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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Pell Prius

A stolen Prius in Nort Providence? No way.  The only cars they steal in the land of " Sal Mancini"are Caddys and Lincolns. There is no way the crowd that hung out at Montcellos would have been caught dead driving a  " Chafee" Prius . The people of North Providence may be corrupt and wear white shoes, but they would never drive a Prius.  The story of Clay-boy Pell, Michelle Kwan and her missing Prius so far have managed to grab more of the headlines this political season than the rest of the field combined. The unions figured they could make " lightening strike twice" and push Pell into Smith Hill  office the same way they did with Gump in 2010. No matter how hard the unions try, even the people of a Rhode Island are leery of a guy who cannot remember where he parks his car. Pell has turned into the state punch line with his missing " Prius" and reporting it stolen.  Clay- boy and Michelle have been off the radar and in the bunker for close to two months, with hired hands trying to explain the car fiasco. It is swell he can speak five languages, but sign language with both police and the public would be an upgrade at this point.  Not since Ed " Winnebago " Diprete has a candidate become so closely aligned with a vehicle. Patrick Kennedy may have been a terrible driver, but at least he could find his car. Voters seem to be more forgiving of the politicians getting a DUI as opposed to a candidate better off taking RIPTA. Let's hope Clay-boy can make it go the debates which should prove to be endless comic material . Follow DePetro.com for the latest.

Exclusive : Marked bills at center of FBI raid on Fox

Exclusive : media must credit DePetro.com.

Photo by John DePetro

Sources close to the investigation that led to the FBI raid on the home and state house office of former speaker Gordon Fox, tell DePetro.com a person cooperating with the FBI passed Fox " marked bills of cash ". It has been over a week since the raid and law enforcement has been silent regarding the investigation. A source close to the speaker says a person " close to Fox" was cooperating with the FBI and passed Fox " marked bills". A source says authorities then somehow " lost" Fox , but knew the " marked cash "was either at his home or state house office. The head of the state police told the Projo, " Mr Fox knows exactly why we were there, and if we hesitated, we may have lost it."In Police corruption investigations, many times  a cooperating informant agrees to be both wired and filmed, passing " marked bills" to another,( Marked bills.. ) The authorities can then show a jury a " before" and " after " regarding the cash. The person who reportedly passed the cash to Fox is someone he has known and worked with for many years, ( we have decided  not to reveal his name at this time). It is unknown if the cash was intended for Fox, or for someone else.  It would not be easy to get a judge to give permission for search warrants on Fox's home or state house office, but the " marked  bills" would make a convincing case.  Gordon Fox has not been charged or indicted in this investigation, although he did step down as speaker. It remains unclear how many individuals are under investigation or who the larger " target" may be. Follow DePetro.com for the latest on the investigation.

Example of marked bills

The big question


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Who is the FBI target?

In for a penny....

Is it a " Fox hunt" or a larger target in play? Rumors have filled the street that the FBI has set their sights on a major larger target than former speaker Gordon Fox. The FBI raided the state house on Friday along with the Fox home. The raid seems to have been an unprecedented show of force designed to " send a message" to a larger target. If the Feds will raid the state house, would they hesitate to raid a congressional office? Probably not. Any sense of " not guilty" went out the window when Fox resigned within 24 hours of the raid. Sources say the FBI knew what they were looking for and they hit the jackpot. Fox seemed to know what agents were looking for and seemed like a burned defensive back on a " Hail Mary" pass in the end zone . So who is the target? Is the target a member of the " velvet mafia?" Sources say there are several players involved and there is no way Fox was a " lone wolf." Follow DePetro.com for the latest on the FBI investigation.

Load it up

Monday, March 24, 2014

FBI circles Fox and friends

Happier times

Are you a friend of Gordon? The FBI/IRS raid has set off panic among friends and associates of former Speaker Gordon Fox. Law enforcement sources say they are looking at various schemes Fox has been involved with and the possibility of  large sums of cash and undeclared income. One law enforcement source said investigators " have Fox by the balls," following the raid Friday. There is speculation that there is a  "higher target " than Fox they are after, and the raid on Friday was meant to " send a message" to others involved. Agents raided the speakers home in Providence and  his office at the state house on Friday and remained inside for close to 5 hours. There is rumor one person connected to the investigation has been cooperating and possibly "wearing a wire" for the Feds . Sources say there are both former politicians and current office holders under investigation and a wide money trail.  Fox hunt.

The perp walk

 Undeclared  money in bank accounts and large sums of cash can be difficult to explain to the IRS . One day after the raid, Fox already looked like " a beaten man" who has accepted his fate, whatever that may be. Agents  seemed  almost giddy leaving his home on Friday, like players cashing in their winnings at a casino. Fox, a lawyer, has many different clients and has been involved with both state business and city business. 

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Twitter takes over Rhode Island media

The impact of twitter on the local media has been seen this past weekend involving the Gordon Fox saga. Instead of going to news sites or waiting for TV news, the action on the  FBI raid and speakers race was playing out in real time. One piece of information shared became a feeding frenzy of confirmations or denials by the players involved. Even Bill Fisher admitted in a tweet, twitter has changed the  local landscape. Even on a Saturday night, long after  media companies has said " goodnight" , the twitter newsroom continued at a rapid pace like a scene out of " All the Presidents Men". 

The "stars" of TV news( the anchors) are also nowhere to be found in the Rhode Island " twitter  newsroom". Ted Nesi of WPRI.com may be unknown to local viewers, but he is the local "king" of twitter , with followers and information second to none. Kathy Gregg of the Projo is without question a major force and  "twitter star "with real time tweets of the various players she has access to. There are no deadlines, and no waiting for " details at 11." The "reporters" are the news source, not the media companies they represent.   

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FBI : Operation Foxy Shady

Guarding the Fox house

FBI raids  home of Gordon and Marcus.

Who had access to Gordon Fox bank accounts?

FBI goes after new mafia: the" Velvet mafia "of Smith Hill.

Gay groups silent as first "openly gay" speaker resigns.

Will Marcus stand by his man?

Speculation continues as to where the FBI/state police investigation on Gordon Fox will lead them after the stunning raids of Friday. The state police made it clear they knew what documents they were after and the situation was time sensitive.  What does Marcus know? Fox  made no secret that his motivation of passing the same sex marriage bill was for " my Marcus" Lafond. Fox in a hole.  Whether the couple filed a joint tax return remains unknown at this point. Fox resigning one day after the raid suggest he knows he is in trouble and authorities  may have found what they were looking for.  There are several key players close to the ex-speaker who could have benefitted tremendously from his role involving both the state and city of Providence.  
My Marcus

Although there has been speculation regarding the role Fox played in the PEDP program, questions have also been raised regarding 38 studios and licensing. There is talk of several players involved here and allegations of tax evasion . The IRS was on scene Friday at both the Rhode Island State house and his home in Providence on the EastSide.  For the latest on operation "Foxy Shady" listen to John DePetro on WPRO and follow DePetro.com.