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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tribute to Governor Gump

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We were so disappointed to learn Governor Linc Chafee will not seek another term in Rhode Island. He decided while on vacation in Maine he wants to govern but not work for it. He came into office and raised beach fee's, was confused on unemployment, and became the state punch line. No party at the farm this year. 
So long

Illegals are crying

Wrong way 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Miss universe street signs stolen in Edgewood

Now you see it...

Culpo signs stolen Saturday night

Police ask for public help

Will Nick Jonas post a reward?

Miss Universe Oliva Culpo and John DePetro 
What the? Saturday was a great day for Oliva Culpo as Cranston named Albert avenue as now " Oliva Culpo Way" in honor of Miss USA now Miss Universe. Saturday night, vandals struck and stole all three new signs. Cranston police are searching for information and clues.

Will Rhode Island support Obama on Syria?

Will Langevin vote " yes" on Syria?

Will Cicilline stand with the President?

President Obama goes to the mat but is the Rhode Island delegation with him on Syria? Can President Obama count on support from Senator Whitehouse? Senator Reed?
Will our congressmen support a strike on Syria? Listen weekdays to John DePetro on WPRO for the latest on the " showdown in Syria". 
I want love and peace

Mr Jim

Seldom right house 

Will he support the POTUS?