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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas bombshell: Did Raimondo fire the Colonel of the Rhode Island State Police?


 Bah humbug. Rumors are flying that  Governor " Scrooge" Raimondo fired Colonel Ann Assumpico of the Rhode Island State Police late Friday afternoon. Was Assumpico pushed? Or did Assumpico jump? Was she fired or did she resign? Rumors started to circulate Friday afternoon on Twitter and have ramped up over the weekend. State Police sources speaking on the condition of anonymity claim they were shocked at the timing, but not surprised. One source claims there has been increased friction with Governor Raimondo  regarding finances and the state police. Could this be tied to the " no bid contract" given to a Chicago political operative? Raimondo chose Assumpico to lead the state police to  " make history"by choosing the first female Colonel. 

Assumpico was a respected member of the command staff, but leapfrogged  over six individuals in-line to the top spot when chosen by the state's first female Governor. Assumpico has been viewed by many as nothing more than a "puppet" to Raimondo who views the state police as another area to experiment with diversity and use as a tool for fundraising. Assumpico has kept a very low profile as Colonel, often not seen for months by the public. Governor Raimondo has kept Assumpico in the dark and instead has relied on spokesperson Laura Kirk to release statements written by and approved by the Raimondo office. Assumpico received poor reviews for her mishandling of a state police cruiser that was stolen, followed by state police shooting and killing the wrong suspect. Assumpico took three days to brief the media and proceeded to provided inaccurate and conflicting statements.

 State police sources say moral is at an all time low with the Raimondo staff basically running the department. Rumors also point to former trooper Jim Manni as the next chosen Colonel. Manni was a respected trooper and most recently the Town manager of Narragansett. Manni most recently made news when he forced Joe Trillo to take down a large Trillo sign that violated a town ordinance due to size.  This story is developing..

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Twas the night before Rhode Island Christmas 2018

Twas the night before Christmas in the Ocean state,

 but no food for the poor with UHIP still late.

 Although Santa was known as a jolly old soul,

 he hated the thought of the Rhode Island sleigh tolls. 

 Santa seemed off  and a little hazy, 

the elfs shocked they closed the Foxy Lady.

The state house was busy this Christmas Eve, 

 "sex for legislation" is still their pet peeve.

The Governor still making fundraising calls,

  dreaming of $20 million as her campaign cash haul;

The governor thanked  Santa for a victory this year,

 she avoided a loss which was her fear.

The speaker was worried as he checked his list twice, 

" NO Hasbro campus unless they pay me my price!" 

Mattiello mused, " I hope Santa don't think I am a thug,

 and I'll make sure of that with a handshake and hug." 

The state senate was crowded still busy down the hall, 

dreaming of "no show" jobs for their families and all. 

For Santa, Smith Hill was nothing but fun,

 like Trillo on his yacht with a corking gun.


  Christmas Eve on Smith hill where the parties run late,

  with money to be made in the "I know a guy" state;

where power is seen in a low numbered plate,

and pensions are granted if you slide thru the gate.

Gorbea was excited and seem to be gloating, 

she asked Santa for mail ballots and early voting;

Nellie was ready, to deck the halls,

  "last minute voting"  in Pawtucket and Central Falls.

The progressives hated Christmas they hated it all, 

they hated Santa and trump and his talk of his wall.

 State police were apologetic and filled with dread,

 they shot a reindeer thought to be stealing a sled.


" sorry, no room."

Linc Chafee was angry for all to see,

 yelling "it's still not Christmas, it's a holiday tree!" 

 It was Christmas in Providence with plenty of need,

 so they robbed the giving meters to buy monkey weed;

Olneyville was ready for a big Christmas ball,

 dreaming of green cards, EBT cards, licenses for all; 

 Mayor Elorza was worried about old saint Nick, 

charging "time and a half" with North Pole union tricks;

 Kennedy plaza was packed on Christmas Eve day, 

with panhandlers and junkies causing delay;

The homeless were ready for holiday cheer, at the

 "Superman" building they pissed and drank beer.



May this joyous season bring you peace,

 knowing Gordon Fox is still on work release.

And when you hear those Christmas bells,

 just smile thinking of Gallison in his prison cell.

What will happen in 2019 we just don't know, 

Merry Christmas to all from the John DePetro show.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Will Rhode Island be better with four more years of Raimondo?


