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Saturday, October 3, 2015

John DePetro radio weekdays from 9:am-noon on WPRO

John DePetro 

Tune in weekdays from 9:am til 12:noon to hear John DePetro on WPRO radio, either 99.7 FM or 630 AM. The show is entertaining and informative, discussing the news of the day with caller interaction. The John DePetro show is fast paced, laced with humor and information. DePetro has been the leader on the airwaves against local government corruption, illegal immigration , political correctness, insider deals, and cruelty to animals. Recently, DePetro rallied a packed house at the RISPCA against the owner of a dog( Moses)  that was starved to death. It was DePetro that led of crowd of 725 people against Governor Chafee and his " Holiday tree." DePetro also led a rally of over 2,000 at the Rhode Island state house against illegal immigrants getting in-state tuition at local colleges. A group of corrupt politicians and sleazy union bosses tried to silence the popular, outspoken talk leader, but the citizens would not allow it , and their corrupt effort failed. When Governor Chafee began his war on Christmas, it was John DePetro that won the battle on the airwaves and appearing on Fox News Channel. 
Fox News 

John DePetro has been listed by both Talkers Magazine and Newsmax in 2015 as one of the top radio talk host in the country. DePetro has been voted " Best talk show" by the readers of Rhode Island monthly magazine , as well as being named " Best  talk show" by the Associated Press. DePetro has also been heard filling in on the nationally syndicated " Savage Nation" with listenership of 10 million people across the country. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Storm clouds circle over NBC 10 Sunrise


Tension fills the air at NBC 10 in the morning as word of the scandal involving morning co-anchors Frank Coletta and Alison Bologna have spread across social media. Coletta was suspended and taken off air at channel 10 WJAR after complaints of " lewd gestures" was reported( to management) by Bologna. Sources inside WJAR report that " nobody is happy with the current situation" and feel the morning " Sunrise" program is at a breaking point. One source blames news director Chris Lanni for pairing the two co-anchors together( Coletta and Bologna ) and then allowing the situation to explode. " Alison is very professional, educated, well liked, and many staffers feel terrible she is having to deal with this nonsense." However, Frank Coletta is very popular, loved by viewers, and has provided strong ratings in the morning for decades. One staffer (who insisted on remaining anonymous),  said, " Frank is a little old school, and  has a certain  type of humor that not everyone appreciates, but bottom line is the people in the state love him."Where does this lead? Who will be forced out? As one source said," putting these two together was a bad idea and now there is no way back. It is like a bad marriage, doomed from the start." 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Exclusive : WJAR CH 10 Coletta suspended over " lewd gesture" to co-anchor

Exclusive Bombshell: must credit DePetro.com.

Morning Sunrise 

Sources inside WJAR-TV Channel 10 confirm  " Morning Sunrise"  veteran anchor Frank Coletta was taken off the air and suspended last week after several complaints regarding his "inappropriate behavior" from his new co-anchor Alison Bologna. Sources say the final straw was Coletta allegedly " simulating masturbation "under the desk ( while live on -air) and ignoring Bologna's request to stop the lewd behavior. WJAR sources say  Bologna had gone to news director Chris Lanni on several occasions over the past month to complain of crude language and  inappropriate remarks made by Coletta since the two began working together on the morning program in late August. "Alison went to Chris and complained about Frank's language and was promised by management it would be handled," according to one source. Sources say as Bologna was promoting  a story" you will see only on 10,"  Coletta began mocking the station self promotion by simulating male masturbation under the news desk. Sources say Bologna later angrily demand Coletta stop but he allegedly ignored her request and repeated the gesture.  It is important to note that while anyone can make allegations, WJAR found sufficient cause to suspend Coletta, who served his one week suspension and returned this week. WJAR is a union shop, the complaints were registered and the one week suspension was handed down. One news source said," this is it for Frank. One more misstep and he is history. Meanwhile, the tension on the set is visible for all to see. " This story is still developing....

Can Coletta survive at NBC 10?

No way to mask the problems

Frank Coletta has found himself fighting to retain his job at NBC 10 amid increasing tension with "Sunrise" morning co-anchor Alison Bologna and the rest of the morning team. Sources inside NBC 10 say the atmosphere on the set is "extremely tense" and worse in the hallways between the morning anchors. Bologna joined " Sunrise" in late August and  reportedly has been vocal to management over her displeasure in working with the longtime morning anchor. Coletta is the only male on " Sunrise" with a female traffic reporter(Molly), meteorologist(Kelly),  female street reporter( Kerri) and Bologna as co-anchor. NBC 10 news director Chris Lanni has been under fire and has made changes to the news line-up that has seen strong gains from top competitor WPRI 12. NBC news has had problems this year with the Brian Williams scandal, and Lanni faced criticism in the past with the firing of reporter Julie Tremmel for doing a handstand on camera without permission. Will NBC 10 keep both morning anchors? Will there be more changes ? 


Sunday, September 27, 2015

The John DePetro radio show rolls on

John DePetro of WPRO

Listen weekdays from 9:am til 12:noon to the John DePetro show on 99.7 FM, WPRO. Always entertaining and informative, listen to  John DePetro for the latest on 38 Studios, the race for President, and the latest corruption scandal from Smith Hill.