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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Welcome to Gump Island

No respect

Quality of life in Rhode Island declining

When will things turn around ? High taxes, declining property values, tolls, and loss of quality of life.  Will the people give Gump four more years? Follow DePetro.com and listen to John DePetro on 99.7 FM.

Four more years of Chafee?

Third highest jobless rate in nation

Rhode Island grabs the bronze in unemployment for July

Where are the jobs?

How low can we go? Nevada gets the gold, Illinois takes the silver and Rhody grabs the bronze Read stats here. Should we demand a recount?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fire Chief outgoing "sickening" pay

8.7 million in overtime?

$100 grand for not getting sick

" interim " chief pulls in $98k a year

Providence has highest commercial taxes in USA

Where else can you grab close to $ 100,000 on your way out the door for not getting sick? Rhode Island has third highest unemployment in the country but you would never know it by the way things are still done in Providence. How much in " unused" vacation pay?  This is obscene .

Is he running for Gov?

Providence will become the next " Detroit" or " Central Falls".  No city can sustain the insane pensions and obligations as they continue to kill business.

Injury on the job

Safety first

Dropping a dime

The face of the toll

Public gets fired up over toll

Toll gets crowd ready for 2014 elections

Photo from Projo

Listen to John DePetro weekdays on 99.7 FM and follow DePetro.com for the latest on campaign 2014. 
The feeling of many.

The Toll Troll

David Darlington 

Darlington becomes face of the toll protest

FBI making a "Federal case" out of fire

Tolls will be political showdown in 2014

.10 cents

The " toll troll" is the new nickname tagged on Dave Darlington of the RIBTA. The .10 cent tolls placed on the bridge will climb next April 2014, and prove to be a major campaign issue for next year. It is rare in politics to have such a tangible issue to "run against" such as a tax or a toll. This issue is not going away and will be pivotal in the 2014 race. Follow DePetro.com for the latest.

Great sign