The election is over yet the shock of what has happened is still sinking in: four more years of Queena. The Rhode Island nightmare continues. Stores and restaurants are closing and the big excitement is not jobs but legal pot in Massachusetts. The big  announcement in Rhode Island was sports betting, which bring no jobs but just takes more cash out of the economy. 

The tallest building in the state remains vacant and the city waits to see if Mayor Elorza will continue to shake down the one developer willing to spend his own money. More drugs and more gambling in a state run like a third world country. Raimondo somehow captured 53% of the vote even though her approval ratings for four years were below 40%. All eyes remain on "nervous" Nellie Gorbea to see if she will keep her mouth shut or explain who ordered the "Code Red" with the voting rolls data. Providence is getting ready to welcome their new arrivals to the city if they can sneak past the border patrol and make their way up north. The state remains in shock that Raimondo won and will keep her job as the worst Governor in the country for four more long years. More gambling, more drugs and more illegals. What will Rhode Island look like in 2023? 

Will the state have anyone left who is not on drugs, a degenerate gambler or who speaks English? What year will Providence go bankrupt? Who are the people who voted for Raimondo and Elorza? What planet are they from? For more depressing news listen to the John DePetro Radio show. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Nervous Nellie : Secretary of State under fire hiding election data

 What is she hiding? Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea caught the attention of the Projo and other media outlets as she continues to disregard the law and withhold important election information. In the summer of 2016, there was tremendous interest in looking into the state's voter rolls for possible dead people on the voter rolls and other abnormalities. Without any notice or warning, Gorbea deleted the month and date of births of voters and left just the year of birth. No notice, no public hearing and no press release. Gorbea decided on her own to remove important voter information that would make it more difficult to cross-check voter roles. 

birds of a feather

What else has she done that the public is unaware of?  We don't know. 

Did Nellie have the power or authority to do this as Secretary of State? No.

 Is she breaking the law? Yes.

 Is early voting allowed in Rhode Island? No. Does Nellie allow early voting? Yes. 

Do you need an ID to vote on election day? Yes. Do you need an ID to vote during early voting? No.

 Gorbea hides behind an excuse of "protecting voter identity" yet she never notified the public of this. Gorbea is now hiding until December 12, when she is suppose to hand over important voter data but it remains to be seen if she will. According to Nellie Gorbea, 377,000 people voted on November 6, 2018 and there was not one error. How is that possible? This is Rhode Island where nothing runs smooth and this is the state that puts the "R" in corruption. Follow the John DePetro show for the latest. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Did Raimondo steal the election?


What the hell happened? For the past four years Governor Gina Raimondo has polled around 42% and lower in public approval ratings. This past spring and summer Raimondo remained in the low 40's and retained a small lead over Cranston Mayor Fung. For the past three months Raimondo has kept a very low profile and remained out of sight when it came to campaigning. There have been no big announcements of good news and the past two months the campaign has been dominated by the circus distraction of the Trillo fake campaign. The Governor only participated in two televised debates and was basically a robot repeating talking points. So how does Raimondo go from 40% and 131,000 votes in 2014 to 52% and 197,000 votes four years later? Raimondo has been polling around 42%, but jumps up to 52% in two months? Impossible. 

Mayor Fung received 20,000 more votes than he received in 2014 and kept Trillo at 15,000 moronic voters and 4%. Bob Healey received 69,000 votes in 2014 and received 22% of the vote. So how did Gina Raimondo receive 70,000 more votes than she received in 2014? Raimondo remains the most hated and cannot march in a parade or attend an event without being booed. If we are to believe these numbers, Raimondo retained all her votes from 2014 plus gained 70,000 new votes. The entire population of Cranston is 70,000. No way. The Raimondo campaign spent $5 million on negative ads attacking Mayor Fung plus gave Trillo $100,000 for three mailers. Raimondo will be the President of the Democrat Governors Association and desperately wanted to be above 50%. 

"Emergency/early" voting began this year on October 18, with no ID needed and an "X" is accepted as a signature. This story is developing but Raimondo spent huge campaign money on an organized, expensive paid"ground game" that included over 40 paid staff back in May. A failed Governor found 70,000 new voters? No way. We shall see. Listen to the John DePetro Show for all the details.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Will Rhode Island choose Fung or Raimondo?


