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Friday, November 2, 2018

Will Rhode Island choose Fung or Raimondo?


Mayor Fung

This is it. And then there were two. On Tuesday, will Rhode Island choose Mayor Fung or Governor Gina Raimondo? The past four years have proven to be an unmitigated disaster  under the worst Governor the state has ever seen with Queena Raimondo. Raimondo has been the Fundraiser in chief and used the state as a pit stop on her way to her next city to raise money. 

no American flag pin

pure evil

The Raimondo Reign of Error has been one mistake after another with lame excuses and promises of moving forward. If you think the past four years were bad, wait until 2022 to see if you still are living in Rhode Island or recognize Rhode Island. Gina plans to bring in the caravan of illegals making their way up from Mexico and welcome them to Rhode Island. Get ready for more drugs, rapes, disease and violent crime to settle between Westerly to Woonsocket.

here they come

 Gina also plans to make Rhode Island the state with the strictest gun laws and give drivers licenses to all illegals. Gina wants illegals to vote and be eligible for all state assistance. Raimondo has shown her disdain for the American flag and her disdain for police and military. Rhode Island will become more of a welfare state with higher taxes and violent crime.

vote Fung

 Rhode Island could move in a new direction by voting for Cranston Mayor Allan Fung. Mayor Fung would keep the state safe and not allow it to become a magnet for violent illegal criminals. Fung has restored pride in Cranston and will restore pride to Rhode Island. Governor Fung will lower taxes, improve schools and bring high paying jobs to Rhode Island. Mayor Fung is a leader who would stop Rhode Island from being the laughing stock of New England and restore pride and dignity back to a state of hard working people.

team Gina

 Mayor Fung has shown the ability to work with others and cares about the all of the people in the state, not just the liberal progressives on the East Side. Mayor Fung has also shown himself to be a fighter with the dirty tricks of the Raimondo campaign and others conspiring against him. Lower taxes, high paying jobs, better schools and families sticking together. Vote Fung to bring back Rhode Island the way it used to be. 

Is Gina Raimondo the Hillary of Rhode Island?


Never have the people of Rhode Island hated an elected leader as much as people loath  Governor Gina Raimondo. Gina, who has been in hiding for the past 7 weeks, has proven to be possibly the slimiest public official the state has ever seen. Raimondo has proven to be an ego maniac who travels the country raising money for herself while telling lies about her term in office. 

While 25 children died under her care in DCYF, Gina sipped white wine in Silicon Valley. While thousands of people went without food or benefits under the disaster of UHIP, Gina raised money for herself in New York. Never has the state seen such a selfish Governor who only cares about herself and frowns on the "little people." Raimondo has also surrounded herself with the most arrogant, obnoxious group of entitled brats the state house has ever seen. Raimondo, who often brags she is the smartest person to ever come out of Rhode Island, has a Hillary Clinton quality to her which is sneaky and unlikable. Will Gina suffer the same fate Hillary did on election day? Listen to the John DePetro radio show for all the details.