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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Time to grade her majesty........ the Governor


 Governor Gina Raimondo, (aka " Queena Toll-mondo") has now been in office over one year and it is time for her loyal peasants (the voters) to grade her performance. Never have we witnessed such an arrogant, egotistical, elitist  who acts more like royalty than someone with an office on Smith street. Do you see  cranes in the sky? The Governor likes to hand out high paying jobs to friends and insiders and grab money from colleges to pay for her trips and pet projects.  The Queen cut deals for a rigged vote on tolls to throw billions to the unions in exchange for campaign donations.  Last year was her failed effort to move the Pawsox to Providence and failure to fix the roads.  It is going to be a long two years until the next election for governor in 2018. So what grade to you give " Queena" and do you think she will be a one-term governor?