts? Who can do more to help the Ocean state?

Strong candidate for GOP

Is Fung ready for prime time?

Who would you vote for?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Fun and games for Gump

Work hard, play hard?

When does he get serious?

When does he work?


Gay marriage done. Now what ?

Buried in the backyard

State image campaign?

Image of unemployment,high taxes,unions.

Did Gov Chafee request image campaign?

 Lipstick on a pig. The best way to describe the new " image" campaign is foolish and unproductive.  The state has the highest unemployment in New England and one of the highest in the nation. Rhody continues to be unfriendly to business, too heavy government, and has the worst governor in the country.  Nothing changes if nothing changes. If only it were that easy.
For all to see

The backyard is the problem

Should we all wear " win" buttons

The real slogan