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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Christmas from DePetro.com

Thank you for making 2014 our best year ever.

John DePetro Christmas

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John DePetro WPRO

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Final days of Chafee

DR Gump

It is almost over. How does it feel having Linc Chafee as governor? The feeling of having the stomach bug,  plus you feel hung-over and have the flu. Except 10 times worse. People around the state are counting down the final days of what has felt like a " hostage situation" for the past 4 years under the " Governor Gump" reign of disaster. Chafee is finishing up what has been the worst performance of any modern-day leader, with the state basically tied with Hatiti as the worst run island. It is only fitting that Chafee finish in December since it is the " Holiday tree" that he will be most remembered for. Apparently Governor Chafee enjoyed giving a boost to Fox News this time of year to demonstrate to the entire country he did not have the slightest clue as to what he was talking about. North Korea is seen as having a friendlier business climate than Rhode Island and it is no wonder the state has led the nation with the highest unemployment.  Four more years? No chance. The joke of " Trust Chafee" has more than wore thin from Westerly to a Woonsocket, and that is saying something in a state known for amusing, corrupt politicians. Governor Chafee will be remembered for bad roads, crumbling bridges, bridge tolls, beach fees, and empty 195 land. And those are the highlights. Chafee makes Clay Pell seem intelligent and reasonable. Follow DePetro.com for the final days of Chafee.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rhode Island election jokes

What do you call an illegal alien in Providence with a stolen green card? A Cicilline  voter.

What do you call an illegal alien in Providence with a stolen green card and a criminal record? A Cicilline campaign coordinator.

Why are there no ice cubes at the state house? Governor Chafee lost the recipe.

Why did they close the Chafee library? Someone stole the book.

In Providence, what do you call an atheist shoplifter? Mayor-elect.

How do you make Clay Pell's sailboat sink? Put it in water.

What is the difference between a smart East Side voter and a unicorn? Nothing, both fictional characters.

What is the difference between Central Falls illegal alien and ET? ET eventually went home.

Why did Peter Kilmartin take Viagra on Tuesday? He heard it was erection day.

What is the difference between Clay Pell and a broken clock? The broken clock is right at least twice a day.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Voting in the sanctuary city of Providence

Use to be superman bld

You have to question the state of mind of any sane person who would choose to live in Providence these days, with homeless urinating in the streets, horrible roads, ridiculous high taxes, rampant murder and crime, crumbling schools, and illegals taking over neighborhoods. So instead of Dr. " Jorge" Harrop   running for mayor, he should have opened a free mental health clinic for the voters of the city ,who seem clearly deranged and unstable. Although the voters of the state were hoping for change, the voters of Providence cast ballots to insure the status quo would continue to rule the day.  Who exactly are these "residents"that are deciding our elections? Well, what  do you get when you possess an EBT card,  a fake "Green" card, and speak english as a second language? A ballot. The democrats  in state-wide elections faced opposition in places like Smithfield, Johnston  and North Providence, but the  Providence vote totals washed it  away like Waterfire.  Fung beat Gina by 2,000 votes in 38 of  the 39 cities and towns ( in total), but the romp was on in the sanctuary city. " No speak English " is "no problem "as long as you can draw a line ----- Democrat for the master lever. Cicciline , of course, is the king of bringing in " new residents " to live in the city ( no questions asked) in exchange for a " line" every two years on the ballot. It is truly incredible how the entire country voted against President Obama and the democrats, but in Rhode Island the democrats swept the election ,thanks to voting in Providence.  The other part of this " only in Rhode Island" equation is the voting on the East Side,  which kept Cianci out of office, but put Raimondo on Smith Hill and kept Cicilline in D.C. While parts of the west side resemble Guatemala, Blackstone boulevard continues to exist in a separate universe from reality, where paying high taxes is considered a " moral obligation." The rich and the poor continue to screw us even more. In 2010, Chafee swept Providence and became governor.  In 2014, Gina followed the same strategy and will take the oath in January. The " dreamers" have created a nightmare for the rest of the state. The first order of business in 2015? They want to eliminate voter ID and give drivers licenses to illegals. I think I need a drink at the $3 dollar bar. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Fung, Raimondo and Healey on Election Day

