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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tanzi bombshell: The Rhode Island "Sex House" where "bills go further for sexual favors"


 Representative Teresa Tanzi drops a bomb on the "Den of Thieves"at the State House by telling the Projo the only way to get bills to move forward in the House is through "sexual favors." Tanzi has yet to name names but told the Projo it was " someone who had a higher-ranking position." This allegation from Rep. Tanzi certainly raises questions why certain bills die in committee and other bills rocket to the floor. If these allegations are true, does Tanzi have an obligation to name those in power and have them removed from the House? Who were those in "high-ranking positions who were willing to move her bills forward in exchange for sexual favors?"Will Tanzi name the Reps. who were forced to trade sex for legislation? Is it both men and women? 

did she tell Gina?

Keep in mind when the investigation of Ray Gallison began, the initial report was it involved allegations of prostitutes being brought into the State House. For years, there have been rumors of both Reps. and state Senators hitting on interns, lobbyist and other young men and women working on Smith Hill.  Dozens of former male pages told stories of married male reps, making advances on them and offering them jobs and cash. Don't forget the famous "ass-print"after sex on the desk found in the office of Gordon Fox after a Sunday movie filming at the State House. State Police were called in but charges never brought, nor was a line-up ever arranged for the "ass-print."

 Maybe this is part of the culture of " insane amounts of drinking" described by Rep Walsh. Drinking and demands of sexual favors at the Rhode Island "Sex House." Where is the first female Governor in all this? Is Queena aware this is going on and if not, why not? For more details, listen to the John DePetro Radio show.