Mayor Fung

This is it. And then there were two. On Tuesday, will Rhode Island choose Mayor Fung or Governor Gina Raimondo? The past four years have proven to be an unmitigated disaster  under the worst Governor the state has ever seen with Queena Raimondo. Raimondo has been the Fundraiser in chief and used the state as a pit stop on her way to her next city to raise money. 

no American flag pin

pure evil

The Raimondo Reign of Error has been one mistake after another with lame excuses and promises of moving forward. If you think the past four years were bad, wait until 2022 to see if you still are living in Rhode Island or recognize Rhode Island. Gina plans to bring in the caravan of illegals making their way up from Mexico and welcome them to Rhode Island. Get ready for more drugs, rapes, disease and violent crime to settle between Westerly to Woonsocket.

here they come

 Gina also plans to make Rhode Island the state with the strictest gun laws and give drivers licenses to all illegals. Gina wants illegals to vote and be eligible for all state assistance. Raimondo has shown her disdain for the American flag and her disdain for police and military. Rhode Island will become more of a welfare state with higher taxes and violent crime.

vote Fung

 Rhode Island could move in a new direction by voting for Cranston Mayor Allan Fung. Mayor Fung would keep the state safe and not allow it to become a magnet for violent illegal criminals. Fung has restored pride in Cranston and will restore pride to Rhode Island. Governor Fung will lower taxes, improve schools and bring high paying jobs to Rhode Island. Mayor Fung is a leader who would stop Rhode Island from being the laughing stock of New England and restore pride and dignity back to a state of hard working people.

team Gina

 Mayor Fung has shown the ability to work with others and cares about the all of the people in the state, not just the liberal progressives on the East Side. Mayor Fung has also shown himself to be a fighter with the dirty tricks of the Raimondo campaign and others conspiring against him. Lower taxes, high paying jobs, better schools and families sticking together. Vote Fung to bring back Rhode Island the way it used to be. 

Is Gina Raimondo the Hillary of Rhode Island?


Never have the people of Rhode Island hated an elected leader as much as people loath  Governor Gina Raimondo. Gina, who has been in hiding for the past 7 weeks, has proven to be possibly the slimiest public official the state has ever seen. Raimondo has proven to be an ego maniac who travels the country raising money for herself while telling lies about her term in office. 

While 25 children died under her care in DCYF, Gina sipped white wine in Silicon Valley. While thousands of people went without food or benefits under the disaster of UHIP, Gina raised money for herself in New York. Never has the state seen such a selfish Governor who only cares about herself and frowns on the "little people." Raimondo has also surrounded herself with the most arrogant, obnoxious group of entitled brats the state house has ever seen. Raimondo, who often brags she is the smartest person to ever come out of Rhode Island, has a Hillary Clinton quality to her which is sneaky and unlikable. Will Gina suffer the same fate Hillary did on election day? Listen to the John DePetro radio show for all the details. 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Will Trillo and Raimondo beat Fung?


 I think we can all stop pretending this race is anything but two against one, or "two against Fung." Only a naive simpleton would truly believe Joe Trillo is in this to win with his campaign platform of "I hate Fung so vote for me you pansy." Trillo promised to beat the 22% that Cool Moose Bob Healey received in 2014, yet fails to mention Healey lost and came in third.


 During this campaign, Gina Raimondo has never criticized Joe Trillo, has not run one negative ad against Trillo or lumped him in with Trump. Trillo admitted to the Providence Journal he is only in the race to help Gina win and prevent Fung from winning. The Governor refuses to debate Fung one on one in a debate and insisted in the last debate Joe Trillo stay in the race. Trillo has manufactured some unknown venom towards Mayor Fung but none of it is rational or seemingly justified. Trillo supported Fung in 2014 for Governor and nothing remarkable has happened between them since November 2014 and December of 2017 when Trillo jumped independent.

 There is a long list of issues which Joe Trillo could slam Raimondo but he stays on his  message of slamming Mayor Fung. In reality, if Trillo ran the media attention campaign he has been running he may have won a four way Republican primary this year. But instead, he seems content to just disrupt and muddy the political water. Certain political commentators commend Gina for "staying out of the mud with Trillo and Fung" but she is not the one being attacked. If you were walking down the street and a mugger jumped on your back and you start rolling in mud on the ground to defend yourself, than I guess technically you are rolling in the mud fighting. Would a reasonable person say," you must have done something to upset that mugger?" 


