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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Providence gets a snow job

Welcome to Providence 

Boston is competing to get the Summer Olympic Games and apparently Providence is trying to get the Winter Games. The new events will be the " slip and fall" and " trash barrel " jumping. The new Mayor of Providence,Mayor Elorza ,has quickly become the most hated man in a snow clogged city with residents asking for a " recall." Providence  has turned into the "snow capitol" with heavy storms pounding the already battered roads of the state.  Providence would need a trusted hand " at the wheel" to guide them thru a tough winter, but instead they have Elorza and Smiley.  A mayor ( and Vice-mayor)who gave himself an " A" during the blizzard, despite a city shutdown due to snow and ice. College Hill looks like Yawgoo and the city is filled with snow covered sidewalks and mounds of snow banks. In the midst of the crisis, Mayor Elorza continues to proclaim the city looks great and his staff is doing fine. The I-95 land looks like " Alaska", with empty acres abound. Residents look out their windows and see piles of snow and ice, yet the new mayor carries on as if all is well. For the latest, follow DePetro.com.

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