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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Will Gordon Fox become speaker of the big house?

Is this his future?

Creation by Jenn

Out Foxed

From the state house to the big house?

What did the FBI find at state house?

Is a friend of the speaker wearing a wire?

Who is the FBI target?

Rhode Island  House Speaker Gordon Fox has resigned one day after the FBI raided his home and State House office. Rumors continue to swirl concerning who else will get dragged in on the " Fox-hunt", or "Gordon Gate".  Out foxed. Sources say the Feds knew what they were looking for because " someone is singing ". Who is talking to the Feds ? Is Fox really the top target? Seems like a strong show of force at his home as his " Marcus" and mother watched.  Is it the Providence loan program or 38 studios? Sources say the focus is the cash involved with the loan program when David Cicilline was mayor.  Fox must know it is bad since it took him  24 hours to throw in the towel  after the raid. Fox has not been arrested or been charged with any crime.  What would they find that he would know is damaging to him? Who told the investigators to search his home? The IRS is involved and that means missing money and unreported income. Listen to John DePetro on WPRO and follow DePetro.com.

Dead man walking

The Raid 

Fox on the run

Speaker Gordon Fox

FBI moves in on most powerful man in Rhode Island.

Show of force meant to intimated?

Who is the real target?

Can you hear me now? The Feds executed a daylight raid on  the  State House office and home of Rhode  Island House Speaker Gordon Fox that would have made Walter Stone proud.  The Raid.The FBI sent a loud message that they are looking for answers and will not take " no comment" for an answer. On Friday, the most powerful man in the state was about as visible as Michelle Kwan's Missing Prius.  The state police, IRS, and FBI did not just show up on the 3rd floor of Smith Hill, they took it over, and made it clear they were not to be confused with the state's ethics commission. Meanwhile on the Eastside of Providence at the home of a Gordon and Marcus, no less then 14 agents burst inside while 91 year old " momma Fox" could only look on in disbelief. The state has not seen this type of " Fox-hunt " since the days of " Carolynn Fox" on 94-HJY.  Sources say the main focus of the probe stems from loans and the Providence Economic Partnership Development.  The mayor at the time was David Cicilline and the attorney was Josh Teverow. It raised a few eyebrows when there was talk of payments in cash, unreported income, and fake addresses. Is Cicilline the target? Unknown and he is silent. Is Teverow involved? Unknown and he is not talking. Does this involve 38 studios? One person who now has cover is Fox spouse " Marcus" since they were married after Rhode Island passed same sex marriage. This could be the first case in Rhode Island legal  history where a same sex spouse does not have to testify against their partner. For the latest on Gordon Fox, listen to John DePetro on WPRO and follow DePetro.com.

Photo by John DePetro

Photo by John DePetro at Gordon Fox house

David Cicilline and Gordon Fox