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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rep. Costa denies involment with assault rifle raffle

"Nothing do to with"?

Name on application ?

You be the judge. The fundraiser has nothing to do with " the fundraiser"?

The fundraiser is offended.

Offended? It is a fundraiser.

Name and phone number on flyer

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The new Rhode Island Republican gun Party

Join the party and donate.

Family fun and  meet the new candidates.

A chicken in every pot and plenty of ammo.

The GOP takes a shot.

Candidate for LT Gov.?

GOP candidate for state rep?

Family fun

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Vote now : Fung vs. Block in a GOP primary for Governor

Mayor Alan Fung
Ken Block

Vote now: Mayor Alan Fung vs. Ken Block.

Who would win Republican primary?

Vote now.

Rhode Island Rifle raffle republican disaster

Fung " I would not do it".

Fox "glorifying assault rifle".

Raimondo " disgusting".

Hodgson" tone-deaf at best".

Not sure if the " rifle raffle" is the worst idea, but it may be close. A stunt that could haunt the party going forward and label it as the " gun party".


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rhode Island Republicans gunning for votes

The GOP fundraiser Rep Costa

72% feel state not on " right track".

You are a winner!

Assault weapon raffle? Guns and bullets as prizes?

 The Gun party of family fun.

The Rhode Island GOP has never been big, but they have decided to get even smaller. In an unprecedented bone-headed move, the Republicans have decided to hold a " gun" fundraiser and giveaway an assault weapon in a " raffle". There are many issues facing the state but the gun issue is not one of them.Rhode Island has the third highest unemployment in the country, corruption running rampant at the state house, yet the GOP seems focused on alienating independent voters. The party gets even smaller.

Exclusive : Cicilline raises money over shutdown


Cranks up money grab.

Congressman David Cicilline does not miss a beat when it comes to raising money.  Looks like the shutdown is good for business. Follow DePetro.com for the latest on the sleazy efforts of the Rhode Island crew.