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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Exclusive: Mattiello " grants" himself a hockey team

Hockey shirts

The speaker shoots, he scores. Cranston House Representative Nick Mattiello raised some eyebrows from parents recently when their kids received Cranston hockey jerseys with his name on them. Mattiello presented the Edgewood hockey program with a grant, which is funded by the taxpayers. Grants are awarded to various organizations around the state, usually resulting in a " photo-op" of the politician involved handing a check to a member from the organization. One parent said," it irks me that Nick put his name on our kids hockey jerseys, they we paid for with our tax money. At least Alan Shawn Feinstein uses his own money when he puts his name somewhere, not a taxpayer funded grant." Looks like the speaker needs some time in the penalty box. No hat trick on this one. Follow DePetro.com for the latest.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown

Grant made possible...

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DePetro.com: Is Mattiello still speaker in his own house?

DePetro.com: Is Mattiello still speaker in his own house?: Are we witnessing the " Mattiello Meltdown?" State house sources say rumors are flying around the halls of Smith Hill that the Speaker has been distracted . A rough summer with the Park Avenue bridge, the failed attempt at the Pawsox stadium , and a battle over the tolls. House Speaker Mattiello needs to get control over his house.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Exclusive: Pregnant Illegals get free health coverage in Rhode Island

Anchor babies away. Healthsource RI is doing their part to try and lure as many illegals to our state so they can live, vote, and go on welfare. Notice the forms mention that all information on immigration status will be kept " confidential," in order to ensure the invaders are at ease. How much do you pay a month in health insurance? Looks like it is cheaper to come to Rhode Island and get free coverage if you are an illegal alien. No wonder Rhode Island is turning into a third world hell hole with illegals running loose in the streets. The illegals in Olneyville and Central Falls believe they are entitled to everything for free in exchange for their illegal vote.  Political traitors like Raimondo and Cicilline just keep importing poor people from other countries to fill up three story houses all over Providence and want to make sure they receive welfare and get health coverage . Why stay in a poor country when you can invade Rhode Island and get everything free?