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Friday, September 27, 2013

Is Plain out at NBC 10?

Bob Plain

Has NBC 10 dropped Bumbling Bob due to arrest?

Local atheist scheduled to appear instead of Plain.

Has Plain been dropped from " weedmen" or " wingmen"? Send Rappleye a grief councilor .

Political hack attack

Projo photo of union protesting

Union nightmare :  Governor Raimondo 

Unions protest " women for Gina" event

Union honcho " we must stop this woman".

The Race for 2014 is on and the unions are terrified of the prospect of General Treasurer Gina Raimondo becoming the first female governor in the state. Raimondo has been the  only leader with  guts to take on pension reform and not back down to the unions. The unions will try any trick to try and stop Gina, who is on her way to raising $3 million. Follow the race of 2014 on DePetro.com. It is very surprising to see women protesting against " the woman" that has fought the most for them. Why would these women not support the first female governor? Why were  union men yelling insults at the guest attending? It is sad to see grown women, standing with male union leaders, attack Deb Gist and Gina.

The leader

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

No water for you

No clean water for you

"Boil zone" tempers flare.

Finger pointing continues between health dept. and water .

No water in the ocean state.

When does the water boil nightmare end?  Good thing it was not entire state.

Governor learned of water ban listening to radio

Gov Gump

Gump  first heard of  water ban listening to WPRO.

No boiling or bottled water for governor?

Mrs. Gump learns to boil water.

How unplugged can you be? Sunday was an emergency situation with the Health Department and Kent County water authority  in charge of notifying the public not to drink the water. No planning or preparation lead to mass confusion and our fearless leader left out of the loop. The fact the Governor of the state learned of this by listening to the Patriots post-game show demonstrates the complete incompetence by those in charge.



Patch/Plain cover up?

Bumbling bob the liberal loser Arrested

Compare the stories

Patch policy to edit police logs ?

EG Patch story of 6:23 on Sept 11


Journal story


Plain shame :mugshot

Bob Plain mugshot

Police still waiting for Bob Plain" girlfriend" to surrender.

Liberal loser made 4 phone calls from jail.

Bumbling Bob spent night in clink.

NBC 10 avoids the story.

Two weeks later and still waiting for his " friend" to show up and claim the weed. He claims no big deal? Arrested and spending the night in jail is " no big deal"?

Bob plain arrest report

Wanted : bob plain girlfriend 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welcome to Rhode Island.. Don't drink the water..

Water ban for 4 days

No drinking water for 4 days.

Bad water since Friday, news trickles out Sunday.

September nightmare for Kent County.

It's all in our backyard.

Nice place to live but just don't drink the water.

Welcome to RI

The ocean state

Liberal blogger Bob Plain arrested...again

Bob Plain


Appears 2 days later on NBC 10 as contributor.

Police source " baffled" by CH 10 decision.

Tells police " I am friends with your chief".

" Bumbling Bob" Plain the " liberal loser" was arrested by East Greenwich police on September 11. Getting arrested seems to be a hobby for bum Plain. Plain claims it was " no big deal" the fact he was arrested and spent the night in jail, which is very telling. Just another liberal day. A police source says they were " baffled" when they saw him on NBC 10 being treated like an " expert" after his arrest and night in jail. Did Bill Rappleye of WJAR  ask him about his latest arrest, or night in jail? 
Liberal bill of ch 10

Friends with chief

NBC 10 contributor arrested in Plain sight

The I-team becomes the blind team.

Cited for drug possession.

Poor attitude with police.

Strong odor in car

 arrested on bench warrant .

" strong odor of weed".

Did Rapleye know or ask?

No mention of arrest on team you trust.

Bumbling Bob, the liberal loser ,was arrested by East Greenwich police on September 11. Two days later he filmed " Ten News conference" without any mention of his arrest by NBC 10. Story is here.The fugitive.