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Friday, March 14, 2014

Clay Pride

He is a comedy hit

Pell stays in the race.

Scathing Projo editorial on missing Prius.

Still in hiding.

Despite public ridicule of epic proportions, Clay Pell seems intent on staying in the race( pride?) for Governor of a Rhode Island.  Pell has been in hiding since a series of embarrassing stories started to emerge regarding his missing Prius. The Pell campaign did receive some good news today with the first of several union endorsements (On board with Clay.)  The fact anyone would endorse " Clay-boy" is a real sign of how much the unions hate Raimondo. Instead of cutting a deal with Angel, they seem intent on propping up their " puppet" candidate. The unions better hope Clay can find his Prius on debate night or it will be a long campaign. Pell has been good news for a Governor Chafee who now seems like George Washington compared to Pell. Follow all the hi jinks and fun of the campaign by listening to John DePetro on WPRO.


Kwan Pell

Monday, March 10, 2014

Clay Prius Pell

Clay-boy becomes state punch line.

Wants to be governor but cannot control his Prius .

Is it stolen, missing or lost?

Where is Michelle Kwan Pell?

Clay Pell is finding out being "appointed" Governor of Rhode Island is proving to be harder then he first expected. Although Governor Gump is our fearless leader, the people of the state are not as stupid as we seem. Pell has been in hiding since his  campaign announcement and  faced problems answering simple questions in two TV interviews. The most news Pell has made has been regarding his Prius, lack of voting, and inability to prove he is a local resident. The missing car? The " stolen" Pell  Prius episode was filled with questions of waiting 9 hours to call the police and not reporting an expensive hockey stick.  Hmmm? Pell feels he is the best person to run the state with the highest unemployment.  Pell would like your vote, but voting is not something Clay and his wife Michelle Kwan are that familiar with. It was reported Kwan has only voted ONCE in her adult life so her " get out the vote" speech is not from experience. Follow DePetro.com for the latest on the 2014 election.

Where is it?