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Monday, July 17, 2017

State Police move in on key member of Mattiello crime family

Get ready for plenty of nights at Newport Creamery. CH 12 drops a bomb and reveals the state police are now investigating Frank Montanaro and the possible fraud involving URI and Rhode Island College. Sources say this is an investigation that could involve the FBI and extend beyond Montanaro. CH 12 exposed that Montanaro grabbed $50,000 of free tuition while grabbing another $160,000 for a part-time job working for the Speaker. 

mister " no story"

The key shoe to drop is those involved at Rhode Island College and who instructed them to commit fraud. What does Frank have on the Speaker? Is there a mole in the Mattiello camp? Frank worked full-time on the Mattiello campaign and he knows about early voting, mail ballots, and plenty more. 

inmate in federal prison

The folks at Rhode Island College are extremely nervous about the files involved in the alleged scam and how many people were aware of it. The FBI could get involved with potential mail fraud and federal funds that flow to colleges and universities. This could be a scandal that could explode inside the dome on Smith Hill. Sources say the I.R.S. are interested in the arrangement of receiving the " free " benefit. 

inmate Gordon Fox

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Who will win the state house showdown?

the Godfather

All eyes on Smith hill as the power struggles continues between Speaker Nick Mattiello and the Senate President Ruggerio. Governor " Queena" Raimondo sits on the sidelines praying the " Godfather" Dom the Prez of the senate will get the " Nick-tator" to backdown.  A modern day " Crimetown" plays out during July with all three sides having plenty on the line. It was one thing last year when the Speaker made Paiva-Weed cry, but the " Godfather" is not the crying type. Plenty of deals to be made over the 195 land, and why make things tougher for everyone. The dispute is about the " paid-leave act ", which is about as business friendly as the giant inflatable rat outside Twin River. Queena loathes the Speaker, and wants to see him knocked out politically in the worst way.

handshakes and hugs

 The new Senate President is not accustomed to public disputes, and wants to move forward on the Pawsox stadium deal. Did the Speaker over play his hand? Is there a way out for everyone to save face? Have we seen the end of " handshakes and hugs?" Listen to the John DePetro Show weekdays from 1:00-5:PM on AM 1540 WADK to learn more.