With 2014 Election Day set to begin, here are some final thoughts on who replaces Governor Gump. All eyes will be on the race for governor and the really big question is " did Gina blow it?" Raimondo overspent in the primary and found herself , for the first time, at a disadvantage in the game of money. Gina spent millions making herself likeable,( meatloaf, family bike riding, Gansett) only to destroy it all with the Planned Parenthood rally. Bishop Tobin when on the attack, La Salle tore down her plaque, and her commercials went " fade to black." Raimondo went into hiding for 3 weeks, but benefitted from a Fung Team that agreed to a late debate schedule instead of kicking things into gear in early October. The Raimondo campaign watched their internal poll numbers tumble down and watched as undecided voters began to break to Fung. If Bob Healey were not in the race, it may have been Fung in a romp. But Healey is in the race, and picking up steam and momentum every minute. Animosity towards Gina Raimondo has reached epic perportions with comparisons to the " wicked witch" to a Wall Street insider and anti-Christ. Mayor Fung has not run a great campaign but he has not run a bad campaign. Fung has surged due to Gina morphing into " Myrth Yorke."With the exception of the CH 12, Raimondo also benefitted from a few weak TV " debates" that basically repeated the same questions we have heard since May with no surprises and questions that played to her strengths. The  President Obama visit did little to help, and may have hurt Gina with male independent voters. I expect a low voter turnout and if the Fung campaign spend their money properly, they should do well in Warwick, Cranston, Johnston, and North Providence. In Providence, the Cianci voter is not a Raimondo voter. This race has all the makings of an upset.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Exclusive: Text blast claims Gina Raimondo is Pro-Life

Text sent out 11/2/14

People around the state were shocked to receive an interesting text message: Gina Raimondo is Pro-Life. The woman who answered the phone that sent it out the text, Anne Paterson, claims she approached Gina outside church and the Democrat candidate claims the media has lied about her position and she is Pro-Life. At this time, there is no known connection to this message and the campaign.

Put on church cars

Meanwhile, church goers throughout the state found a message on their cars concerning both Fung and Gina.

Who do you want to be the next Mayor of Providence?

time to vote.. Vote here on DePetro.com or on John DePetro-radio.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fung not done

Who said it was over? Cranston Mayor Fung feels the " big mo" as the latest Brown Poll has him in a dead heat with Gina Raimondo. Huh? Exactly. Brown had him 11 points behind Miss Wall Street last week, then Brown decided maybe they should Poll outside of Thayer street. Fung is suddenly in a tie for the lead with 6 days to go, which would explain the full scale panic by team Raimondee. Most candidates pivot to the center after wining the primary but Raimondo took a hard left, which has " left" her scrambling in the final days. The abortion fiasco and being tossed out by La Salle has hurt Gina and she has yet to return to form. Fung has 5 days to seal the deal and as Joe Fleming likes to say Fung has a " path to victory." The Democrats are pulling out all the stops as Hillary came by and now the state is ready for Team Obama to try and rescue Raimondo. " Hi Neighbor" has turned into " see you later ", as the Democrats seem to be dropping like flies from the  Raimondo campaign. Bob Healey is gaining in the polls but he seems to now be hurting both Fung and  Gina. Will Raimondo blow the election? Follow DePetro.com for the latest.

In hiding 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Election or coronation ?

