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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Winners and losers of the week

Winners and Losers on DePetro.com.

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Winners: RI GOP on pool 

Winner : shot down pledge

Winner : has Pauly D baby ,now set for life.

Loser : pave the pool?

Loser : moron 

Winner : still alive 

Loser : indicted 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

FBI go after Baccari on Nort Providence

Prison time?


Feds want to nail "infamous"developer.

"Somebody is talking to FBI."

Mineral Spring becomes " Black Rock North".

The FBI has gone after one of the biggest fish in the "Rhody pond" of corruption. Richard Baccari ,formerly of Downing Corporation, has been indicted in connection with the North Providence bribery scandal. Baccari was the developer behind the Stop and Shop project that has resulted in jail time for members of the Town council. Baccari has always been one step ahead of the law for years going back to dealings with Ed Diprete.  Rumors have swirled for years regarding Baccari but it seemed he had escaped jail once again. It seems " somebody is talking" or it could be many are talking. Will the Feds finally get Baccari? Follow DePetro.com for the latest. 

Birds of a feather

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Running rich kids

Hey dude, let's party

First Clay, now Seth.

 " idle rich" running for office.

Is Caleb next?

Must be nice to be a young, rich candidate for office. Why start at the " entry " level office? Seth Magaziner joins Clay Pell in the " trust fund" game in Rhody of running for high office. Pell has decided he will " pay his dues" and be governor at the age of 31. Magaziner ,30, would like to be General Treasurer and handle 8 billion in the pension fund. Time to " slum it " with the locals before moving on to bigger and better. We would welcome a run for office by Caleb Chafee as opposed to " a run" to the packy. Follow DePetro.com for the 2014 race.

King and Queen Pell

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Taveras " all wet" on paving the pool

Mayor is drowning on pool closing.

Accused of  " blackmail " by city council.

Race for gov starts early. Will Gina fix the pool? Or Pell?

Where have you gone?

Mayor Angel Taveras is facing his first campaign glitch and he is drowning . The mayor is in a public relations nightmare regarding the closing of the Davey Lopes pool. Taveras is showing he can be stubborn and holds a grudge.  Bad week for Taveras campaign with Clay Pell jumping into primary and the pool issue. Follow DePetro.com for the latest on the pool.

Wet but under fire

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big week ahead for John DePetro radio show

John DePetro

All week DePetro will be on WPRO from 6:am to 12:noon!

4 hours is a long time , 5 hours is crazy, 6 hours is insane.

Listen and find out why it is the most talked about local radio show, most tweeted and most listened to.

Week ahead: sox in World Series , Patriots in trouble, more corruption in Rhode Island and more chaos on the show.

Hit song " beepin beepin" will be jamming.

John DePetro

Pell bound for Rhode Island Race for Governor

Our royalty

Their royalty

Michelle Kwan " figures" to prove " medal" on campaign.

State on " thin ice" needs a boost.

3-way primary could become 4-way.

Governor Pell then Senator Pell?

There has been no formal announcement but it seems all systems are " go" for Clay Pell to enter the Democrat primary for Rhode Island Governor in 2014. Clay Pell is a JAG officer, grandson of Senator Pell, and married to international Olympic champion Michelle Kwan. Clay graduated from Harvard, went to Georgetown Law, and is an officer in the Coast Guard. His wife is an international figure,dynamic speaker and has powerful friends like Hillary Clinton and Condi Rice. Clay Pell has an impressive resume, the Pell name, and incredible resources of money and contacts. Michelle Kwan is the " X" factor of the equation. Rhode Island is a desperate state in need of hope and direction. The state has the highest unemployment in New England, and over 80% feel the state is headed in the wrong direction. Rhode Island loves celebrity (Patrick Kennedy,Curt Schilling) and the idea of a " royal" couple ruling the state would be very appealing to voters who feel the local politicians are all " 

crooks".The image of a young power couple ,who had wedding pictures in People Magazine, raising a family in Rhode Island is an intangible the other candidates cannot touch.  Think of the people who went to college because of a "Pell" grant, and you have the last name of a person who made a difference .

So what happens in a primary? It is unknown, however the first causality is Providence Mayor Angel Taveras. Pell has unlimited money, and his family has the real loyalty of the" liberal elite". Michelle Kwan would be amazing on the campaign trail ,working with inner city kids, and "holding court" at the ice rink downtown  next to Providence City Hall.  However, a field of " 3 " could quickly become "4" since 20% could win the race.  Clay Pell is smart to see that the road to claim the senate seat held by his Grandfather ,runs thru Smith street. Follow John DePetro on WPRO and follow DePetro.com.

Pell Bridge to Newport
Clay with his dad and the legends of the party

Winners and Losers of the week

Winner : Gina Raimondo 

Weekly feature on DePetro.com.

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Loser : Richard Licht exposed

Winners : Clay and Michelle Kwan set to run

Winners : the Red Sox

Losers : council 94 and Fraud Siedle