 What is incredible is the line of thinking that "Fung must have really upset Trillo," or " poor Pat Morgan must have been really treated poorly by the Republican party." What if they were not? What if Fung did nothing to upset Trillo and Morgan was not treated poorly or unfairly by the GOP? What if the effort to defeat Fung and help Gina had other motivations? 

Governor Gina Raimondo is no dummy, and she knew last October she could not win without the help of a third party. We will see what happens on November 6. Follow the election by listening to the John DePetro Radio Show.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Raimondo and Elorza turn Providence into a sanctuary city for child molesters and child rapist


The sanctuary city of Providence for illegal aliens becomes the sanctuary city for child rapist. Neighbors in the Washington Park section of Providence were stunned to find that not only is convicted child rapist Richard Gardner now living in their family neighborhood but that Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza will provide Gardner with two (24/7) taxpayer funded Providence police bodyguards.

Richard Gardner 

 Gardner spent 30 years behind bars and has chosen Providence as his new home due to the lawlessness created by Raimondo and Elorza. 

Raimondo has an extreme progressive liberal agenda which limits police ability to enforce the law, and has endorsed Mayor Elorza.  Elorza runs a sanctuary city, wants to abolish ICE, allows panhandling and has proceeded to run Providence into the ground. Would Gina Raimondo have this sick monster living near her on the East Side? Raimondo has not improved public education and is responsible for the deaths of 19 children under her care in DCYF over the past two years. 

Elorza has watched schools crumble and the city just finished a two week bus strike which resulted in children unable to get to school and 8 school buses torched by disgruntled union members.  Now a convicted child rapist moves into a neighborhood and is supplied with two police bodyguards. Follow the John DePetro radio show for the latest. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Trillo tornado takes over the 2018 election

 If Independent candidate for Governor Joe Trillo was looking to make his mark in Rhode Island politics he has succeeded. When Trillo announced he was running for Governor he claimed running as an Independent would "unchain him" from party politics and that has proven to be the understatement of the decade. Never has a candidate polling so low(7% in a poll by WPRI) made such headlines with issues completely unrelated to policy and discussion  surrounding the election. First it was the yacht crashing, then the Narragansett sign, then the  Morgan endorsement and now the "Caulk gun" police report. 

With four weeks to go, the question remained whether Trillo was running to win or running to just prevent Mayor Fung from winning? With three weeks to go, Trillo apparently answered that question when he told the Projo he would "take 2%" if it meant stopping Fung. That is not exactly a path to victory. Trillo and Patricia Morgan have come under vicious attack on social media from voters who are already pointing the finger at them if Raimondo wins. 

Gina has spent $6 million dollars yet Fung remains within striking distance of victory. Raimondo was warned by political consultants last fall she would lose in a one on one against Fung, and now the Raimondo campaign is panicked that is exactly how the race is shaping up. The more Trillo receives negative headlines, the better it is for Fung and worse it becomes for Raimondo. Fung has aggressively been touting a" vote for Trillo is a vote for Gina" and it seems to be taking hold. 

The path to victory for Raimondo is contingent on Trillo remaining a viable candidate and receiving 7-10% of the vote. After reading the Cranston police report, that 10% seems in doubt if not impossible. If Fung bumps up just 5%, the difference with Gina becomes the margin of error in the polls. 

11% remain undecided, but 80% of undecideds traditionally break for the challenger. In the next two weeks if Trillo drops below 5%, the race could be a virtual tie between Fung and Raimondo. Raimondo has invested tremendous resources on GOTV but the voter feeling of "Anyone but Gina" could be hard to overcome. On November 6, will voters really want to give Gina Raimondo another four years as Governor? 

Gina prays Trillo can get 10%

The Trillo circus has been a welcomed distraction for Governor Raimondo  from the horrendous incompetent job she has done as Governor, making her one of the least popular governors in the country. Trillo has distracted from the empty Superman building, loss of the Pawsox, broken campaign promises, non-stop traveling for fundraising,her Progressive agenda and insider deals. On November 6, the voters will decide if they want four more long years of Raimondo. To find out what is really happening, listen to the John DePetro Radio show.