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Friday, July 18, 2014

"Blue Jeana" Raimondo says Angel has " no guts"

Jeana Raimondo

"Forever in blue" Gina strikes a country twang.

Iron worker blames Angel for high unemployment.

Let's take a ride

The gloves are off in the race for governor in the democrat party as team Raimondo throws a "haymaker" at the current mayor of Providence. In a new TV spot that is part " wrangler jeans", " Chevy trucks ,' Raimondo has an iron worker crush Angel for high taxes and high unemployment. Jeana Raimodee .The worker sums up Angel as " more of the same" but Gina has " guts."Raimondo is seen walking in slow motion at the end ,in blue jeans ,with a group of rugged looking guys who look like they could be extras on " Sons of Anarchy."Taveras must be still doing well in the polls for "Jeana" to throw the first punch. The iron worker is Richie Scalzi ,who takes us for a spin in downcity Providence. Raimondo is tearing up the airwaves with a heavy schedule and well produced spots. Clay-boy remains on the sidelines hoping the battle gets worse between Gina/Angel. Follow DePetro.com for the latest.

Raimondee campaign

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