CH 12 is inside while CH 10 is outside

Without much fanfare, WPRI CH 12 has become the top news source in the state, even bigger and WJAR CH 10 and the Projo. The best example is how CH 12 is the lone news source allowed to broadcast from inside the state house while CH 10 must be outside looking in.  WPRI has set the new standard for team coverage in every aspect of this pandemic with even team Raimondo seemingly deferring to CH 12 on charts and graphs. It was CH 12 that discovered how deaths were being reported. It was CH 12 that detected the model being used was not accurate. It was CH 12 that forced the Attorney General to call out the speaker and his list and it was CH 12 that recognized Mayor Elorza was planning furloughs.  On it goes. NBC 10 still has strong anchors and a solid reputation however CH 12 seems to have twice the number of reporters. NBC 10 is still dominant in the ratings however CH 12 seems to spend more on their operation.


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