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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Welcome to Rhode ISIS-Land

Terror Island. From the state that gave you Katherine Russell, (the  North Kingston bride of the Boston bomber), comes new word that the latest terrorist plot was planned on a " Rhode Island beach." No word if the ISIS members drank Del's or had to pay the out of state rate for beach parking. Perhaps our 3RD world roads make terrorist feel like they are on the back in Islamabad or outside of Bagdad planting a roadside IED. If the FBI stayed any longer in Warwick they would be part of Gaspee days. Good thing Governor Gina wants to hand out drivers licenses to " visitors from foreign lands," which translates to illegal aliens. Maybe the convention center should pitch ISIS on having their next gathering in Providence complete with a full water fire? Court documents show ISIS members discussed the plan to behead a police officer during their Rhody terrorist summit. No word if Raimondo plans to set up a toll for Boston terrorist coming through Rhode ISIS-land. Tune to 99.7 FM and the John DePetro show for the latest.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Will Raimondee become the " Toll Troll?"

Paging Dave Darlington. Governor Gina Raimondo has decided to " grow our way out" of the current economic mess( while taking another shot towards private business) by setting up tolls on truckers. The state with the worst bridges and roads in the free world has decided to make private business pay for all the mistakes of the past and begin bridge tolling on the Ocean state roads. Raimondo, (who is starting to believe the political hype around her), is off to a shaky start as governor to say the least. There is no argument the bridges on the rt 6- rt 10 connector are being held together by string, but the thought of another tax/toll  on local companies is out of the Chafee playbook. Democrats have run the state into the ground and now the latest liberal democrat does not seem to know how to get the state out of the proverbial " quicksand." Raimondo has poor approval ratings( rumored to be below 40%), and her team continues to misread public reaction to her announcements. Between the  Pawsox deal, the Taylor Swift tax, the war on Catholic education, and now the truck tolls, Governor Gina is having a rough first 6 months in office. Raimondo and her team are described by one rep on Smith hill as " arrogant, condescending, rookies who always think they are the smartest in the room." Listen weekdays from 9-noon to 99.7 FM for the latest.