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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Madam accused of pimping 14-year-old girl for sex

Nicole Ferreria

21 year old " madam" accused of pimping out 14- year -old.

Set up to 50 " dates" for her in 30 days.

" Do you want to make money"?

Backpage.com is the place.

Police have gone after the strip clubs but now we learn of a female pimp setting up " sex dates" for a 14 -year -old girl. Teen girl.Police report the story of Nicole Ferreria ,21 of Pawtucket, accused of using the young teen for sex with paying clients from backpage.com. Police need to prosecute the " pimps" in a story like this as much as they go after the strip clubs for having teen dancers. Rhode Island is becoming more and more a wasteland for teens with no future. Teen had clients from Cranston, Providence and Pawtucket.  Follow DePetro.com for latest crime scandal.




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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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Bishop prays for new trial

Freddie Bishop. Stitched himself.

Freddie the " sculptor" is back.

" New evidence " in murder trial?

Has spent 39 years (of past 40) in prison.

Who is paying for his attorney? 

Freddie Bishop

The trial talked about and covered by John DePetro of WPRO.

Freddie Bishop is 71, in prison for life at the A.C.I. In Cranston, and Bishop wants a new trial. Bishop sat down with CH 10 for a November sweeps interview, where he claims he has " new evidence" and wants a new trial. The interview gave CH10 an excuse to show the murder scene in Warwick, the broken golf club, the home-made ski mask , and pictures of Bishops face after he stitched it himself. Bishop has a top legal defender , and a source told us his legal bill is being paid for by a client of Bishops sculpture work. Freddie is known as a talented sculptor, and commands top dollar for his work. 

Freddie Bishop is a feared killer, who basically ran the prison during the late 1970's. Bishop one time had a number of rubber coats delivered to prison , where he had them melted and turned into a small pool in his cell. Follow DePetro.com for the latest on Freddie Bishop.

Murder scene 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hat stolen of 91 year old World War II veteran

Frank Poli

Hat stolen when he went out to breakfast with his wife.

Gunners Mate of PT 349 squadron 25 in the Pacific.

Reward grows for return of the hat.

Providence- The decorated hat of a World War II veteran was apparently stolen last Wednesday  at a breakfast place  on Smith Street in Providence. Frank Poli and his wife Angela had just  finished breakfast at the Creamery, near their home in Providence ,when they realized someone had taken  Franks prized possession . " Frank loves that cap" said his niece Francis, " it is decorated with his  war medals and he proudly wears it everywhere ." WPRO talk host John DePetro interviewed his niece in hopes that the person who took it will give it back. DePetro started a reward , with listeners calling in and donating to raise awareness of the stolen  military cap. Frank Poli is 91 and joined the Navy in 1942, serving as the gunners mate on PT 349. Frank suffered terrible hearing loss during the war and his role  as a gunners mate on the PT 349. From 1942 to 1945, Frank and his crew mates saw plenty of battle and were part of the crew that rescued JFK, according to his niece ." He is 91 and just wants his cap back," said his niece . Frank believes a gentleman should never wear his hat inside , so he hung up his jacket and cap when he went in for breakfast. When the couple went to leave, they realized someone had taken his PT 349 cap. Frank is a daily communicant of ST. Pious church and has been married for  over 60 years.  The cap has military medals and it says " PT 349.  Ron 25". Anyone with information on the stolen cap should contact John DePetro at WPRO radio at 401.433.4200. Follow DePetro.com for updates.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wait! Second thoughts? Will Governor Chafee run again?

Another term would be purrrrfect

Will Gump jump back into the race?

Is team Chafee thinking he "surrendered" too quickly?

4 more years of Chafee?

There is rampant political speculation that Governor Chafee is thinking he " surrendered" too quickly and should have run for a second  term as Governor of Rhode Island. A  political insider told DePetro.com, " Linc thinks that had he remained "Independent"( instead of switching to the Democrat party), he could have another three-way race."He honestly thinks he has assembled a good team of people and that he could win again." Both Republicans and Democrats are set for   bruising primaries on both sides, and Chafee feels he could renaming " above the fray".  Chafee feels that by next year at this time, things in the state will be turning around and he could sneak back in for another term as Governor.  Will Governor Chafee jump back into the race? Follow DePetro.com for the latest on 2014.

Ready to serve 4 more years

Super Gump

Question :Who is Rhode Island's most beautiful?

Vote : who is most beautiful girl from Rhode Island?

Exclusive to DePetro.com : Claudia Jordan, Amy Diaz or Shanna Moakler? Most beautiful besides Olivia, who was Miss Universe.

Amy from Amazing Race

Excluding Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe.