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Thursday, November 5, 2015

DePetro on the Savage Nation

Tune in as John DePetro fills in for Dr. Michael Savage on the Savage Nation.

John DePetro 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Exclusive: Mattiello " grants" himself a hockey team

Hockey shirts

The speaker shoots, he scores. Cranston House Representative Nick Mattiello raised some eyebrows from parents recently when their kids received Cranston hockey jerseys with his name on them. Mattiello presented the Edgewood hockey program with a grant, which is funded by the taxpayers. Grants are awarded to various organizations around the state, usually resulting in a " photo-op" of the politician involved handing a check to a member from the organization. One parent said," it irks me that Nick put his name on our kids hockey jerseys, they we paid for with our tax money. At least Alan Shawn Feinstein uses his own money when he puts his name somewhere, not a taxpayer funded grant." Looks like the speaker needs some time in the penalty box. No hat trick on this one. Follow DePetro.com for the latest.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown

Grant made possible...

DePetro.com: Storm clouds circle over NBC 10 Sunrise

DePetro.com: Storm clouds circle over NBC 10 Sunrise: Sunrise..sunset... Tension fills the air at NBC 10 in the morning as word of the scandal involving morning co-anchors Frank Coletta a...

DePetro.com: Can Coletta survive at NBC 10?

DePetro.com: Can Coletta survive at NBC 10?: No way to mask the problems Frank Coletta has found himself fighting to retain his job at NBC 10 amid increasing tension with "Sun...

DePetro.com: Exclusive : WJAR CH 10 Coletta suspended over " le...

DePetro.com: Exclusive : WJAR CH 10 Coletta suspended over " le...: Exclusive Bombshell: must credit DePetro.com. Morning Sunrise  Sources inside WJAR-TV Channel 10 confirm  " Morning Sunrise&quot...

DePetro.com: Is Mattiello still speaker in his own house?

DePetro.com: Is Mattiello still speaker in his own house?: Are we witnessing the " Mattiello Meltdown?" State house sources say rumors are flying around the halls of Smith Hill that the Speaker has been distracted . A rough summer with the Park Avenue bridge, the failed attempt at the Pawsox stadium , and a battle over the tolls. House Speaker Mattiello needs to get control over his house.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Exclusive: Pregnant Illegals get free health coverage in Rhode Island

Anchor babies away. Healthsource RI is doing their part to try and lure as many illegals to our state so they can live, vote, and go on welfare. Notice the forms mention that all information on immigration status will be kept " confidential," in order to ensure the invaders are at ease. How much do you pay a month in health insurance? Looks like it is cheaper to come to Rhode Island and get free coverage if you are an illegal alien. No wonder Rhode Island is turning into a third world hell hole with illegals running loose in the streets. The illegals in Olneyville and Central Falls believe they are entitled to everything for free in exchange for their illegal vote.  Political traitors like Raimondo and Cicilline just keep importing poor people from other countries to fill up three story houses all over Providence and want to make sure they receive welfare and get health coverage . Why stay in a poor country when you can invade Rhode Island and get everything free?

Friday, October 9, 2015

Does Black Lives matter want to kill white cops?

Hate group March 

Is Rhode Island on the verge of a race war? Anti-police, progressive liberals have started a campaign in Rhode Island to make it acceptable to commit acts of  violence against law-enforcement. Across the country, members of the hate group "Black Lives Matter" have been linked to the murders of police officers, and been called out for attempts to begin a race war. A  worker brazenly scribbles a message of hate on the coffee cup of a Providence police officer . Not one elected official in Rhode Island has stood up to support the police and condemn the actions of this hate group. 

 At a recent "Black Lives matter"march in East Greenwich, sources at the gathering described marchers referring to the white police as " thugs with guns ", " killers," and " the Gestapo." Sources say many  marchers described the need to " remove guns from police" and " let them feel hunted." Sources say many white marchers described feeling  guilt over their " white privilege" and felt better at the notion of supporting a black hate group that is anti-police and encourages violence. It is time for people to speak out and condemn the enablers of the violent, racist, hate group and stop people from hiding behind a false group name. Black Lives Matter is an anti-police hate group that encourages the killing of police. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

John DePetro radio weekdays from 9:am-noon on WPRO

John DePetro 

Tune in weekdays from 9:am til 12:noon to hear John DePetro on WPRO radio, either 99.7 FM or 630 AM. The show is entertaining and informative, discussing the news of the day with caller interaction. The John DePetro show is fast paced, laced with humor and information. DePetro has been the leader on the airwaves against local government corruption, illegal immigration , political correctness, insider deals, and cruelty to animals. Recently, DePetro rallied a packed house at the RISPCA against the owner of a dog( Moses)  that was starved to death. It was DePetro that led of crowd of 725 people against Governor Chafee and his " Holiday tree." DePetro also led a rally of over 2,000 at the Rhode Island state house against illegal immigrants getting in-state tuition at local colleges. A group of corrupt politicians and sleazy union bosses tried to silence the popular, outspoken talk leader, but the citizens would not allow it , and their corrupt effort failed. When Governor Chafee began his war on Christmas, it was John DePetro that won the battle on the airwaves and appearing on Fox News Channel. 
Fox News 

