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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thank you for all the support...sometimes the truth hurts.

" one person does not follow norm of  political correctness".

Chafee, Gordon Fox, Cicilline demand " happy talk".

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The people vote

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Local woman starts petition to defend DePetro

" Stop unions and politicians who want to silence their harshest critic."

Peggy Price

Petition begins. Don't let unions and politicians silence people.

Peggy Price jumps forward for liberty.

A local woman, Peggy Price, has stepped forward and started a petition to defend radio host John DePetro.  Click here to sign." We have to stop the unions and politicians who want to silence their harshest critic", said Price. " I think we are in dangerous territory when labor teams up with politicians to remove a member of the media, simply because they do not like his criticism. That is what this is about. Period. The rest of it is just noise." Price said she is a faithful listener to his talk show and is fed up with the lack of leadership in the state. " Rhode Island has the second highest unemployment in the country, the politicians do nothing, the unions run the state house, and their solution is to remove John DePetro? Give me a break". Price said she does not like MSNBC " so I do not watch it". I do not get it. They seem obsessed with John DePetro because he speaks the truth about the issues in the state. " This is like a sports team in last place, who bans a reporter from the locker room for criticizing the team." Price said she enjoys the show and loves the humor. " John DePetro is entertaining and informative and that is why he is popular." 


Truth wins

When politicians and labor team up to silence a critic

Thank you for all your support battling this paid union campaign. Click here to helpClick here to stop politicians from removing a member of the media.

Thank you to the 70% and Merry Christmas. 8200 votes.

Thank to those who have written letters , voted in the projo poll, and signed the petition.

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The people have spoken.

Projo letter

Politicians try to silence a critic but...

Thank you for all your prayers and support

Sign the petition.Click here to sign and stop politicians and unions silence a critic.

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