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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Would a new mayor close Providence strip clubs?

Welcome to Providence

Providence known as " strip club Capitol " of New England.

Mayoral candidate floats closing city strip clubs.

Where have you gone Mo Vaughn?

Mayoral candidate Lorne Adrain tells WPRO that if elected mayor he would look to close the city strip clubs. Huh? That type of talk is practically "un-American " in most parts of the state and considered fighting words on Federal Hill. Cianci, Cicilline and Angel all allowed them and Smiley has a connection to the most famous one. A city that has some some of the highest taxes in the country should  be grateful to  clubs that attract people from all over the area( Mo ). The Patriots, Red Sox and other Boston teams have all visited the Providence clubs at some point during the season, and visiting teams always pop in for a quick lap dance. Let's hope this becomes a major topic during the debates. 

Warwick murder update : police have DNA of killer

Who killed Jack Fay?

Warwick police tell John DePetro of  WPRO they have DNA of killer, and killer probably got bad case of poison ivy.

One year later the mystery remains.

Police remain stumped by early morning murder.

Who killed Jack Fay? One year ago, Jack Fay went for an early morning run at City Park in Warwick and was murdered. His body was found the next morning in a trash can at the park. Unsolved murder.The Warwick police have worked around the clock but still have no answers. There does not seem to be a motive for the murder of a retired postal worker who enjoyed running in the early morning hours at the park. Was it one person? Was it more than one? Did they use the hammer found nearby? The park in not far from where Craig Price committed multiple murders in the 80's. Where is the killer or killers? Follow DePetro.com for the latest.

Craig Price

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Can anyone stop Raimondo?

Money,money, and more money.

First female Rhode Island Governor?

Does Angel have a prayer?

Can he win?

The race to be the Democrat candidate for governor is heating up and Gina Raimondo seems to be the one to beat as the race enter July. Raimondo has slick, effective TV commercials that so far are way above the pack. While Angel attempts to answer questions regarding the Providence pension situation, (Pensions )Raimondo is full speed ahead towards September. Raimondo has been helped by the Cianci " attack machine" who has suddenly turned on the current mayor, and seems to slam Taveras at every turn. Clay Pell is making the rounds and continues to be a " thorn in the side" of Angel.  The Raimondo campaign has money , a strong message, and the strongest candidate in the race. While Block and Fung battle over Obama, Raimondo seems poised to make history. Follow DePetro.com for the latest on campaign 2014.

Pell campaign