John DePetro has been listed by both Talkers Magazine and Newsmax in 2015 as one of the top radio talk host in the country. DePetro has been voted " Best talk show" by the readers of Rhode Island monthly magazine , as well as being named " Best  talk show" by the Associated Press. DePetro has also been heard filling in on the nationally syndicated " Savage Nation" with listenership of 10 million people across the country. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Storm clouds circle over NBC 10 Sunrise


Tension fills the air at NBC 10 in the morning as word of the scandal involving morning co-anchors Frank Coletta and Alison Bologna have spread across social media. Coletta was suspended and taken off air at channel 10 WJAR after complaints of " lewd gestures" was reported( to management) by Bologna. Sources inside WJAR report that " nobody is happy with the current situation" and feel the morning " Sunrise" program is at a breaking point. One source blames news director Chris Lanni for pairing the two co-anchors together( Coletta and Bologna ) and then allowing the situation to explode. " Alison is very professional, educated, well liked, and many staffers feel terrible she is having to deal with this nonsense." However, Frank Coletta is very popular, loved by viewers, and has provided strong ratings in the morning for decades. One staffer (who insisted on remaining anonymous),  said, " Frank is a little old school, and  has a certain  type of humor that not everyone appreciates, but bottom line is the people in the state love him."Where does this lead? Who will be forced out? As one source said," putting these two together was a bad idea and now there is no way back. It is like a bad marriage, doomed from the start." 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Exclusive : WJAR CH 10 Coletta suspended over " lewd gesture" to co-anchor

Exclusive Bombshell: must credit DePetro.com.

Morning Sunrise 

Sources inside WJAR-TV Channel 10 confirm  " Morning Sunrise"  veteran anchor Frank Coletta was taken off the air and suspended last week after several complaints regarding his "inappropriate behavior" from his new co-anchor Alison Bologna. Sources say the final straw was Coletta allegedly " simulating masturbation "under the desk ( while live on -air) and ignoring Bologna's request to stop the lewd behavior. WJAR sources say  Bologna had gone to news director Chris Lanni on several occasions over the past month to complain of crude language and  inappropriate remarks made by Coletta since the two began working together on the morning program in late August. "Alison went to Chris and complained about Frank's language and was promised by management it would be handled," according to one source. Sources say as Bologna was promoting  a story" you will see only on 10,"  Coletta began mocking the station self promotion by simulating male masturbation under the news desk. Sources say Bologna later angrily demand Coletta stop but he allegedly ignored her request and repeated the gesture.  It is important to note that while anyone can make allegations, WJAR found sufficient cause to suspend Coletta, who served his one week suspension and returned this week. WJAR is a union shop, the complaints were registered and the one week suspension was handed down. One news source said," this is it for Frank. One more misstep and he is history. Meanwhile, the tension on the set is visible for all to see. " This story is still developing....

Can Coletta survive at NBC 10?

No way to mask the problems

Frank Coletta has found himself fighting to retain his job at NBC 10 amid increasing tension with "Sunrise" morning co-anchor Alison Bologna and the rest of the morning team. Sources inside NBC 10 say the atmosphere on the set is "extremely tense" and worse in the hallways between the morning anchors. Bologna joined " Sunrise" in late August and  reportedly has been vocal to management over her displeasure in working with the longtime morning anchor. Coletta is the only male on " Sunrise" with a female traffic reporter(Molly), meteorologist(Kelly),  female street reporter( Kerri) and Bologna as co-anchor. NBC 10 news director Chris Lanni has been under fire and has made changes to the news line-up that has seen strong gains from top competitor WPRI 12. NBC news has had problems this year with the Brian Williams scandal, and Lanni faced criticism in the past with the firing of reporter Julie Tremmel for doing a handstand on camera without permission. Will NBC 10 keep both morning anchors? Will there be more changes ? 


Sunday, September 27, 2015

The John DePetro radio show rolls on

John DePetro of WPRO

Listen weekdays from 9:am til 12:noon to the John DePetro show on 99.7 FM, WPRO. Always entertaining and informative, listen to  John DePetro for the latest on 38 Studios, the race for President, and the latest corruption scandal from Smith Hill. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The No-sox


