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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Warwick Teacher accused in child porn case

Accused teacher in child porn.

Twice married, popular," Nice guy" who seemed " strange".

Police say he posed as 16 yr old girl online.

Asked for pictures from young males.

Traveled with students on D.C. Trip.

Tom Hewes ,a Warwick teacher , is accused of posing as a young girl online and convincing young men to send him naked pictures of themselves.  Child porn 101. A  source tells us he is on his second marriage and has grown children from his first marriage. His current wife has children from a previous marriage and  reportedly had no clue as to the conduct he has been accused of. Sources describe Hewes as a popular history teacher who would often dress up in historical costumes like " Ben Franklin ". " Tom was a nice guy but he seemed strange" said a source who knows him." We could never put our finger on it, but he was just different". Sources say Hewes would be one of the teachers who would take the students on an annual trip to Washington DC.  It is unknown what pictures he used to lure the young boys, and where the boys were from who sent him pictures. Follow DePetro.com for the latest.