Was there an election and I missed it? While the Fung campaign has been sleeping since the primary, the general election has turned into a " coranation " for General Treasurer Gina Raimondo.  Democrats  around the country seem to fear the " Obama-virus" hitting their district more than Ebola spreading, but in Rhode Island a Democrat arriving in Air Force 1 is always welcomed. First Hillary hit town, and now both the President and First Lady will make their way into the air space at TF Green in support of Gina for Governor. Although Mayor Fung has countered with Mitt and Christy, the Fung campaign has not managed to lay a glove on Raimondo. Unremarkable TV spots, poor planning in late debates and inability to gain any traction have plagued the Fung campaign. Raimondo spent too much money in the primary, had a terrible misstep with Planned Parenthood, and went underground for 3 weeks, yet has managed to lineup a grand finale to slam home the election on November 4. While Team Fung seems still unsure what to do about Healey and are wasting time complaining about the Brown Poll, team Raimondo seems ready to pick the drapes for the 3rd floor on Smith Hill. Fung would need to "channel Reagan" in order to change the Raimondo momentum in the final 2 debates. In debate last week, Raimondo seemed nervous and under the weather, yet manage to sting Fung with a right-cross on the police scandal. Fung let a golden opportunity get away by being passive and not changing the tone of the campaign. Fung has an incredible challenge with Healey hanging around and grabbing 9% for having long hair. Follow DePetro.com for the latest.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Can Elorza stop Cianci?

All systems are go for Buddy III?

What pumped 15 points into Elorza campaign?

Talk is cheap on the Eastside for DR. Dan.

Unless something dramatic happens between now and November 4, the projo and residents off Blackstone Blvd. should prepare themselves for a familiar face returning to Providence city hall. The " Buddy Train" was rolling through the city like a tornado, turning the race for mayor into a romp. Until the Brown Poll was released. Elorza had become the " ghost " candidate of 2014, rarely seen but rumored to still be in the race. Dr Dan is a well liked guy but at 3%, he is not making much headway. Despite the projo throwing daily punches at Cianci, he was taking over the city like a palace coup. What happened to the big campaign to knock out Cianci? Talk is cheap and so is the liberal crowd against the former mayor. Follow depetro.com for the latest.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Will "Fear-bola" shutdown Rhode Island?

Largest Liberian population in the country is in Rhode Island with over 15,000 and growing.  Many Liberians work in nursing homes, hospitals, and restaurants. It seems to be a matter of time before there is an outbreak of Ebola in the Providence area and possibly spreading in other parts of the state. The FLU season is about to hit, and schools are a particular worry with many students in the Providence schools from West Africa. Follow DePetro.com for the latest and listen to John DePetro on WPRO radio.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Will the unions unite behind Gina?

All for Gina?

A spilt primary becomes a Raimondo win.

Pell finds 3.4 million ways to ruin Angel.

Bad blood in union ranks over Pell campaign.

The unions are fighting and that meant good news for Gina Raimondo as she crushed her opposition by 13 points in the primary. Can Labor unite behind their Democrat candidate or will  they sit out the election? Angel Taveras was leading in the polls until Clay-boy Pell arrived on the scene and start to " burn" thru some of his Pell money. Raimondo seems to be trying to reach out to various leaders by not rubbing in the fact she has beaten them once again. One union leader attempted to spin Angel was " unelectable" and thus they had no choice but to get behind Pell. A divided Labor is good for a potential new Governor coming in with a chance to make allies in the divided ranks. Team Angel is reportedly still seething at the fact Pell cost them the primary with his foolish attempt at  winning the race at age 32. Follow DePetro.com and listen to John DePetro on WPRO.

He lost

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gina wins and the unions lose

Raimondo blows out the primary.

Pell jumps to 3rd place.

Will Gina become   " Queen of Smith Hill "?

A night to remember in little Rhody as Gina Raimondo blows out Angel and Clay. The Democrat primary sets up a brutal beating by the unions as all there choices fall in defeat.

 Can Fung stop the Gina train? Follow DePetro.com for latest.

Send me an Angel

Long walk back to DC

Monday, September 1, 2014

The 8 day war

Who wins the primary?

When democrats attack...

Angel, Gina and Clay and a race to the finish. Only one can advance . Follow DePetro.com for the latest and listen to John DePetro on WPRO.

Happy" first of the month" crowds in Rhode Island

Labor Day is party day.

Illegals pack stores chanting " EBT means free."

Christmas in September hits stores due to EBT cards

Pawtucket celebrates

In Obama they trust

First of month parade in Central Falls

Time to celebrate

Thursday, August 28, 2014

DePetro fills in on the Savage Nation thur 8/28. ...

John DePetro

John DePetro filling in for Michael Savage on the Savage Nation. Tune in. 

John DePetro