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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Storm clouds circle over NBC 10 Sunrise


Tension fills the air at NBC 10 in the morning as word of the scandal involving morning co-anchors Frank Coletta and Alison Bologna have spread across social media. Coletta was suspended and taken off air at channel 10 WJAR after complaints of " lewd gestures" was reported( to management) by Bologna. Sources inside WJAR report that " nobody is happy with the current situation" and feel the morning " Sunrise" program is at a breaking point. One source blames news director Chris Lanni for pairing the two co-anchors together( Coletta and Bologna ) and then allowing the situation to explode. " Alison is very professional, educated, well liked, and many staffers feel terrible she is having to deal with this nonsense." However, Frank Coletta is very popular, loved by viewers, and has provided strong ratings in the morning for decades. One staffer (who insisted on remaining anonymous),  said, " Frank is a little old school, and  has a certain  type of humor that not everyone appreciates, but bottom line is the people in the state love him."Where does this lead? Who will be forced out? As one source said," putting these two together was a bad idea and now there is no way back. It is like a bad marriage, doomed from the start." 

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