 Someday people will give directions in Providence by saying," where the pawsox stadium was suppose to be." In a series of events that was truly, " Only in Rhode Island,"the Pawsox owners pull the plug on the fiasco involving the 195 land and left the future of the franchise (remaining in the state) in doubt. Although the Red Sox baseball people were skilled at getting the city of Boston to work with them on revitalizing Fenway Park, they proved to be no match for the " Allens Avenue" gang. You can't blame the Pawsox owners for thinking they would get some cooperation from a dying, broke city with acres of empty land, but they under-estimated the greed of the locals. The " free land" became a demand of $15 million from Brown University and the city of Providence was right behind them demanding millions more. Remember that developers are forced to use all "195-land union contractors", so tap an extra $10 million into a $75 million dollar construction project. You have to pay off Smith hill, then to have to "pay tributes" to the Providence city council. There were more politicians with their "hands out" then "hands" big Papi gets from the dugout after a  Fenway home run. The only" crains in the sky" in Providence are the ones that were moving the 800 pound man. The "ghost of 38 studios" continues to haunt the Rhode Island politicians like the tire marks from a car crash. The worst part of the entire Pawsox stadium deal was the "shell game" involved with attempting to construct a deal in the state. Trying to figure out who is the  true decision maker in the state is like a game of charades. Raimondo was in favor of it until public opinion chased her away. The Speaker was looking to make a killing on the stadium, but could not control Brown or the city of Providence. Do you see any crains in the sky?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New DePetro.com coming soon...

Don't worry, we will be updating the website very soon . Bigger and better. Listen to John DePetro weekdays on WPRO.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Deal or no deal? What does Mattiello demand in exchange for tolls?

Deal or no deal?

Governor Gina Raimondo wants a " toll bill" to be able to fund the crumbling infrastructure known as the Rhode Island bridges. Not only does the state roads desperately need fixing, but Raimondo also needs to make good on her campaign promises to organized labor. If Raimondo can get her " rhode works " program active, it will provide millions to the unions and " pave the way" to her second term as governor. So who is standing in the way of her " toll bill?" You guessed it, Speaker Nick Mattiello and his "5 wishes," which so far the governor has rejected as " too greedy." We have spoken to over (ten )different elected officials on Smith Hill, and the following is the " 5 wishes" all ten confirmed as demands by Mattiello.

In exchange for a " toll bill," the Speaker wants: 

1) a former rep.( friend of Murphy)  named a judge.

2) family member of a current rep. named a judge. 

3)Wants Raimondo to promise " no veto" when legislation reappears on firefighter platoon system.                                       

4)The Speaker picks who gets the contract on the "gantry "to be placed on bridges. 

5) the Speaker gets his baseball stadium in Providence.

Will Raimondo cave to these demands? Stay tuned and follow DePetro.com.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

State Police questioned Fung over possible extortion

The actions of Cranston Mayor Allan Fung were so puzzling to members of the Rhode Island state police investigating the  ticket blitz ordered by Captain Stephen Antonucci, that troopers asked Fung if he was a victim of extortion by Antonucci ,according to sources close to the investigation. " We asked Mayor Fung point blank," is he blackmailing you? Is he extorting you? We will bring charges against Antonucci if he is," said a RISP source. Fung denied to the state police that he was a victim of extortion, yet his actions raised eyebrows amount investigators.  Fung requested troopers investigate his police force, yet allegedly  proceeded to block them at every turn. State police fingered Captain Antonucci as the person who ordered the ticket blitz and recommended he be fired. Antonucci lost three consecutive challenges in court, and the city was on the path to successfully have him fired. Yet Mayor Fung tried to secretly bring Antonucci back to the force and has butted heads with officials trying to have him removed. Fung recently agreed to pay Antonucci $250,000 to stay home, and grant him a pension worth close to $3,000,000, allowing him to resign instead. Antonucci and his family long supported Fung and have donated to his campaign for years. State police sources say there seems to be more than just loyalty involved with Mayor Fung and his crooked Captain. One source said," there is something there, but it is known only to Fung and Antonucci." If this were true, it would not be the first time Fung was blackmailed. Fung was  secretly involved in a fatal car accident when he was in college, a secret ( sources claim) that  Cranston police used to manipulate him for years. The details of the accident were made public after Fung announced he was running for governor, and he was forced to answer question regarding it. Sources also say when the full  investigation report is released, it will portray Mayor Fung in a very poor light.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Welcome to Rhode ISIS-Land

Terror Island. From the state that gave you Katherine Russell, (the  North Kingston bride of the Boston bomber), comes new word that the latest terrorist plot was planned on a " Rhode Island beach." No word if the ISIS members drank Del's or had to pay the out of state rate for beach parking. Perhaps our 3RD world roads make terrorist feel like they are on the back in Islamabad or outside of Bagdad planting a roadside IED. If the FBI stayed any longer in Warwick they would be part of Gaspee days. Good thing Governor Gina wants to hand out drivers licenses to " visitors from foreign lands," which translates to illegal aliens. Maybe the convention center should pitch ISIS on having their next gathering in Providence complete with a full water fire? Court documents show ISIS members discussed the plan to behead a police officer during their Rhody terrorist summit. No word if Raimondo plans to set up a toll for Boston terrorist coming through Rhode ISIS-land. Tune to 99.7 FM and the John DePetro show for the latest.