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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Exclusive: Is Governor Raimondo using state workers as babysitters?

 Calling DCYF. While Governor Raimondo is once again out of town grabbing millions for her campaign war chest, it would seem the task of taking her son out for his birthday is assigned to an aide and state trooper at taxpayer expense. Raimondo once again proves there is NOTHING more important to her than traveling around the country to grab money for her campaign. Perhaps Raimondo does not care about the problems at DCYF since her own children are being raised by state workers? Many Liberal Progressives feel the role of raising children should be done by the government with less involvement by parents. Many Progressive Democrats believe state government should be given more control over children on education, the dangers of religion, and selecting gender identity. 


This unfortunate episode calls to mind former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift who used aides to baby-sit and also used the Governors helicopter for personal travel. New Jersey Governor Christie used his state helicopter to attend his sons little league games, all at taxpayer expense. Queena once again reminds the voters that the rules apply to everyone else but her. 

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Is Trillo a traitor? Say it aint so Joe

those were the days

 Christmas arrives early for Governor Gina Raimondo as former Republican and former chairman of the Trump Rhode Island campaign, Joe Trillo, jumps Independent to give Raimondo the three way race she desperately wanted and needed for reelection. Raimondo polling could not get her over 44%, so "Queena" was sure to lose in a head to head match up against a Republican candidate. 

clues: no mention of word "Republican"

Sources say team Raimondo was celebrating at the news that Trillo could become an "attack dog" who could also pull 6% to 8% of the vote and help Raimondo gain four more years as Governor. Supporters who gathered for a Trillo "time" Monday night in East Greenwich  said Joe Trillo made no mention he may jump ship on President Trump and the Republican party. Many were stunned at the news since Trillo seemed to have a good shot at winning the GOP primary.  Republican party insiders scream this reeks of a deal cut between Trillo and Governor Raimondo, although no deal can be confirmed at this time. Raimondo Chief of Staff Brett Smiley is no stranger to cutting deals, as evident when he cut a deal with Jorge Elorza to become his chief of staff in exchange for pulling out of the mayoral race and supporting Elorza.

thanks Joe

 Trillo mentioned the need to attract "Democrats and Independent voters" in order to win, yet Donald Trump,Mayor Fung and Charlie Baker have been successful winning as Republicans, while attracting many Democrat and Independent votes. As early as last week, Trillo supporters were hinting President Trump might come to Rhode Island to campaign for Joe Trillo, however there is zero chance of that happening now. It is difficult to criticize Joe Trillo, who had been such a leader against waste, fraud, and corruption and was so often the voice of reason on Smith Hill. Donald Trump faced tremendous opposition in winning the Republican primary, yet he remained with the party and won the Presidency.

will Gump run?

 It is incredibly disappointing to say the least to watch Joe Trillo leave the GOP and increase the chances of Raimondo winning next November. Trillo leaves behind many disappointed Republican and Trump supporters who will see a "vote for Trillo is a vote for Gina."

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