Exclusive: New Rhode Island State Police Colonel displays political sign on her lawn

   Is it appropriate for the Colonel of the Rhode Island state police to display a political sign on the lawn of her Coventry home? On Saturday night November 5, 2016, John DePetro  went out to the home of newly selected Colonel Ann Assumpico  and found a “Lisa Tomasso for representative “sign displayed on the front lawn,(time stamp ). Assumpico did not answer the door, however a next door neighbor and a member of the Raimondo staff confirmed it was indeed the Assumpico residence. Lisa Tomasso, Democrat for state representative,  is identified as a “close ally” of Speaker Nick Mattiello and is running against Republican Sherry Roberts.  DePetro returned to the Coventry home of Assumpico earlier today (November 6), and the Tomasso sign had been removed from the Assumpico property(time stamp ).  Again, there was no answer at the door of the home.  A spokesperson for Governor Raimondo said there is “no prohibition” against members of state police displaying political signs at home. Apparently, this is not the first recent incident regarding political signs, Raimondo and state police. Police sources claim Raimondo staff members filed a complaint against a state trooper who has a ” Donald Trump” sign on the lawn of his Cumberland home, which they demanded be removed. A Raimondo spokesperson was ” unaware” of any such complaint by the governors staff. Listen to John DePetro weekdays on the radio.

This story is developing…

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