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Saturday, November 9, 2013

2014: Who is the biggest Rhode Island celebrity?

Vote now ..

Who is the  biggest  Rhode Island celeb RIGHT NOW. Not past, now. Vote on Facebook : John DePetro-Radio page.

Winner will be posted on DePetro.com.

Winners and losers of the week

Exclusive feature of DePetro.com.

Loser : sorry does not cut it.

Winner : good story on strip clubs

Winner : New Mayor of Woonsocket 

Losers: firefighter protesting Gina Raimondo 

Loser : maniac mayor

Winner : Mayor Fung runs for Gov

Loser : obama care soldier 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Strip clubs and live sex in Rhode Island

Sex in the city

City hall vows to crack down.

Strippers or sex slaves?

Sex city on the brink.

The strip clubs are running for cover and the dancers are leaving town as there is sudden pressure to cut down on sex in the clubs. It was bad enough when the casinos were hurting business but now it has become a " political football" for the race for governor. All bets are off as suddenly the cops are under pressure to get the clubs under control. Police are never a welcomed presence around any club, let alone a strip club. Hey mister ..beep beep....follow DePetro.com for the latest.

Providence Sex clubs ?

How much?

Cheaters ruining the best game in town.

Sex in the clubs?

Sex? In strip clubs?
Sex city

What about the gay clubs?

The fallout from the teen stripper at Cheaters continues with war being waged at all levels. A local TV sweeps package alledging  sex in some local strip clubs has put the locals on edge. Sex?The strip clubs in Providence are considered the best in New England and attract local athletes and visiting celebs. Forget 38 studios or the beaches, the clubs bring in tourist and huge revenue. Cheaters was for sale for $8 million, which is $7 million more than anyone would pay for the " superman building ". The reason this  measure will go nowhere is the rampant sex in the gay clubs. You can't just go after a few strip clubs, you would have to go after all of the clubs. Expect no changes. Follow DePetro.com for the latest.


$ talks

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NBC 10 becomes "The B-londe team "

Morning dream team

Traffic and weather 

The "blonde babes" you trust.

Where have you gone Doug White and Art Lake?

Turn to " Tens".  

NBC 10 seems to have changed direction and the news on WJAR has become like watching a promo for UCLA cheerleading. The " Team you Trust" has become the " blondes of lust". CBS 12 has made huge gains on CH 10 , so it looks like the new CH 10 mantra is if " it is blonde, it leads". We will see what happens during November sweeps. Follow DePetro.com for the latest on TV news.

Art Lake

Kelly Love 

Miss Molly

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baccari libre on bail

The case  develops 

The " big fish" swims into court.

Feds go after mister " Blackpoint".

Could North Providence be undoing for infamous developer?

The man they have been chasing for decades , Richard Baccari, slunk into court and plead " not guilty" as the main man in the North Providence corruption case. FBI indictment.The Feds are dying to slam the jail house door on Baccari and lock him up in federal prison.  Law enforcement could barely keep their composure watching Baccari treated like a criminal in the court house. The Baccari trial could be the highlight of Spring 2014. For all the details, follow DePetro.com.

3 stooges of Nort Providence


The Nort Providence way 

Mayor Fung in studio Monday morning on John DePetro show

Tune in Monday at 10:am to 99.7fm to John DePetro on WPRO. 

Last Cranston Mayor  to run for Gov was " Winnebago " Ed.

Would be first Asian-American Rhody Governor.

State would be " open for business".

Cranston Mayor  Allan Fung made it official and jumped into the race to replace Linc Chafee as Governor of Rhode Island. Fung will now battle it out with Ken Block in the GOP primary.Make room for Fung.  Fung has done a fine job in Cranston but will have his work cut out for him against Block. Fung is not known around the state but seems to have a good core group of people around him. Fung ran for Mayor but lost his first time to Michael " wrong door " Napolitano. Fung is smart, likeable and was against the rifle raffle. He is respected and knows how to get along with people. For the latest on 2014 races, follow DePetro.com, and listen to a John DePetro on WPRO.

Fung and his lady

Ed Diprete

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mystery woman with Mayor Fung

Gf of mayor?

Will " mystery woman " be  state's "First girlfriend"?

Fung could be bachelor governor.

Who was  the mystery woman at Mayor Fung announcement for Governor? The mayor went right over and kissed her after his speech, yet she remains unnamed. Follow DePetro.com for the latest campaign news.

Update: She has been identified as  Barbara Fenton of RI young GOP.
You may kiss the bride

I do